What makes the University of Oregon unique?

Some say it’s where you are that matters
most. The feel of a place. Others say it’s who you’re with. At Oregon, we say it’s
both. It’s a sense of purpose that takes flight, in the classrooms, on the court. (Final 4! Baby lets go!) and around the world. It’s a sense of belonging that takes root. The bonds we build, the ones not easily broken. There is something so powerful
about this sense of belonging, that no matter where you go, once a duck, always a duck! It’s original and unexpected. Groundbreaking, and world-class. (We’re part of history
but we’re always trying to make more history.) It’s the sand, sun, wind, and snow. And if anyone asks? It never rains… (in Autzen Stadium) Some say it’s the place. Others say its the people. we just say, it’s Oregon What will you say?

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