What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson

okay guys so in this video we're just gonna talk a little bit about what to expect from your first driving lesson so you will have booked your first driving lesson already with your driving instructor you're gonna want to make that a time that's convenient for you when you're not gonna be tired or stressed not maybe a Saturday morning after you've been out that's Saturday night before your instructor is gonna come and meet you usually at your house but there's a lot of instructors that are flexible that can meet you at work or colleagues uni whatever you do in the day time but just bear in mind if it is the first lesson you're probably not going to be able to drive from the location that they meet you so the instructor is going to take you to what we call nursery roads which arose that are really easy to drive around you usually have really 90-degree empty corners empty roads so that you can drive around without causing too much of a hazard to other road users because you're gonna be going really slowly so if you worried about the first lesson if you're thinking what what do I do what am I gonna expect you need to have your driving license already that's going to be a provisional driving license so the green card you'll see other people who've got a driving license they've got the pink one you're gonna have to apply for your green provisional driver license before you even meet your driving instructor because to legally learn to drive you've got to have a driving license with you so the instructor is going to want to have a look at this driving license to make sure that you've got one and to make sure it's valid you'd be surprised next they're gonna check your eyesight you need to be able to see at least 20 meters in front of you or you need to be able to read a number plate at least 20 meters in front of you to be able to drive on the road and that's not just for taking a driving test although they will test that at the beginning of your driving test you need to have that consistent standard minimum standard the whole time you've got a driving licence if you need to use glasses that's absolutely fine you can bring your glasses on typing lessons and wear them if though you need to use glasses to drive and take a driving test you'll have that on the back of your driving license it's a license code and if you get caught not using your glasses while you're driving if you've got that license code you're going to get in trouble so if you need glasses use them so your driving instructor has turned up at your house or your place of work you're gonna meet them they're gonna check your license and your eyesight next they're going to invite you to probably sit in the passenger side unless you live in a nursery area already you're sit in the passenger's seat and your instructors gonna drive you to the area that you're gonna start to learning while you're driving you instructor Mike chats you get to know you a little bit because how you're gonna spend a lot of time in the car with this guy or lady and you're gonna want to get to know them you're going to want to be their friend so hey let's start to get to know each other straight away so your driving instructors driving to the starting area the nursery roads talking to you about steering how do you hold the steering wheel turn into a clock how to use the gears palming technique that you're going to learn about moving through 1 2 3 how to use the pedals what am I doing with the clutch if you're in an auto it's going to be a completely different situation you're not going to have to gear stick you're not going to have the clutch you're gonna only use two pedals but you're only gonna get an automatic license which is going to restrict you to driving automatic cars ok so this is an important one if you're gonna go on holiday and you need to hire a car you're only gonna be able to hire automatic cars can't borrow your friends manual car you're not qualified to drive it if you have an auto license though you cannot grade it but you have to do another driving test well I'll just learn the whole thing in the first place to be fair though the future is electric cars electric cars are automatic so if swings and roundabouts it's depending on what you're planning to use your license for if you really love driving you're gonna want to go the whole hog and get a manual driver's license and a manual driving instructor to teach you how to drive a manual car here's another top tip your driving instructor will have one of these this is an Adi badge if he doesn't have one of these he's not a driving instructor you can get these in two colors this is a green one you can also get them in pink with a triangle talk a little bit more about why there's two different types in another video you're gonna hear this a lot in your driving lessons MSP SL so as you approach the junction they might say I'm checking my mirrors check check I am going to signal I'm checking my position and my speed and then I'm looking so your driving instructor can talk to you a lot about what they're doing if it takes five minutes if it takes ten minutes to get to the nursery area trust me it's worth it you do not want to start a driving lesson on a main road like a motorway and a road the m1 that's going to be a nightmare your driving instructor is fully qualified to teach you how to drive they've been doing this a long time it probably is not their first driving lesson so where they tell you is the perfect place to start learning to drive trust them it's going to be the perfect place to start learning how to drive so you've got to the nursery area you're switching sides with your drive instructor so it's your turn tan now Drive this is the fun bit this is where you get to be in control of a car for the first time if it's your first lesson ever behind the wheels of a car that your instructors not going to expect you to drive off straight away hey get in the car now drive me around the corner that's not gonna happen your driving instructors gonna start with teaching you the cockpit rules so the cockpit rules are the triple-s em there's loads of acronyms and mnemonics in driving that help you remember all of these little things that we like you to know so be triple-s em your instructor will talk you through it properly by its door seat steering will see bow and mirrors that's the cockpit drill of the stuff you need to do when you get in the car everyone's a different size shape higher so everyone's gonna need to see in a different place this steering rule might not reach me if I sit forward because I'm a little bit taller than some other people well see adjust it sting will adjusted it so I don't want to have my arms locked out like that it's gonna be on half the wall my shoulders gonna get tired steering wall and mirrors your mercy of biggest safety feature your instructor will talk a lot about mirrors and I mean a lot about mirrors because they're gonna stop you from crashing if you can get a grip on mirrors early on it's gonna help you so much later one in your driving life it's people that don't check their members that have accidents so if you've got a really good driving instructor they will talk to you constantly about mirrors you've done the cockpit drill your door closed your seat setup your steering wheels at a good distance and your mirrors are sorted next you're gonna move on to controls an instruments by controls I mean the gears the pedals the steering wheel and the instruments are what you can see in front of you on the dashboard the dashboard usually in most columns will give you information like speed of the car speed of the engine we call out the RPM how much fuel you've got on board and how hot the engine is not all cars show the same information some cars give you more information some cars have a little screen my car's got a good screaming of the map about not all cars have that some cars have more other cars have less we've got the basic information there and your instructor will talk you through what you've got on the car that you're driving in so you understand all of the controls all of the instruments all of the buttons but hey which sites the indicator one do I go left and right or to go left and your instructor will tell you all of that if you've got a question asked there's so much to learn in learning to drive and the number one thing that I have with my peoples is they don't ask and I always say to them hey if I say something and it doesn't make sense ask me to explain it again if I say something and you throw yep yep yep got it and then 10 seconds later you've forgotten it because I'm hitting you with some new information ask me to repeat it because hey I've just taught you how the gas work and now I'm coming onto the brake you've just forgotten how the gas works you're gonna really need that information when we move off if you can't remember ask if you doesn't make sense ask just ask ask us these driving instructors are fond of knowledge they've gone through rigorous training they've done so much work to become a driving instructor they know literally everything should literally know everything about driving learning to drive how to operate the car and how to drive safely on the roads so if there's any questions anything that you don't know if we're the guys that you need to hear out for answers especially if you're taking lessons you you're paying this guy to fill your head with driving knowledge use it so you know about controls instruments steering seatbelt is all done what's next moving off and stopping so here you're gonna put into practice all of the stuff that you've learned about controls how to use the pedals is what you're gonna do next and I promise you if you're a nervous driver for the first time this will not be scary the car will not move at more than five or six miles an hour for the first time and that's just walking pace or maybe a light drug it's not scary it's really really easy remember as well your driving instructors got pedals on their side of the car if anything goes wrong they can stop you they can take over control they can explain what happened and then give you back control if there's anything to do with steering they can reach over and assist you with steering from their side of the car and I promise you they've done this 101 times if anything goes wrong they're not going to let you crash their car because definitely they have more lessons to do so once you've got proficient we've moving off and stopping moving the car stopping the car how do the pedals work the next natural progression would be positive move off and stop safely so talking about mirrors talking about a six-point check what's a six-point check one two three four five six you're gonna go through this a lot with your driving instructor this is the check that you use to set off and stop safely when you're moving off and stopping at the side of the road natural progression from controls and instruments is how to move off and stop safely drive off stop on the Left drive off and stop on the left you're gonna do it a few times learning to drive it's not just a one-time-only deal if you do it over and over again it builds a habit and trust me when you first start learning to drive it's going to be really really clunky your brain isn't used to using your feet there's such a fire in controlled way so when you first start driving you're gonna be smashing down the gas you're gonna be smashing on the brake it's gonna be uncomfortable clunky your instructor will talk you through how to make the brain two-foot muscle connection so that you can drive more smoothly if they take you to a busy road and it's scary say hey I'm not really comfortable on this road it's quite busy can we go somewhere quieter so just bear with it no one was born able to drive rome wasn't built in a day that's gonna take a little while to learn to drive I promise you we've all had the question you're going to want to know formula instructor how long it's gonna take you to learn to drive the DVS a that a study a while ago and it takes people on average 40 hours of tuition driving tuition that's car time to learn to drive 40 hours that's average and it goes up with age so the older you are takes you slightly longer now everybody learns differently so it could take you a lot less it could also take you a lot more so factor that in when you're thinking about budgets so when you ask your driving instructor how long it takes you to learn how to drive or how long it's gonna take you to learn how to drive they don't know you yet they haven't seen you start to learn but aren't you a few lessons in you could say how fast am i progressing am I going quickly am I going slowly and then maybe you can ask for some homework if you haven't been getting it all ready to progress yourself faster okay let's think of it like this if you went to college to learn a new skill like brick lane or plumbing and you only went in for two hours a week into college how long would it take you to learn that new skill like brick laying or planning it would take a long time with college you go in what four or five days a week and you're going probably at least half a day to learn how to lay bricks and do plumbing I don't know I'm not a plumber so what plumbers do when you call them and they fix your boiler that stuff how long does it take it takes a long time and you learn it intensive ly over a long period of time as well with driving you're in the car for two hours a week one hour maybe you might take two lessons a week but you're still not taking a big chunk of time to learn to drive you're still taking massive gaps to learn to drive so you get something we call skill faith which is where you end the lesson at this level and then you pick up the next lesson at this level and it takes about five ten minutes to bring your skill back up to match the level which you last left the last lesson or I recommend to my students is that we learn on YouTube so I'll send them little videos and links so let's say we just did a blessing on roundabouts I'll send them five roundabouts videos tell them to watch it every day just 5 minutes a day because it keeps it in your head if I give you 5 things to learn it's going to be difficult to remember that in a week's time if you haven't done anything to keep it in your head so keep at it reads YouTube watch other people driving hate you know what I had one person that even sat on the top deck of busses always managed to get the front seat of a bus and pretend it to be the bus driver sounds silly but that even just alone will keep driving in your head so that you can remember what to do the next lesson so every time the bus went around corners should be thinking Miller signal position speed look and then hey do you know what she progressed a lot more quickly than if she didn't do that so that's basically what you should be expecting on your first driving lesson hopefully it won't be such a daunting prospect now go out book your first driving lesson and enjoy driving we're going to be creating so much more content like this if there's anything that you feel like you wanna know or you want to see or anything that we can help you with comment below I'm Francis the instructor for get licensed driving school I'll catch you guys in the next video

9 thoughts on “What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson”

  1. Couldnโ€™t have timed this video any better. Well…in saying that I only watched this after having my first lesson at like 4pm ๐Ÿ˜… what tips do you have for practicing the pressure needed on the pedals when youโ€™re not able to actually be in a car? I felt like that was what I was weakest at. I forgot how strong my legs are ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks for the video, hope they keep coming!

  2. Iโ€™m doing a taster session type thing over the summer as Iโ€™m not 17 till October what should I expect to do be doing then?

    For clarification itโ€™s in a school car park and itโ€™s all day long

  3. This video was well needed. My lessons are booked for every Saturday after m birthday (4th July) and I'm honestly so nervous. The instructor was highly recommended and has taught people with a variety of mental health problems so that's settling to know. I have a feeling these videos are really going to help me! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Strangely the only thing I remember about my first driving lesson, about 12 years ago, was how to open the door, 'the dutch reach', as it is often called. Don't know why I remember that, think it is because I did not understand, at the time, why the instructor was teaching me how to open a door!

    Second lesson I remember almost crashing into a bollard, also the instructor having to change gears for me as it was too much for me to process!

    Remember even if your first few lessons don't go as well the biggest skills are EFFORT and ATTITUDE! If you put the effort in and have a positive attitude towards learning and driving you WILL succeed. People with who put in effort and have good attitude will typically succeed more, in the long run, than those who may have good practical skills but don't put in effort or have a poor attitude.

  5. FIRST haha I always wanted the opportunity to say that but seriously very good video lots of helpful info Nice one lil bro Much success to you keep the videos coming

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