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Not all education research is equal. Identifying well-designed studies, trustworthy research, and meaningful findings to inform decisions and improve student outcomes can be tricky. That’s where What Works Clearinghouse, or the WWC, comes in. An investment of the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education, the WWC is a resource that helps teachers, researchers, administrators, and policymakers make evidence-based decisions. We review the research, determine which studies meet rigorous standards, summarize the findings, and provide tools to help educators use research in practice. Since 2008, the WWC has developed several resources to help educators, administrators, parents and policymakers make better decisions related to education. We help answer the question, “What Works in Education?” “Find What Works” is one of our most popular resources and is easily accessed on the WWC homepage. It allows users to identify programs, policies, and practices that have been shown to improve student outcomes.
00:01:14,990 –>00:01:16,990 You can easily sort by topic, filter search results, and find research that was conducted with students similar to yours. The WWC also develops practice guides,
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which summarize key findings for educators in an easy-to-use and accessible format and provide practical recommendations for policy and practice changes. Each guide uses detailed examples to show how recommendations can be implemented in the classroom. Users can also quickly access intervention reports. Intervention reports are a summary of findings of the highest-quality research on a given program, policy, practice, or product in education. They offer clear, relevant information to help make decisions
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about making policy and program changes, and include details such as program components, target populations, and costs. To find a specific study reviewed by the WWC, search through the “Reviews of Individual Studies” database. You can explore thousands of studies that meet WWC design standards and find detailed information about study characteristics and ratings. The WWC is proud to be a trusted source of high-quality research on education programs, products, practices, and policies for teachers, administrators, researchers, and policymakers. For more information about the WWC and our resources, please visit our website at whatworks.ed.gov.

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