100 thoughts on “What TV Gets Right (And Wrong) About the Working Class”

  1. In this week's episode of "The Financial Diet" we continue with Lindsay Ellis' take over of our channel. She sits down to address the concept of privilege and its portrayal in the media. Check out Lindsay's previous take-over here : https://youtu.be/NBRG66rJHVc

  2. This video made me realize how much I miss The Middle and Speechless. Those were two shows where the house of a working class family FELT like a working class family's house. Things broke and weren't fixed, the wallpaper got messed up and it wouldn't be replaced for seasons. It felt like my home and I miss seeing that on tv.

  3. Becky would have been the best candidate to apply for the FAFSA and getting government financial aid…So technically college wasn’t really out the window…

  4. Me: I'd like to see more insightful analysis videos with Lindsay Ellis.

    YouTube: Check this video from a random channel you have never heard before. Trust me in this one.

    PS: Also, proper credit to Princess Weekes for this video.

  5. >makes video about the working class

    >”and we’re gonna ignore the issues…” [about the creator’s supposedly racist views] this channel says with the liberal smugness the working class often takes umbrage with

    Man, come on. Was that really necessary? It’s like almost entirely tone deaf.

  6. I think you're totally right that stories focusing on the rich are appealing to viewers because they're escapist, but it's also important to recognize that those who are successful enough to create their own TV show are rarely from a low-income background––the creators of this content might have more to do with the wealth bias than the viewers, who might be open to more content that depicts the working class earnestly.

  7. This was so great! I enjoyed this perspective! I want to continue to watch this series. It was very informative. I learned quite a bit.

  8. Nitpick: Becky did not get into a 4 year university/college. She was applying when she found out there was no way she'd be able to attend (unless, of course, she got a full ride or a combo of academic based and need based aid). Also, Becky did not get pregnant young. That was Darlene, and Darlene got pregnant when she was in college, which led to her and David getting married.

    The bit about Becky only being at the application step is literally in the snippet posted (right about 2:40, she says "even if I get into these schools, I can't afford to go?"), but it's described as her having already been accepted. I know it probably seems like it's not the right take away, but getting those details wrong really detracts from the video.

  9. Plenty of options to pull yourself up by your boot straps, if you can find some boot and some straps! Unless your wealthy, we are all one medical bill away from ruin, just let that sink in!

  10. Old school Rosseane is my favorite TV show, especially because of its smart working class representation. It was so revolutionary and I don't think it's been done since.

  11. It's always funny to hear a middle class analysis of the lower class… The amusement doesn't come from what is said, but instead from what it's focused on.

  12. Even Bojack Horseman I feel like covers a lot of controversial dark topics compared to your average cartoon or sitcom show but it’s still about a rich-ass movie star who barely needs to work anymore & can maintain a wealthy wasteful lifestyle off of a show he did like 20 years ago

  13. the clips chosen were very powerful. great selections for this segment. thank you. looking forward to the next installment

  14. Someone said Gilmore Girls was "First World problems the TV show." As a fan, I think that's a very apt description.

  15. I think this is a fine way to talk about American tv and film but when she uses examples from British film like Downton Abbey, The Crown and the Favourite, I don’t think she can just ignore the fact the British people enjoy watching working class tv… like… a lot.
    Soap operas are hugely popular in the UK and they all focus on the working class. There is also tv shows like Skins that focus on working class teenagers and their lives.
    We sometimes forget that just because we speak the same language, it doesn’t mean our cultures and viewing habits are the same…
    I dunno. I just didn’t agree with everything she said

  16. As a child, all the American programmes shown on British TV seemed to show people in beautiful houses – Different Strokes, Dallas and Dynasty. It really gave the impression that Americans were all rich and successful.

  17. In reality, if she had waited and made wise choices and got a JOB, she could have gotten FOSFA help to take fewer classes at the same time as she was getting experience. But, no, they put out more anger and making bad choices

  18. This video has given me the closure that I needed after gobbling down the Gilmore Girls show and mourning over not having wealthy grandparents for years

  19. It's a very USA-centric problem though, most european countries have free or almost free university and yes, if you work hard and put in the effort, you will succeed. In my country not going to university because you can't afford it is unheard of, the education is free and loans for living have very low interests just so everyone could succeed….if they are smart enough that is

  20. I feel pretty bad for Becky in Roseanne. And I'm not even a fan. Can she go to community college. I am a strong advocate for community college then transfering.

  21. Shameless UK is even darker than the American version, and strangely enough UK soaps are about working class if I recall,

  22. Entertainment is often escapism. I grew up poor and we never watched Rosanne because after living it all day it was a relief to watch the Huxtables instead.

  23. Trailer Park Boys wouldn't depict the American working class because of course it is set in NOVA SCOTIA, Canada.

  24. In 2010-2015 occupy wall street began and the poor and lower income were uniting to fight for increase minimum wage, affordable housing and healthcare, and income disparity. The have nots is essential us v them and as a United group had a lot of power
    2015 this movement was replaced with Intersectionality and identity politics which separated groups into tiny us v. Them that by 2019 turned into buy these products so billionaire companies can take your money.
    I am saying Intersectionality and identity politics stole attention from the poor. Yes I am. The narrative of working poor was erased by rich publishing companies that just divided poor and working class. The author of manspreading got rich. For the working poor, they know they will be packed like sardines on a bus and will be grateful if they can fit on the bus and its on time. They know a seat or able to walking 4 steps is a miracle not an expectation.

    Thanks identity politics. You stole from the poor.

  25. Social mobility in the US is actually very common. About 2/3 of people will change their "class" over the course of their life. That is poor people becoming middle class or rich and rich people becoming middle class and even poor.

    As a person who was raised by a single mom on welfare who is now leading a household in the top 10 percent of earners I know personally it is possible and not even that hard.

    Honestly, I'm incredibly tired of this woke california leftist bull. If she wanted to speak on economics and class she should have studied it. Instead she sits in the most priveleged position as a "film critic" spewing ignorant garbage. But its okay! She's one of the good people who use terms like "latinx" and holds to all the right opinions. Shut up! Wasn't this channel about personal finance?

  26. One of the things that always bothered me about GG is that they would have Lorelai and Rory eat out every day, they buy endless cups of coffee, Rory million books, and shop for new clothes for fun. She's a single parent household, sure she has a good job, but there are limits to little treats you can give yourself. They would talk constantly about how they didn't have the money for the big things, yet they would constantly waste money on small things. They could eat at home more, drink less coffee, buy less clothes and books, actually show them sticking to a budget. Another show that always bothered me was 2 Broke Girls. They would talk about how poor they were, yet they had a large apartment with a separate bathroom, separate bedroom, and private courtyard. They would always look amazing with perfect clothes, hair, jewelry, and makeup. They would have clothes that were new and different for many of the episodes. They worked on their feet, but they wore heels because it was more about appearance. And things for the most always worked out for them because they had a can do attitude.

  27. Most producers, writers, and other people who work in TV and movies are usually rich or upper middle class. They think everyone owns a house. The family from One Day At a Time was one of the few families who lived in apartments that I can think of and I saw that in reruns as a kid. Usually it's friends in apartments, like (obviously) Friends.

    Most of these people, though, were skilled labor. Dan from ROseanne was a mechanic and did construction, he had a crew that did drywall. hard work, and it took time to learn those skills but Dan wasn't working in retail or fast food. Having three kids and being obese probably ate up a lot of their money. Being that fat takes a lot of soda and snack cakes, they weren't that fat eating lettuce they bought an chopped themselves.

    Yeah, it's not surprising the people who work in TV and movies dont' get working class or poor people. But it's also a no brainer that normal people don't want to see their own lives, it's why the MCU and Twilight were huge. People know what the real world is like, and want some escapism. And since most producers are cluelss you're not going to get a realistic portrayal of working class or poor people.

  28. Wow. You feature Malcom and it’s ending. I love that tv show, every time I get the chance I watch it but that ending blew my mind. 🤯

    Love this channel already 👍🏽

  29. There is something with the picture of Mrs Ellis in this video, i noticed in other unrelated videos of other people too, maybe someone can explain it to me. Certain parts of the picture seem " out of focus, fuzzy…". Like her hair and skin, but not the eyes and mouth… I am asking, because this looks very artificial, and for longer periods of time it is tiring to the eye (at least to mine). Is this done for a certain purpose, or is is a video compression thing, or something else?

  30. year after year Gilmore Girls falls off a few notches after further looking into the show's themes and storylines. -_-

  31. I've seen MITM's Lois ending monologue being referenced so many times and that's so great cause it's timeless and still as relevant as can be

  32. About Roseanne- "This is part of a series of events that leads to Becky eloping, marrying young, getting pregnant before she has the means to afford it…" Well, the first 2 are true, but she didn't get pregnant until she was almost 50. Sure, she still couldn't afford it, but you seemed to imply that she was young.

  33. As a Canadian, I'm always shocked to hear how many poor people there are in the States. I've seen lots of American movies and TV shows, and even the ordinary people live better than ordinary Canadians.

  34. "Latinx" is such a white ignorant virtue signaling word. It's as cringeworthy, performative and meaningless as "folx".

  35. Thank you!!! It blew my mind that no one has ever really talked about the Gilmore girls “financial struggle”! Like a working single mom could afford a house like that in a neighborhood that nice? And they ALWAYS ate out. It just didn’t make sense, just like it never made sense how Carrie had the social status that she did in sex and the city when she was just a regular newspaper columnist, yet she’s hanging out with upper class art dealers, a lawyer and a well known publicist, you know people like her don’t see in the same circles as the other

  36. Being poor/middle class is a perpetual thing for more than 99% of the working class. The whole system is set up this way. Even the middle-class can barely afford to send their kids to the "best" colleges. A term that is also total BS since most universities teach the same exact stuff, but somehow the name means more to a job. But of course Yale and other schools can be bought. The wealthy are not smarter, just richer. The uber-wealthy generally buy their way up the ladder anyway, which is also a perpetual thing. Round and round it goes and we will never learn our lesson. It's like how rich addicts go to rehab and poor addicts go to jail. Yet we continually have this same lower/middle class vote for the party of the wealthy. ie Republicans or not vote at all. So we've no one to blame but ourselves. I know it's not all political, the Dem's have their big faults and plenty of wealth too. More than politics though, is that until we deconstruct our human greed and hunger for power we will continue this empty battle until humans either evolve further or wipe ourselves out.

  37. Malcom in the middle is one of my favorite shows. I loved how they showed a family struggle. It hits close to home in ways I can laugh about all the time.
    Like watering down foods and cleaners. In Malcom the dad has watered down the juice so much the wife yells at him it’s just water at this point.

  38. I don't think it's necessarily because writers don't want to write accurately about poverty and real domestic life. I think it's because writers write what they know, and which writers get their scripts optioned off? The ones with connections. The ones who come from wealthy backgrounds, or at least, backgrounds that were wealthy enough to support their creative endeavors. You have to be kind of crazy to be a writer, and already having money helps a hell of a lot. How can these writers possibly write with any honesty when they don't know what it's like to be poor?

  39. REally love your show – just binge watched all episodes. Love your style of critique and the broad perspective you offer in such a short timeframe! Keep going!

  40. One of my 2 favorite shows of this century is Call The Midwife. Such a rare case of depicting the working class of 60 years ago and the long term consequences of before that with Failure To Thrive being considered a legitimate Cause of Death. On top of all that it does a great job of showing that dignity in both work and service. Chummy > Omar don't @ me.

  41. Speaking of racial differences in America when it comes to the working class. Shameless is a popular show, right? I went around asking people, “If Shameless was full of people of color would it be as popular as it is today?” You know what most people tell me? No. Lol I wonder why that is, but at the same time I appreciate the show and all of the storylines.

  42. This is why I don't understand the USA's fear of universal health care. It's like it doesn't want to admit the system is rigged?

  43. It’s interesting you mentioned the Roseanne tweets but not Cosby’s rapes.
    But overall it’s an interesting video ! Great content as usual.

  44. It's odd that shows like this never show the third option for school: pay your own way. I'm not even poor and I've had to pay my own way through community college. There's more than just mooching money and debt.

  45. It's also odd how many tv shows and sitcoms feature mcmansions or modern and updated pricey homes as average representation of the middle class, as opposed to like a simple ranch or split level type home with 70's shag carpeting. Roseanne is probably the best (and funniest) representation of a working class family, and they're nowhere close to how bad it can get in the states. I hate gilmore girls, I hate the way they talk, its like early 00's riverdale writing.

  46. I always loved Gilmore Girls as a kid, because I was working class in a middle class/wealthy area. But growing up and rewatching it, you realise you can’t relate. I didn’t have a safety net, and the fear of financial instability will never leave me.
    I have the right accent, and I’m so lucky to have received the education that I did, and for that I have my mum to thank. But I hope I one day grow out of the chip on my shoulder.

  47. I always thought Lorelei Gilmore was a spoiled brat with utter contempt for her mother, who in all the run of the series never wanted anything more than to spend time with her daughter and granddaughter and had to pay for the privilege.

  48. I almost disliked this video because she said "latinX." STOP butchering a beautiful language because way less than 1% get offended 🤦🏻‍♀️

  49. Reminds me of how the most successful personal finance blogs tend to get written by people who started with a 6 figure salary, and then suddenly realized they could save 1M by not buying a new car and iphone each year. But then gloss over that initial salary so other folks think they too can retire by the age of 40 by buying fewer gizmos.

    I tried looking for blogs written by lower-than-middle class folks, popular or not, and couldn't find much. Nothing sells like success, so those struggling to get by in systemic poverty aren't going to do as well as "I made 10M in 4 years." And more often than not working-class writers had to quit blogging because time is valuable and they had to do something more lucrative with it to support themselves and/or family.

  50. Watching this and the struggle to show the working class accurately really does show how insanely good Caroline Aherne was and Craig Cash is.

  51. The portrayals work for everyone. The poor don't want to be told that they are poor and the rich don't want the poor to see themselves as poor (avoid the good old class consciousness).

  52. We love to watch the rich be sad cuz we realize how messed up their lives are… just like ours. Which is why I will continue to watch the crown, all that money and power and those people are miserable. Lol

  53. As for Good Times, people were upset that it was obviously not meant for the Evans family to escape poverty or there would be no show. Basically, even the shows producers didn't want us to make it and exploited the characters. One episode showed both parents working to get their GEDs only to be totally forgotten by the next episode. Also, the daughter was accepted into the University of Frickin' Chicago and CHOSE to be expelled. I forgot what happened to the youngest son who was also gifted. I live on the west side of Chicago and my family also saw that show as unrealistic and stereotypical. However, it was funny and its political commentary stands to this day. The Cosby Show was way more realistic to me.

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