What Students Say to Teachers vs. What They Want to Say (PART 2)

mr. Burton what is the answer to number one em answer to number one mr. Burton what are you looking for your hair line was a goodie at your boy Rhino you guys are watching love us sir how you doing today thank you once again for joining us now you guys read the title of this video what students say to teachers versus what they want to say now we do the part 1 of this before you guys enjoyed that one on one of the part 2 so we're like here we are doing them first and foremost we want to give a big thank you to Vince Sara watches for sponsoring this video for those of you who don't know Vince arrow is a luxury watch company that creates bold compelling timepieces with impeccable craftsmanship luckily for you guys when Sarah was having their epic pre Black Friday sale and it's happening right now and it will not last long this is their biggest site-wide sale of the entire year holiday shopping is stressful enough cuz you got to spend money on people you don't know what to get them but thankfully when Sarah watches is taking the hassle out of holiday shopping by having this epic pre Black Friday sale no matter who you're shopping for you can get them a luxury timepiece that they will love long after the holiday season is over I actually got both of my parents I've been Sarah watch and they never take it off and I swear it's the best gift I've ever bought them so I don't know if y'all want to be in good graces with your parents this holiday season huh so make sure you guys click the first link in the top of the description and the pin comment and check out Vince arrows massive crazy epic pre Black Friday sale you guys gotta act fast because this is the best prices that they offer all year I'm telling you and you guys know I'm rocking mine right now it's my favorite one that's the navy blue strap with the white face so yeah thank you guys so much put the first link top of description Vince arrow and check them out get a gift for your mom and dad sister for your dog I don't know thanks guys appreciate it now to the video you guys already know the deal things you wish you could say to your teachers oh man wowzers I said this before there's so many teachers out there that are amazing and really make your school experience what it's supposed to be and then you have the evil ones that are on a mission to make sure you fail so we don't condone disrespecting your teachers at all because they'll give you a bad grade if you means but I'm pretty sure you guys might be able to relate to a few T scenarios so let's hop right on into it let's get it but what students say mr. Poe where is your science fair project oh I forgot it was due today oh you don't have it well is it because you're making you little youtube videos well guess what your channel sucks and I'm gonna give you an entire letter great deduction because of that it won't happen again you can deduct the points off unacceptable and you're getting detention after school because I don't like you I fail I'm failing in what students want to say um mr. Poe where's your science fair project where's your husband oh that's right you don't have one you're a lonely loser you live by yourself and I bet after this class you're gonna go home and sit with your cats and binge watch Hulu because you got nothing else to do don't you talk about my cats like that and you cats are ugly I saw them on your Instagram I made a fake space just like I follow you you leave any followers get your Klout a boy that's a day why you spazzing on me like that that's against school policy to follow me on my Instagram that I don't have that you guys shouldn't know about what students say stop right there is that an ankle I see oh no no no not today no it's not in your house we're not here administration we have a dress code violation on miss tatianna over here whatever name is come get it right now she needs to be expelled from the school no to the office change immediately I didn't mean I could change now you're changing right now go go what you freaking wanna see your teacher winning stop right there is that an ankle that I see no no no yes it's an ankle what's the issue I really want you to explain me something right now I know supposed to be a girl and I'm breaking character but I don't tell her tell me why I know over there gets to sit around damn their butt ass naked following no types of dress codes they don't bring me into this me as the girl i get penalized for the literal smallest most insignificant ridiculous things I feel like whose poppy doesn't make any sense what type of sick sexist patriarchal society community are you creating right now that's just disgusting that a girl can't show her shoulder her ankle which type of Amish BS is this some type of Amish farmers market now or my ankles distracting the whole class hell no what type of logic is that okay do my shopping here to death not in costume there are real world issues there's real problems happening in this bag and you can get worried about my ankles are you serious okay I am okay you're fine you can sit down okay what students say okay class I'm going to answer the question that everybody keeps asking me yes you are going to use all of this in the real world it's with this shoe under this once you guys graduate this is gonna apply to everything you do and she's so bad I don't know real world applications okay everything I'm teaching you you will need to know okay okay so don't be whining in class telling me we're not gonna be this Jess you are we understand yes yes these are the fundamentals to getting any job in the real world we agree we agree we need to start paying attention and following all these equations what you really want to frickin say to your teacher all these formulas are gonna apply to you every single day after graduation okay you're gonna have to know this you will need this in the real world pow pow pow no we're not no we're going I will not leave this flame waste of our what type of class even then no one's ever going to use that yes you will Blaine please explain a nobody we use this doesn't make any sense what students say hey eyes on your own paper I'm so sorry I'm doing me too you could take my phone I'm sorry I wasn't looking at her I'm sorry I was looking okay I was looking yeah I got you ha ha one more time and I've got to flunk you it's a head okay you got me you got me eyes on your own papers I'm the leader here I'm in power what students want to say hey eyes on your paper Oh what how you would tell me to paper put a sock in it grandpa you know damn well that your study guide was a book of nursery rhymes and fairytales everything that his damn text was not gonna send you guys and you know that you know that for a fact so I don't hear that who are you some study I did I tried my best and your ass making it impossible so you're leaving me no choice but to look up my neighbor's paper I'm learning it right here okay this is the only place you have any sort of authority back home and your personal life used to live with your mom and you know it I've seen you walking out with your little mommy and Target how old are you 35 living with your mom and your two cats that's weird there's freaking beer is weird stop being mean to me stop telling people I still live with my mom that is a there's a false rumor okay that is not fact what students say excuse me professor sorry to interrupt I wanted to know if you had graded the midterms papers yet oh sorry no I haven't graded those yet I've been super busy with like a lot of stuff so yeah I probably won't be able to get back those test scores for a couple more weeks busy stuff I'm very busy okay it's yeah I was really looking forward to looking those grades because I worked really hard enough but yeah understand Channel all right have a good day what students want to say mom excuse me so did you rate our midterm papers yet it's been like two weeks oh sorry no I haven't gotten to those yet I've been able to grade them I've been really busy too busy I don't want to hear that did you just smack me oh yeah I just met you are you serious how you will talk about some you don't have time to grading it you should have had it graded by now if you're assigning this work you should be able to grade it if you got to set these deadlines for me to turn on and stuff in you better create it on time why did you give us one week to complete these terrible ass assignments with all other classes and then your ass can't even grade them you don't even have the courtesy to grade the assignments that you're assigning then how would you just stop assigning all this work if you can't even grade it it's a simple concept I don't understand it doesn't hey did anybody else see him hit me what students say hey good yeah you football head no eating or drinking in class okay I'm sorry Oh put it away put it away now I don't want to see it that's a letter that's a letter grade induction you're now gonna only get a B in the class I just put it away and I don't even like you so you're gonna get a C now cuz I just don't like your face what students want to say hey you don't food no no drinks in class what you said I can't eat in class is this jail or is this prison you're telling me you're gonna deprive me of the one thing that helps me learn well that doesn't make any sense you know what in fact food has been found to improve alertness performance memory and focus what kind of game is this you tell me I can't drink water now you want me to be dehydrated and starving so what are you gonna try to slow down my learning I'm trying to sit here before my highest level and I can't do that if you won't let me eat or drink so what's the point of this what's the point of you teaching right now if I can't learn Touche well I have a this complex where I just need to feel like I'm in control of you so that's why I act like that you know I just that's it that's the end of the video I've you guys adjust it really mean to me this whole damn video so I'm just gonna go okay so I apologize I was well I was in the wrong okay damn

38 thoughts on “What Students Say to Teachers vs. What They Want to Say (PART 2)”

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  2. How it should have been

    Student: Excuse me did you grade the midterm papers yet its been two weeks
    Teacher: Sorry i haven't I've been to busy playing Call Of Duty Black Opps and Nba2k19
    Student: Okay i can understand that

  3. Omg i legit hate it when they say ur gonna use this in the real world.
    What kind of fucking job have you break down a paragraph and analyze shits?
    My parents are literally living proof on why were not gonna use anything we learn in the real world, they forgot nearly everything that they learned, even 3rd grade math. They will forget it if they dont use it, and they forgot meaning whatever the fuck they learned, they forgot 90%

  4. I love how when they do what students wanna say most of them get off topic

    Going from copying a paper to talking bout living with your mom at 35

  5. Noah: ow, did you just slap me
    Me: Does it look like he DIDN'T slap you 😢

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    What You Frickin Wanna Say To Your Teacher wnn
    What You Really Wanna Frickin Say To Your Teacher
    What Students Want To Say
    What Students Want To Say
    What Students Want To Say

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