WHAT should children be learning?

– What should children
be learning in school? The answer you get from
traditional education is things like history, geography,
mathematics, English, science. What do we don’t realize is that these are academic disciplines. And as Sir Ken Robinson, who
is really the leading thinker in education today, pointed out the only occupation that these
“academics” are relevant to is that of an academician, university professors and researchers. Beyond basic math and language, these academics are really not relevant to 99% of the professions out there. And none of us use calculus, trigonometry, balancing equations, on a daily basis. I actually work with hundreds
of architects and engineers, highly technical jobs, and
I can bet a majority of them will not be able to solve
a quadratic equation today, because they have never had to use it in their professional career. But if you want to become a mathematician, if you want to formulate
your own theories, then you do need to
know this stuff, right. Or if you wanna become
a chemistry professor, then you do need to know
how to balance equations. One of the arguments is that these academics are the basics that everyone needs to know, right. But really, if it’s so basic, how come we don’t use it at all, ever? And, if you look at the
way the world works today, you can think of hundred
basics that are more relevant, and more appropriate, right. Things like coding,
presenting, writing emails, web design, movie making. These are all things that are a big part of our day to day lives. It would be great to learn these things. The traditional system is still focused on teaching kids these “academics.” And that’s mostly because it’s not changed for two hundred years. So two hundred years ago, before public education became a reality, the only people that
needed to get educated, were people who wanted
to get into academia. So, the question still remains: Why do we teach the things that we teach in the schools of today? And Big Picture’s answer
to this question is that kids shouldn’t only be learning
about the academic world, they should be learning
about the real world. And they should be building
up their skills and knowledge that’s really gonna help
them in the real world.

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  1. Take two infants. Teach one of them the basic academics, and the other kid engineering. And after 20 years , see who is serving the world better.
    CUZ experiment is the only way to learn the truth

  2. The education system is such that the topper is not the one who is the most skilled but one who knows how to 'exploit' the system better.You could hate school and still top.Take this from a straight A 7th std kid.I hate school but love learning.btw if you happen to play csgo(i have a prime account 😎) or fortnite add me on both my id is BeastBoyUnknown.sRy fOR l0Ng c0MMenT mYSElf l0viNg ReAding so me wR!t!nG a l0t.lmao

  3. When I was in school I questioned why I had to learn that stuff , now I question why my kids have to learn this stuff . It won’t help them with anything .

  4. Major reason why people support this kind of videos is because they don't wanna study. Sure there are factors like bad teaching and all, but all those really is, are barriers that every successful person must overcome.

  5. Nasıl akıllıca yapılmış !!! Şu anda 2. aşamada 9. derstayız, ancak 2. aşamada 3. derse girdiğimizde, 2 hafta boyunca hareket etmek zorunda kaldık ve hiç ders yapamadık. O zamana kadar basit kitaplar ve hatta yardımla daha zor kitaplar okuyabiliyordu, bu yüzden erken okuyucular için ona bir ton prenses ve barbie kitabı aldım ve okumalarını kendi hızında uygulamakla ilgilendiler. Bunu programın olmadan yapamazdık.

  6. To suggest that the "basics" … "aren't used, at all, ever" (1:20) is a fallacy. Studies show a high correlation between societies without arts and science education, and bad music. 😀

  7. I'm studying arts right now… but most of the stuff I know about drawing and painting I learned alone, researching on the "wasteful" internet, because it's something I'm passionate about. I'm allways bored to death in my drawing class, I hate studying for history (but love watching documentaries and learning by my self, and usually remember more stuff when I'm having fun). Apart from that I still have: Portuguese, English, PE, Philosophy and Geometry, and all of these expect me to work at least 1 hour a day for them, whilst also doing homework, finishing essays and studying for tests. This is basicly overworking students, to the point of breaking down (wich I did). Also I want to procede my studies and go to uni, but I don't think I can handle more years wasted to stress and self doubt, because I hate studying, but love to learn and this has me conflicted, since I want to be able to get a job, and sadly, if you go to uni in portugal there will be more oportunities for you.

  8. 11:40 PM and procrastinating an exam while watching this really gives me an opinion about why I should not do this exam

  9. From what I have observed, history is still relevant as it can help us to understand other cultures and more easily avoid past mistakes.

  10. I wanna be a writter. I just couldn't help myself but fall in love with myths and tales when I was a kid. Literally, all I've ever done in my childhood was read my days away. At school, I don't like every subjects but I'm ok with most of 'em, except for Maths. I don't care about, like, everything of it. I don't know why do I even need to know wtf Thales or Pytagoras is. Seriously, do I even need to know how to solve an equation when all I'll be doing is pick my pen up and imagine stuffs?

  11. I think that we should be learning things that are important to us, I love cars and want to know as much as I can, but school is very restrictive of what I feel is important to me.

  12. I made my mom share this with one of my teachers. I got detention and she said “report this channel. Nobody tells me how to teach!”

  13. History is pretty important too. We need to learn it so we don't become stupid and repeat the past.

  14. Children should be learning:
    How to vote
    How to avoid diseases
    How to do math (money wise)
    How to do cpr
    What to do while your stranded

  15. The main thing that children should learn is where you should go or what you should after graduation because I have literally no fucking idea that what I will do after I graduate

  16. (Sorry about my english, im brazilian it is not perfect)
    Indeed, the school system today is not perfect at all, but the thing is we still need most of it, not because we are going to use it on life, but for deeper understanding of much more
    For example, science classes can teach you about many diseases and health problems in general, which you would not acknowledge without it and it could possibly become a risk
    History classes can teach you facts, give you references for your opinion, and teach you why things are today what they are, and thats really important, cause it gives you a deeper understanding of what happens around you, for example: Politics.
    Languages, well, they are necessary, and i guess anyone wil say that, and i cant say much of it, after all i dont have english classes to see how they are, just portuguese, but i can say that at least for my language, they are EXTREMELY important.
    Geography can teach you about geopolitics, and that combines with history to make you understand things better in general.
    Mathematics (And the variations of it) may not teach you thing you will use in life. At all. But they teach you logical thinking, personally, i hate maths, but i see they are important.

    Well, im sleepy so i wont talk more, but thats my opinion, and even if you disagree about this, its a fact that you will need it for life til it changes, after all your grades are important, and you need them even if you dont think they are important.

  17. Why don’t they have a medical class?! Like learning CPR, identifying diseases and medicines’ uses, chapters on effective parenting, mental diseases, memorizing the suicide hotline # or the poison control number! I’d MUCH rather do that than a history/math/science class where you memorize garbage!

    (Well garbage in my opinion 😅 you might not think that stuff is garbage, and that’s perfectly fine tho!)

  18. Wow. My class got brainwashed by my own "teacher"
    She's satan (she treat us like trash)
    She acts like she is paying for us to study (its a pv school)

  19. I bet you that the all the dislikes are teachers who have a monotone voice and half of there kids in there class falls asleep

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