What teaching experience do our Teacher Training Advisers have?

I'm an English teacher, I taught for 17 years. During that time I had a range of roles. I was a head of department, I
was an assistant headteacher with responsibility for assessment across
the county, but my main love has always been the teaching in the
classroom, the interaction with the children. As a primary school teacher I
loved, just loved children really, and loved helping them with their learning
and basically inspiring confidence in them for the future, and that's kind
of coming to my career now as an Adviser as well, inspiring confidence to help people, other people, get into teaching themselves. I have taught for 25 years. I
started as a science teacher, head of science, and then I've gone all
the way up to be a deputy head or vice principal. I was lucky enough to be in a
team that set up three schools from scratch, so I've had quite varied
experiences as a teacher.

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