What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right

This episode is made possible by dashlane secure your data from prying eyes by signing up for a free account today For almost the entirety of human history, we’ve always had a bit of a thing for predicting the future. Sometimes we get pretty close and Sometimes we’re way off In this episode we’re going to look at a few of the notable examples since the early 20th century when we really began to wonder How modern and future technology would change our lives and the world We’ll start with one topic that people still love to theorize about today the future of cars Back in the late 30s and 40s cars had officially become a staple of modern society and as a relatively new technology people were always thinking up new ways to make them even better in the 1930s the predictions for the future of cars were pretty tame not many dreams of flying cars yet The development of more complete streamlining for motor cars will be the problem of Engineers of tomorrow Someday this problem will finally be solved sometime in the future. The completely streamlined torpedo car may come into use Elevated highways wide and level may let us go 120 miles an hour But such a torpedo car on our streets today would be entirely impractical People simply expected the engineers of the future to design faster safer and more aerodynamic vehicles in that regard. They were absolutely right After the war we saw films like this one from 1948 People were beginning to experiment more and we got to see some unusual contraptions Chariot can really run you around in circles. What’s the trouble Gary? Oh Modern Frankenstein and here’s another streamlined marvel on wheels. It only needs a pair of wings to be at home in the sky Formidable indeed is its nose? With riveted aluminum fuselage entry hatch and rugged and panache. It’s wasting time on the ground But being earthbound the monster is traveled out out of the highway to frighten other motivations if you’re looking for a 1960 model this may well be it a Lot of these design elements seem kind of ridiculous to us now incorporating airplane features and controls didn’t really catch on mostly because it was Unnecessary and complicated that being said we have seen a few three-wheeled cars and reversed three-wheeled car Things and some of the aesthetic elements of late 40s concept cars have snuck into modern styling For example, this one looks a lot like a current Rolls Royce concept in the mid 1950s We really began to see some sci-fi ideas Take shape flying cars hover cars and of course self-driving cars the idea of self-driving cars isn’t new but the Implementation is very different Instead of computers Manning the controls in this film the cars of the future were imagined to be guided by magnetic strips in the road with a bit of information from control towers and the driver power to Firebird to tower to Firebird to all traffic moving in normal pattern Fb-22 tower we’re heading for Chicago. Please route us through over Well done Firebird – you’re now under automatic control hands off steering Here we go on the high speed safety lane Ah They Comfortable my probes are as different as self-driving cars look today They are catching on and it looks like these predictions while several decades off are actually pretty accurate at least at surface level Besides cars, we’ve always been fascinated with how the people of the future might live. What will their homes look like? What amazing new technologies will they have at their disposal? What will the fashion look like? The people of the 1920s had some interesting ideas when it came to clothing most famous fashion designers in the u.s Today have been asked to forecast what Eve will look like in AD 2000 One idea is a dress that can be adapted for morning afternoon or evening. It’s the sleeves. What does it? Apparently in AD 2000 we shall be having a hair-raising time Yet another designer goes so far as to believe that skirts will disappear entirely Shoes will have cantilever heels and an electric belt will adapt the body to climatic changes The likely clared woman of tomorrow, ooh swish will move in an atmosphere that scientifically kept at the right temperature the future bride in a wedding dress of glass what the grumble we’re apart from a worid look isn’t mentioned a dress of aluminium with a sash to change it for afternoon or evening an Electric headlight to help her to find an honest man as for him if he matters at all He’ll be fitted with a telephone a radio and containers for coins keys and candy for cutie In some ways they were right dresses have lost some ground to pants shorts and skirts But they’re still very much a part of modern clothing and in some ways they were hilariously wrong light bulb head Where a chest-mounted phone they were at least correct in assuming we’d have phones with us pretty much all the time Kitchens maybe the thing that’s changed the least since these predictions from the 50s But it’s interesting to see what people expected and how societal norms have changed Press button dream coming true for mrs. Housewife All sorts of wonders are hers at the push of a button from refrigerator doors to countertops built for big gals or little gals Don’t have to lean over here you see? What’s for dinner consult the menus on pictures and dish up something new for a change hummingbird wings on toast maybe and look where the toaster is a Wave of the hand and presto down comes a hidden cabinet with the dishes Mama will feel like a fairy princess with a magic wand in a place like this We won’t be able to get her out of the kitchen but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it right now the question before the house is what’s cooking and when you eat The interesting thing about this particular film is that all of these changes are completely unnecessary and would definitely slow you down in the kitchen The closest thing to being accurate from this film is probably the video screen recipes It’s not something that’s built into modern kitchens but we do often use phones or tablets instead of cookbooks to find recipes as We entered the 60s and saw the advent of computer technology people began to really consider what these new machines could do in the future This is the point in history where our prediction started to align more with reality except for our weird fascination with truly useless robots Here we see a woman ordering a giant slow lumbering robot to do menial tasks such as open the door or light a candle all of these things could have been accomplished much more quickly without the Robo Butler but when you think about it We actually do have some machines that do our bidding They may not be seven-foot-tall abominations, but we can order them to play music Give us the weather or change the lighting and of course the fascination with humanoid robots never really went away We’re still working on creating them, but we’re more interested in the artificial intelligence aspect than having a mechanical servant to do our chores besides the nightmarish slave robots that thankfully never came to be some predictions from the 60s ended up very close to reality for example this Film from the early 60s explains how children will do the majority of their learning through computers Master James sure eight years old student attends formal school two morning’s a week Much of his education. However is carried on in a kind of education center within the home and Fed into teaching machines which allow him to progress as rapidly as his Awakening mind can absorb the audiovisual lessons They did guess that this would be the norm by the year 1999 so they weren’t exactly right in that regard But they were pretty close We did have educational games and programs by then but we didn’t really start to see proper web-based online classes for another several years this clip from 1961 shows a woman buying clothes from the comfort of her own home while looking at pictures of it on a digital screen Sounds pretty familiar Yellow I don’t know do you have it in green certainly here it is Yes, fine, that’s it I’ll take it please send it out to me here’s my credit card Oh, and don’t forget the stripe pillowcases No, we won’t this prediction wasn’t completely accurate as the woman is still interacting with another human on the phone But ordering things from your own home device has become the backbone of 21st century shopping Just six years after that prediction from 1961 We get this a much more accurate batch of predictions centered around the importance of so-called home video screens Which clearly became modern desktop computers in this film. We see a woman buying clothes again But this time there’s no human interaction required later We see the husband paying for the clothes accessing his bank account and sending electronic letters all from the home video screen system paid for by the husband at his counterpart console all bills and transactions will be carried out electronically a Central bank computer will debit the family’s account the amount of purchases and credit the department store. For example Informing the family’s home computer at the same time Father at the touch of a button receives an instantaneous printed copy of his budget the amount of taxes He owes the payments left on the car and so forth All documents and household records are available on the video screen for immediate reference Also at his disposal is an electronic correspondence Machine or home post office which allows for instant written communication between individuals anywhere in the world While it may not be super refined this whole system is a very accurate representation of how we use modern computers We shop online pay bills and view bank statements and send emails as the 60s drew to a close We started seeing more reasonable predictions mostly because our understanding of computer technology Allowed us to make more educated guesses in regards to further development. Of course We never stopped making guesses about the future and even today we see some truly sci-fi predictions, but that’s a topic for a future video Now with all these advancements in computing technology It stands to reason that the good people of the future will need a way to protect their valuable information from digital criminals Consider for a moment the service that secures your personal information by way of automatically generated strings of letters numbers and symbols Which the computer savvy call passwords? This is a scale model of the home computer of the future with the magic of modern film We can demonstrate how this futuristic information security service will operate the average Joe of the future has a lot on his plate and Doesn’t want to remember all these different passwords and everyone knows one mustn’t use the same password for everything with this new service Let’s call it – Lane. He doesn’t have to the Application a word used to describe future computer programs can be accessed on his home computer or handheld computing device Which will be commonplace in the year 2018 he can rest easy knowing that even the most sophisticated computer criminal. Can’t steal his information Because – Lane is locally secured which means the passwords are only stored on his machines If Joe everyman is inexperienced with home computers – Lane takes care of his security for him Allowing even a simpleton to automatically change unsafe passwords The program also allows users to store often used information Like credit card numbers for digital shopping the electronic mail addresses and telephone numbers which can be used to automatically fill-in digital forms Greatest minds predicted television programs and films will be widely available through entertainment services on the computers of the future Knowing this the secure sharing of passwords between friends and family who don’t use these services will be a popular feature allowing loved ones to catch up on season 100 of The Andy Griffith Show Security peace of mind and convenience all of these features and more will be included in the best computer programs of the future Now that prediction was accurate protect your passwords for free by downloading dashlane today as a special. Thanks for fans of second thought you can get a 30-day free trial of dashlane premium plus 10% off your premium subscription by following the link below and using the Code second. Thought it’s available for Mac PC iOS and Android So whether you up for the free or premium account, I can’t recommend Ashley and highly enough So to support the channel and secure your valuable data, check out – Lane at the link below

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  2. "Ahh this is the life, safe, comfortable,, mind if I smoke a cigar? "

  3. I'll always remember that 1953-prediction I once rad, regarding "Life in the Year 2000": It started along the lines of "you're coming to visit your future children in the year 2000 (OF COURSE you have arrived with a helicopter)" and went on to describe, how ultra-violet rays shall be normally used to clean and and decontaminate every unoccupied room and to instantly kill every bug there, how humanity has already colonized the entire Solar-System and is just about to embark to remote Star-Systems etc. – but NOT A WORD about the Internet… :-))

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    Which means that… we have the capabilities to build a lot of modern machines but it doesn't mean it should be available for the public yet i mean … imagine having flying cars now … good luck saving buildings from shit drivers XD there should be a traffic system that protects buildings from flying cars with a magnetic field kind of thing idk which would take years to build and apply around the globe

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    The audio sounds very authentic lol 10:38

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    9:28 is pretty much how business's want to do their billing.. all electronic transfer via email as a bill/receipt.

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