21 thoughts on “What you should know about teaching very young learners!”

  1. My son still have trouble reading even though he already finished kindergarten. His instructor said he would not be able to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wished to hold him back. Then we followed this reading guideline “fetching loli only” ( tinyurl.com/y6e8g2cn ). His reading skills is extremely good for a 1st grader and his advancement truly surprised the teacher. She even shared the story to other individuals.

  2. My boy took part in reading support services when he was in first grade. This great reading guideline “fetching loli only” ( lovy.biz/n479 ) has helped a lot in improving the reading skills of my son while he is on grade level and his development really impressed his reading tutor. For me personally, this program should be used in school.?

  3. sorry again…kids in that age want to be much more alive, he could do the same exercise using claping hands or a song

  4. hi marco i like how you teach this adorable kids,I'm interested to know the song you use with them i hope you can share it with me thank you)

  5. look how happy and care free these children are…japanese life hasnt beaten it out of them yet…but soon…..

  6. I have my first teaching lessons tomorrow. Japanese kindergarten 3 to 6 year olds, this video really makes me less nervous about it ^^

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