What is the Long Beach College Promise?

The Long Beach College Promise is a commitment
from the three institutions of education; Long Beach Unified, Long Beach City College,
and Cal State Long Beach, to ensure that all of our students are college and career ready
when they leave us, whether in high school, two years of college, or in four years.
It is a nationally recognized program that started here in Long Beach. It is going out
in the communities, it’s about doing outreach, ensuring that every young person knows that
they have access to a college education. It’s also measuring, making sure that students
are succeeding when they’re at college. And it’s really providing also creating
those pathways into the universities. The Long Beach College Promise is making a
difference in student education by working with the students and with the parents as
early as the fourth grade. So we begin as partners helping the student understand that
they have a place, helping them understand how to get there, working with the parents
so that they understand how to get there so that each student and their parents or supporters
knows how to navigate our systems and that there’s a place for them. When you have your own Long Beach College Promise, it’s important because people are working together to ensure that every student is as successful in whatever path they take,
and you become a much stronger community Since we’ve implemented the Long Beach College
Promise we have more business partners, we have more non-profits working with us. We
have people moving into this community from outside because they’ve heard of Long Beach
College Promise. As mayor, the Long Beach College Promise is
incredibly important because at the center of a strong city is a strong educational system.
In the city of Long Beach we have a culture of education. This is an education city, so
it’s really important for us to ensure that our students are being supported, that we
have the best faulty, the best trained staff, and also that we have great leadership.
We already have evidence that of the 800 or so students who joined us this year through
the Long Beach College Promise that they’re much better prepared to be successful in English
and in Math than just a decade ago. This is a long term commitment and we’re going to
stick with it. But it’s all about making sure that the citizens of Long Beach get the
best return on their investment in education, and that the students of Long Beach have bright
futures because of the Promise.

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