What is the Condition of Education?

How has our nation’s education system
changed over time? What are the characteristics of our nation’s students? The answer to these and other important questions
are available in our annual report, the Condition of Education. This report provides a comprehensive look at the
status of education in the United States. Its origins date back to 1867 and the creation of the first
federal department of education. Then, in 1975, Congress required that the data be
compiled and presented each year by June 1st. The Condition of Education is a tool for parents,
students, educators, and policymakers to see how our nation is doing, where we’ve improved,
and what still needs to be done. It features dozens of educational and economic
indicators from a variety of data sources. Each indicator describes a specific topic
and features figures and graphics. These indicators provide information
about the broad spectrum of education from early childhood through postsecondary education,
labor force outcomes, and international comparisons. The Condition of Education is a one-stop
resource for education data and is regularly updated throughout the year as
new information becomes available. To inform policymakers, the National Center for
Education Statistics presents the Condition of Education report
to Congress annually. But, you don’t have to be on Capitol Hill to access it. The data contained in the Condition of Education
report are available to anyone—at any time—online and on your mobile device. By visiting the Condition of Education website,
you can access information on all of the indicators, download the full report, and watch a series
of short videos about the data. The Condition of Education is the go-to source for information on the status of education
in the United States. It keeps Congress—and YOU—informed with
year-round updates. For more information on The Condition of Education, visit NCES.ED.GOV and follow us on social media.

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