What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World? ft. In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt)

Death by drug overdose has been on the rise
in the US, with a 2.2-fold increase from 2002 to 2015. But what is the most dangerous drug in the
world? [Illustrated by Kurzgesagt.] If we’re simply talking about the most lethal substances, scientists use something called the “median lethal dose” or LD50 which
measures how much of a substance is required to kill half the members of a tested population. So something like coffee requires around 13g
to kill a 70kg person, while the venom of an Inland Taipan snake requires much less,
with only 0.00175g. Using this method, the most deadly substance
on Earth? Botulinum Toxin…or Botox. Oral ingestion would require only 0.00000007g
to kill a 70kg person. However, ‘most dangerous’ doesn’t always
mean ‘most lethal’. In the UK, a group of experts decided to look
at how much “harm” the most common recreational drugs cause using 16 parameters, including
types of physical, psychological and social harm. For example, a drug may cause physical damage
but not be lethal, it could cause you to become completely dependent, it can be more likely
to cause loss of relationships, or decreased mental functioning; and these are all forms
of ‘harm’. Using these criteria, they concluded that
the most dangerous drug to an individual is heroin. Heroin can be injected, snorted, or smoked,
and enters the brain rapidly, particularly when injected into the bloodstream. Here, it attaches to opioid receptors, creating
a surge of pleasurable sensations. It’s also highly addictive, with intense
withdrawal symptoms that begin within hours of a hit, including insomnia, cold flashes,
muscle and bone pain, nausea and vomiting. Receptors in the brainstem are also affected,
impacting important physiological processes such as breathing and blood pressure. Which is why overdosing causes breathing to
slow or stop entirely, leading to the accumulation of CO2 in the blood and ultimately death. And since heroin is unregulated, it is especially
difficult for users to know the strength of the dose, making the risk of OD-ing high. Additionally, the drug can be mixed with other
compounds, like Fentanyl, making it even more dangerous. Fentanyl, like heroin, is an opiate but is
50-100 times as strong because it is very lipophilic – meaning it penetrates our fatty
brain more easily. And in terms of lethality alone, it is much
more dangerous than heroin to users. It was initially used as a prescription pain
reliever but because of its addictiveness, it was mostly used in end of life cases. It has since emerged as a recreational drug,
where the number of reported fentanyl related overdoses has increased 7X from 2012 to 2014
in the US, and continues to see more widespread use worldwide. But there is an even more dangerous drug! Though crack cocaine and methamphetamine top
the list of harm to an individual just after heroin, finding the most dangerous drug overall
involved studying 20 different popular drugs, and also looking at the harm they place on
others. This includes the physical and psychological
harm, crime, degradation to families and communities, and economic costs – and in the end it turns
out the most dangerous drug in the world is… alcohol. To ensure this wasn’t simply a UK phenomenon,
a European group attempted the same process putting more emphasis on individual harm and
less on economic harm. And even with the different weightings the
two groups found largely the same result. A large contributor to the danger of alcohol
is its wide use. The majority of the world does drink (61.7%),
and drink a lot, with an average of 17 litres of pure alcohol consumed per person per year. The World Health Organization found 3.3 million
deaths worldwide were caused by dangerous alcohol consumption in 2012, meaning alcohol
kills 1 person every 10 seconds. But experts don’t recommend a prohibition
stance on alcohol. By all accounts, the war on drugs has been
deemed a failure, and nations who have stepped away from hardline policies and implemented
decriminalization, harm reduction and education, have seen significant declines of drug abuse. If you’d like to learn more about the failure
of the war on drugs, check out In A Nutshell’s video, who so brilliantly helped us animate
this video! A huge thanks to them for helping out, and
continuing to inspire us with their intelligent and well designed videos. You can also check out our drug series, if
you’d like to learn more about the impact of specific drugs, like marijuana, cocaine,
and lsd, on your brain! And subscribe for more weekly science videos!

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  1. Oh, is this the same study that showed that psychedelics are physically harmless and the leader of it was fired for saying that?

  2. Heroin is in half the damn pill things the doctor gave me to control my pain !

    they are trying to make me an addict.. so I avoid all

  3. But did you know, that in the vast majority of “heroin overdoses” there is another CNS depressant (benzodiazepine, barbiturates, alcohol, etc.) found present in the blood, indicating, that heroine is only really “very” dangerous when consumed with other strong depressant drugs. I’m not saying that it’s not dangerous, because it most certainly is, it’s just not as dangerous as “common knowledge” seems to suggest.

  4. look at islam, no alcohol, this video shows why, islam forbids things for very specific reasons like this and so living as a muslim is the way to avoid all the problems by just following the rules even if you dont see why something is haram theres always a reason and it may not be clear but if must be justified the reason will always be there and realised. no contradictory words are in the quran if you really understand it and the reason for something being haram could be too complicated to understand right now but if it takes a thousand years to see you will eventually realise the reason for gods command and this in itself will reinforce your belief in god for he uncovered to truth to these thing befor even science. also future events and creations have been predicted in islam such as 'flying homes' predicted very long ago reffering to planes do your research with a open mind dont allow ignorance to filter truth and epiphany from your mind and come to the one true reality which is none other than reality and islam

  5. Listen here all the people who think teenagers only learn about drugs/mental illness just to sound cool:

    Im 14 and learn about this on my owm because I'm interested and want to have knowledge. I'd rather be educated and use the knowledge in the future then stop myself from learning because of some idiots. So chill.

  6. Rip to anyone who died to laced drugs, thinking of cases like prince lil peep and mac miller, just legalize it

  7. Alcohol the worlds most dangerous drug?
    Then how about weed that doesn’t kill anyone,? In my narrow-minded country you get prison for a just one joint .. the world has no hope.

  8. I'd say carfentanyl, fentanyl is already many times stronger than heroine, but carfentanyl is about 100x stronger than fentanyl. Im talking about the lethal dose here

  9. Alcohol is just the most dangerous drug because it is legal and you can get it everywhere. Imagine if fentanyl would be legal.

  10. Alcohol is a social drug, alcohol has been built into our society to th e point where it would be impossible to remove. Before my great grandma joined church she hated the taste of alcohol so much but still orders it because that was what you did.

  11. JESUS you trynna fool me into thinking this is Kurzgesagt, I'm like what happened to the nice british narrator, why is this american kid narrating it instead WHAT HAPPENEDDD

  12. I Love science, it was always my favourite subject. But the one thing I HATE is that they use animal testing . It's unfair.

  13. Datura, propylhexedrine (benzedrex inhalers cause strokes and extreme vasoconstriction plus hypertensive crises), PCP, deleriants (Benadryl or Dramamine)

  14. If you read the article AsapSCIENCE sighted for Heroin being the #1 most dangerous drug to an individual, you'll find the most dangerous drug is actually Crack Cocaine with a part-score of 37. Heroin was scored 34.

  15. i want to do a lot of drugs in my life, not get addicted or anything but i just want to feel how they feel and try lots of drugs, there are some drugs i wont use though, Heroin, crack, spice and meth

  16. Its different everywhere actually.. i live in a bad neighborhood, a welfare city and lemme tell you I see Crack Cocaine and Meth stomping on Heroin all day where Im at. Heroin kills more, but crack ruins more lives around here.

  17. This Deadly Drug Was Once A Popular Medicine. For more interesting info https://wcts.app/s3C1
    WhiteCoats-A digital networking & collaboration platform to help doctors and healthcare
    organizations be more successful

  18. It pisses me off so much that a drug as dangerous as fentanyl is not only legal, but considered ESSENTIAL AND SAFE by the WHO, yet cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, which are virtually harmless PLANTS that have a lot of medicinal value and have been used by humans for millennia are illegal almost everywhere in the world.

    They don't care about our health, they only care about making money and having us under the control they want.

  19. Phenobarbita……… Or green dream from the veterinarians…… Make sure you take eight beta blockers first……. And 6 to 10 anti vomit pills……

  20. Alcohol what a joke it's childsplay you're back to yourself in a day or 2. Dexamphetamines/methamphetamine damages the pleasure system in the brain so you barely feel anything ever again.

  21. Yeah, it's like this; I could shoot you up with 20mg of heroin, pure, pharmaceutical diacetylmorphine, and that isn't going to be physically harmful, like it would if I would shoot you up with 20mg methamphetamine. If I shot you with 20mg of street heroin, it could kill or hurt you through impurities, also through fentanyl contamination. Alcohol, it's so easy to have beers every day….it's way more dangerous than, say, pharmaceutical quality heroin, but over a long term of course. It's a really odd question, what's the most dangerous.

  22. Recreational drug users are nothing but loser…no matter how you try to justify it….from coffee to cocaine. Weak.

  23. yes weed was not ,mentioned in this list so people the only drug you should always do is weed and every other drug is dangeros

  24. I'd say Agent Orange activating mitogen activated protein kinase pathways causing interstitial lung disease and cardiac ishemia. It activates a protein kinase enzyme pathway which basically cannot be stopped. It was widely used in the Vietnam war, it was also used by special forces fighting invasive plants particularly Rhodedendrons in Wales. It was also widely tested on Pennsylvanian jails, the authorities said it had been stopped, but it hadn't. It was administered via ringworm, a fungal infection on PRISONERS feet. A lot of these PRISONERS got deported, especially to the UK, where they were helped by a charity called PRISONERS ABROAD. Many of these PRISONERS went onto develope mental health problems. Love Leicester and Rutland massive x

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