What Students Say to Teachers vs. What They Want to Say

and mr. Burton I suggest you wake up or else you'll fail this class wait did you hear that here why did you hear anyone ask for your opinion what is good into what RINO ak8 girlfriend thief was good issue boy Nova aka the magic stick and you guys are watching love the serve we're joined once again by our good friend Kofi aka almighty tall Lord aka Paranormal Activity know how it goes what's good what's good we back at it and today we have a very special video but first and foremost we want to give a big THANK YOU to Ben Sarah watches for sponsoring this particular video they hooked us up the hook of the whole gang the ice and now we got to tell you guys why Vince are so awesome then Sarah creates compelling luxury timepieces with impeccable craftsmanship their watches are extremely eye-catching been several makes watches that stand out they have a distinct bold look and high-quality feel hey guys I gotta say my favorite thing about the watches obviously they're super high quality but I like the colors that they come in I think you got to really enjoy the different color options I've been Sarah has but yeah my favorite this navy blue Bane with the super icy white face this is great for wear it out like functions or if it's like super formal you can wear it too I just like how you can wear in all types of situations some guys you know I personally had to go with the all-black one you know the black one some a smooth it's low-key hike you got the same song looking like ride so you can wear my function you can wear much a house chilling you know your mom and be like oh my god what's that Sarah it's a little drip it's a little drip I think my second favorite was the black one this was my favorite no I'm saying but the black excellent buddy some people say your wrists are you know black excellence yeah guys so Vince Terrell hooked all of us up you guys can get these by clicking the link at the top of the description go check it out guys we have a promo code ll EPS you guys can check it out there please if you want to think of all different designs it's like a deep sea blue water so you know it's cold it's icy it's fresh and you guys to be fresh Oh Tuffy and I if you go to their website and click the link and pick one out there's one for everybody and might I say a great gift for your dad – you know how pops flex on them okay guys so about the video you read the title I gotta start off with this as a disclaimer there are so many great teachers out there a lot of which who have made me the person who I am today so thank you to all the great teachers that go unnoticed and don't get enough credit I think you just should be paid more but you guys know there are those bad apples that kind of make you really mad and upset and that's what this video is about what you usually say to your teacher and stuff you wish you could save your teacher so let's get straight to it ah what students say mr. Burton you are late again this is your second tardy for the semester one more and I'll have to fail you I'm sorry okay I'm sorry sir get to your seat what students want to say right now mr. Burton you are late again this is your second tardy for the semester one more and I'll have to shut your trap old lady what does it even matter if I'm one minute late your old ass hasn't even started doing anything yet you haven't started the class you don't like me I don't like you its usual we can agree on that so just let me rock I'm gonna go ahead to my seat in the back now pay attention and you can keep going on with this whack class so sound good cool capisce okay well watch your language what students say Oh No pull up your pants pull them up thank you thank you what sir just want to say no huh pull up your pants pull up your pants pull up my grade what students say okay so um hey class most you guys failed your test last week because you didn't study for it but I'm gonna cheer you up with a funny joke okay what do you call a fake spaghetti I don't know what an imposter pasta what students want to say what do you call a fake spaghetti I don't know what an imposter you were the single most unfunny person on this entire planet stop telling jokes I can't even give you the sympathy laugh for that I usually fake laugh at your jokes just so I can get a better grade but that was just plain weak a nigga day what students say toppy why have you been in the bathroom for so long I'm sorry my stomach was upset and I was just really sick I'm sorry sit down now what students want to say toughy why have you been in the bathroom for so long why are you still not married exactly so stop talking did you just say that you actually matter of fact I wasn't even at the bathroom I was just walking around this school doing labs cuz like I don't even want to be here that's how boring your class is my god what students say mr. Partin hand over your phone right now okay I was just no no talking come here come give it give it stop what sir just want to say mr. Burton hand over your phone right now and come take it from me I wish you would please come over here and take this phone for me you don't pay for this this is not your property but you could try to we could try to duke it out a little bit maybe you could try to snatch it from my hand no it's school policy and I have it out please test me I've been waiting for this moment come on come and get some you're not allowed to use that in class I wish you would test me today I wish you won't take this vote for me I've been through too much I paid for this phone with my own money but in a way don't come here taking my stuff I earned this what students say right um where's your homework um I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to finish it I forgot that we had it at the Simon today I'm sorry it's gonna have to be Neff I'm gonna have to mark you down it's incomplete please nothing I can do about it I can turn it in for maybe in tomorrow what students want to say all right where's your eyebrows what students say excuse me are you are you guys talking about there oh we're sorry so sorry then keep it down why I'll hold you what sir just want to say these two bags are you guys talking about uh uh I would say we're talking you want us to be louder to give me louder what's the okay what students say okay class does anybody want to put number one on the board any volunteers Ryan how about you come up and do it oh crap okay um yeah I could do it I don't try what sir just want to say okay class does anybody want to put number one on the board any volunteers Ryan how about you come up and do it did you see my hand raised no then why did you call me don't call on me if my head is not raised that means I don't know the answer stuff if I know the answer and I wanted to put on the board I would raise my head administration don't apply to make a scene out of me cuz you know I don't know the answer you do this in every class thank someone else don't you dare call me what I don't know the administration please counter room 703 a seven I said ASAP you want to call me without my hand raised you want to keep calling me when my hands not ready it's destroying my classroom alright guys so that's the end of the video today hopefully you enjoyed it obviously you did you still here at the end which look at the time it's time to go not unless we give her a shot at the disturb no member of the day that's first so here's the surf spot members of the day thank you so much for supporting us if you guys want to be the surface about member of the day all you gotta do is post a picture on instagram using the hashtag surf one and tag right now and I mean tag Tuffy the thing – maybe I'll give up your channel – you figure the next surf club member for the next video attacking this one only this video tag copy this one go go go go go okay that's gonna be here for us today do you guys want longer videos ten minutes ten you guys want ten minute videos you guys one six minute comment all types of feedback in the comments below let us know if you guys checked out with Sarah and it's gonna be a peace out laughs Cheers nice

35 thoughts on “What Students Say to Teachers vs. What They Want to Say”

  1. In my school kids literally say what they wanna say like they do it so much that the teach dont even care anymore

  2. this is what i want to do and i say (minus the pants) but i think way more brutal things, i got in trouble for FRICKING CRYING AFTER GETTING HURT RLLY BAD! AND WHILE EVERYONE ELSE CRIES THE TEACHER MAKES THEM FEEL BETTER, BUT NOT ME! like bruh. this one teacher loves the bratty girls. and my fav teacher hates them except my bff and shes one of them but she doesn't brag. and im the fav student with the teacher thats hates the popular students. i was put in a class with all popular students but my bff/ex was in there so i was all good.

  3. Sometimes in class I'll go to the bathroom and they say you took so long and I say sorry but I really wanna say WELL IM SORRY I TAKE SO LONG TRYING TO EMPTY MY BLATTER 😂

  4. Am I a bad student cuz I flipped a table in the middle of class cuz I was bored and I just had to pick up the table and not do it again and the next day I did it again

  5. That last one reminded me when this one wicked loser in our class flipped a desk because he didn’t want to do his work. #Loser!

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