What is Voice?

everyone has a voice and I believe
everyone deserves to be heard teach needs to take into consideration
everyone’s needs in my class including Kabir’s having a diverse set of students in my
class makes it a wonderful experience the very first time I introduced teams
in my class was really a special moment I stood back at that moment and my eyes
were fixated on Kabir because I knew that this would have an impact on
teaching and learning especially with Kabir Kabira is really patient. He’s focused.
I would describe him as very smart whenever I need help I just like you
know write his name Kabir and then I’d ask him a question
and then he just answers back everyone has a voice and teams has made
it easier to communicate he can have his voice heard and he can contribute to the
class. I mean it’s probably the two best things in
life learning and diversity. It’s what makes this world you know wonderful
isn’t it?

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