What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

44 thoughts on “What Programming Language Should I Learn First?”

  1. This guy…takes way too long to get to the point of the video. Like I get you want that 10 min, but jesus.
    TL;DL: Python, Java, Javascript, C++, C#, SQL, PHP, Swift, Ruby – not sure where html falls in there

  2. I’m so surprised. I would have never guessed that someone who only ever talks about python would recommend it as your first language. What a shocker!!!

  3. GCAN-PLC support all the 5 languages which is a best tool to learn PLC.http://www1.gcanbox.com/fsd/gyzdh/255.html?id=YT

  4. As someone completely new to this stuff but setting up to get into codin this video was exactly what I want/needed. Thank you I like that you put it into relatable language and explained not only what to learn first but why and the difference between the languages.

  5. ya know actually english is actually a more difficult language because of our grammar and the 6 million rules that go along with it. spanish is only easy because it’s similarity to english

  6. See I feel like this is a good enough video bud holy shit at the beginning of the video he keeps going for this metaphor about don’t learn a hard language, I’d rather him just tell me what the easier and harder languages are

  7. Hey this was pretty helpful, I started learning cool ass coding at school and started using it at home but without a teacher its pretty complicated so big thanks

  8. Is python rlly so simple hey I'm Max 14 and want to learn programming and i actually don't know about any i only know "Hello World" can anyone give me a good TuT? Will be cool

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