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What Makes Stamps Valuable? First, let us understand why we need stamps. The first stamp was issued in 1840 in England. Up until then, the postage price was paid
by the receiver of the mail. However, it got difficult to collect money
from receivers who refused the mail. What a waste of time, energy and effort! That’s when the idea of a stamp sparked
and it ensured the prepayment of mail. Stamps later became something like a time
capsule. They carried a little information about the
history, geography, art and culture of a particular time. So, a good stamp collection gives you a view
of the world from any era you would want. So how do you find the value of a stamp? It is defined by age of the stamp, place where
it was issued, condition of gum on the stamp and the perforation. Stamps became more valuable once they were
discontinued. Lesser the total number of a stamp available
in the market, the more valuable it is to collectors. Stamp collections are important because they
give us a sense of belonging.

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