What Will Schools Look Like in the Future?

It’s a tragedy that, as the world outside
school changes faster and faster, the majority of American kids are not being
set up to succeed in the future that’s coming. We’re entering a world where
there’s not a lot of value in just kind of sitting there
and doing what you’re told. Increasingly a computer
could do that kind of stuff. We are eventually going to create a new model of education suited to the 21st century, instead of the last half of the 19th century. This is going to happen. We’re just trying to make it happen sooner. My name is Max Ventilla, and I’m
the founder and CEO of AltSchool. Working in Silicon Valley, and
being at Google, and living here, it’s kind of impossible not to
have it shape your worldview and to believe that a mission-
driven technology company can have an incredible impact, beneficially, on the world. And being a parent of young kids there’s
really nothing I can think of that is more important than their education
that I can be working on. As an entrepreneur you have that startup bug. You need to work on something that catches
you, and this was the thing that caught me. There is this problem, which is that the
model that we have for educating kids, it is a mass production model,
it is a factory model. It doesn’t provide an individualized
experience to anybody. Every 45 minutes kids switch
to a different subject, and they open a textbook, and
they read the next chapter. And at the end of the week they take a quiz. That experience is teaching kids
how to think like computers. And that’s not going to be very valuable
when these kids actually grow up to be adults. If you’re trying to fundamentally
transform the education experience, that is not something that you can just
whiteboard with a bunch of research, and a bunch of smart people in a room somewhere. You have to learn what that model looks like. For us, that meant immediately, almost
from starting the company, opening a school. And then we opened three more schools,
and then we opened three more schools, and now we’re opening two more schools
that are focused on personalized education. Each child defines their own experience
to learn in a way that feels natural, takes advantage of their curiosity and that doesn’t try and corral them to
learn this thing right now, in this way. And that’s where technology plays a
foundational role versus a superficial role. There are two tools that fundamentally
enable personalization in our schools. One tool is called the Portrait. So this is a representation of all of the
things that are important about each child that different people can add to for
curating a day-to-day education experience that’s going meet them where they are. That maps to a second tool,
which we call the playlist, which is the, the kind of
scaffold for each child’s day. It’s a to do list, and a calendar. It allows each child to decide
what order they do things, or they can decide what’s on
that playlist as they get older. It’s allowing a child to have agency. None of us like being told what we need
to do, when, where, how, with whom. There’s nothing that’s more
demotivating than that. And if you’re not motivated,
you don’t actually learn. There’s no way to force a kid to learn. They have to actually go along with a certain
experience, they have to actually think. What we see is incredibly promising
out of the gates in the first two years. We’re seeing much more than a year’s worth
of progress on kind of nationally norm tests. But, as importantly, they’re making
progress on the social, emotional pillars. Things like grit, ability to work with
others, ability to manage your time, to set goals that are going
to serve those kids critically when they enter a world that’s going to demand
those kind of characteristics from them. I mean my daughter is going
to have a different life because this is the kind of
school that she went to. I love this Bill Gates quote, that, humans tend to overestimate what
we can accomplish in a year, and underestimate what we
can accomplish in ten. First year, it probably costs
us $100,000 per student. The next year it’s like 60,000, the next year
it’s like 35,000, this coming year it’s like 25,000. I think that when you get down
to about $15,000 per student, now you’re in the realm of the kind of median
experience in lots of parts of America. There are lots of public school districts
spend way more than that on average. We’re starting to say okay, how do we take the platform that we
use to support our own schools, And how do we expand that
platform with partners? We’re just starting to work
with the first set of partners who would open schools
which aren’t run by us. It’s on that path that eventually
you get to what you want. A new ecosystem where all schools,
existing schools and new schools, are able to take advantage of a new
way to educate kids for their future. There’s literally a technology company
behind their school working tirelessly. That’s the kind of ten-year future
that we believe is possible. In general a startup is hard.
In general a startup takes a long time. One that’s trying to do something
this ambitious in this space, that’s twice as true, ten times as true. This is mile three of a marathon, and I feel good.

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  1. I have been saying for a long time that the education system is SO yesterday. It all needs to change with the times. Its so awesome to see some one out there with brains to set up something so wonderful like this for the young student of today!

  2. Asa current high school student I completely agree, I have faith in my ability to do things but can't really express it just like I know some of my friends as well

  3. The public education system is ruined in America. In 30 years, we will be light years behind many other countries due to our inability to improve education techniques. This will cause a diminished influence on global cluture which may be a positive. Schools like give us hope. Bravo ALTSchool!

  4. This isn't fair I'm 13 in 8th grade I will never see this I go to stupid school that was built in 1930 yeah how has it not fallen down yet I wanna be apart of this new education I hate life so fucking much

  5. In our society the most important thing in my opinion is education,I'm so glad this guy buisness is doing great.

    BTW:Another great video Freethink.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you so much I loved this video it so true I think a child needs to have a individual experience that why I prefer homeschool kids get to learn at there own pace I loved this video thank you!!!!

  7. All we need is another radical idea. How about this radical idea. How about getting back to the three R's Reading Writing and (A)rithmetic . We made this country great with that old methodology. It is what the colleges need to start the fundamental process of advanced education. The mess we have now is why XTH3Champ below cannot express himself, because he was never given the vocabulary to do so. He will now and perpetually be hampered and unsure of himself with this handicap. All of this mess came about because we wanted to push our metrics upon teachers to rate them based upon student capabilities. Judge them by the competence of the students and NOT the competence of the teacher. Pay them based upon the competence of the students. Dead wrong. This is why all students are being ground down to the least common denominator. This has been an exercise in reducing the average, so the teacher performance can be normalized and elevated in appearance, to secure their own career metrics. What else did you expect people? This is what anyone would do to protect themselves in a broken environment.

  8. Will this be available for lower income and poverty consumers? All of this will be null and void if you can't reach the people who needs this the most.

  9. I love this idea, where was this godsend of a man 20 years ago, he understands that someone learns best when they are actually interested in the subject, if they begin to falter, do not condemn the child, find out why the falter took place and see if you can make them interested again with a different approach, brilliant man

  10. Great video!! This gives me hope for future generations, but sad that my generation won't experience it- we're still in the outdated assembly line mentality

  11. I don't want my kid learning on an apple machine though. Why is this guy working for Google, quoting Bill Gates then stocking whole classrooms with Apple products?? XD

  12. So, they’re asking for people to pay for school? Most people can’t afford 15-60 K per kid, heck I know family’s with 5+ kids. Definitely would be interested in public schools using this though.

  13. I wish I could open a school like this here in Brazil. I myself have a language school and I try to do different, but having a support from a school like yours would be much more different.

  14. i'm smart an all but though out my whole life i needed help with education but if i could just start over in education with this program i think i would be more smarter

  15. I think studying in this education system really sucks …… after high school every student should focus only on skills and work hard and learn as much as he can….. going to college and spending 4 years is total waste of time……

  16. I am sad because i will not be the part of this education system….. it would be really wonderfull if i could get a chance to study in this environment…… because i think the 12 year i spent in the school i wasted it i didnt learn anything which would be helpfull……every student studying there is a message for you try to focus on a particular thing and master in it…..and you will be more successfull than a phd degree holder……

  17. I have been in the midst of this question "What will schools look like in the future?" for a few years now and this is one of the first concrete solutions/attempts that I have seen come to fruition. Thank you for having the courage to take the necessary risks to dive into the unknown for the future of our society. Nothing is more important and education is desperate for a dramatic change!

  18. Why am I worried about personalised education? Why do I fear this will segregate education back to the time prior to 1920 with the haves and have-nots? All this costs money. How do we make this available to the inner city kids? The kids whose parent do not work for Google or Microsoft or Bank of America. Why do I think the have-nots will be even worse off than they have been up to know. The gap between the educated and the uneducated (and thus unemployed) is going to expand exponentially. Don't get me wrong, I love this idea. All I'm saying is that it comes at a cost. There must be a more inclusive approach somewhere.

  19. you are doing experiment on child who do not know important of technology. you ever try to understand the effect on child of that .you know how today many children effect by Facebook .
    i think for first 3or 4 year children must teach how to live not what to do.

  20. The only way schools can improve is by competing in a free market. This way schools would be personalized. There would be big schools, small schools, and everything the market requires, a solution for everyone.

  21. People like this have obviously never read the history of the public school model or what function it serves for the state's control.

  22. we want an education system that any child can afford that is the main issue but this is still a first step. the major concern is the positive response in putting it into practice in terms of solving the problem that we already have of unemployment.. where are those children going to practice the things that they have learned is still a major task…. thank you for the inspiration

  23. Im never going to be able to benefit from this, due to being too old and too poor. Guess my future is ruined thanks to schools not giving a shit.

  24. I think schools should add a new subject that is about how to make fires, simple foods, and another important things everyone need in the future.

    Like if you agree.

  25. What's important in school is you can fuck your classmate and build connections later on in life. Those are the intangibles that are more important than knowledge itself.

  26. We need more time to enjoy with people around us. The future looks really stressful. I like the technology but enjoy more doing simple things

  27. Here's how the school system should be
    We start elementary in 1st grade, middle in 5th grade, junior high in 8th grade and senior high in 11th grade……in NY! (It varies in other states though)
    Here's how high school should be
    9th grade: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming (eleven year high schools, age 14 – 25)
    10th grade: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin (ten year high schools, age 15 – 25)
    11th grade: Connecticut, Deleware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington D.C. (nine year high schools, age 16 – 25)

  28. I'm in 7th grade and I asked if she had an active imagination. She said NO. I freaked out because I have a really active imagination

  29. School teaches us to be in straight lines and to shut up like how will that help us we ate NOT robots we are kids let us talk to PEOPLE that's what we need to know!!!

  30. If we comparing AI and Human. AI don't think, they are fast worker and use their hands to work but why do teacher make us memorizing then take test. And kid sit-down 6 hours in the class everyday don't get to explore the surrounding, don't know how life work because we believe that our test score determined our future. But after finishing year 12 those test results are just rubbish. You see school supposed to help us prepare for our future, but in my opinion school prepare us to work in a factory.

  31. Kids below 5 need to stay away from screens and learn to engage with reality first… China already tried and failed to do otherwise.

  32. I am a teacher…
    And I coudn't agree more!
    Whilst being in the traditional classroom enviroment, I do find 2 things:
    1. Change will be slow.
    2. The syllabus gets in the way of true education.
    And I make sure that inter-relationships and self-esteem are the order of the day.

  33. Hey you're making me feel jealous that i didn't get such an education especially in India they focus on making you a complete robot because of so much of syllabus. And in my holidays i will give u a short glance of my daily schedule being in 8 grade .Study for 4-5 hours then go to your tution classes for 1-2 hours and then do your holiday homework for another 1-2 hours and then do the homework given by your tuition teachers. I am tired of this

  34. its been 3 yrs now, i hope i can get in to a school like this (highschool version) soon. I'd really love to start learning C# coding language!

  35. Lol, new? This is old. Called Montesori-schools here. Basically just mostly bullshit. These people just want to make some more money.

  36. Mission-driven tech companies focused on solving critical issues is at a huge shortage. We need more companies like this – great job guys.

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