What is Student Learning Support?

University can be a totally overwhelming
experience especially when it comes to academics.
Ryerson has so many resources and sometimes it can be confusing to know
where to start. Thankfully, Ryerson Student Learning
Support located on the fourth floor the Student Learning Centre is here to help
you. Hey, what’s up with you? I have this essay due tomorrow and I have no idea what to do with it. I know exactly the place that can help you. Writing Support is your one-stop-shop for help on written assignments. If you’re stuck on an essay, book report, or any other writing assignments, you can come to the Writing Centre and meet with a writing consultant who will provide you with
critical feedback. We also offer online appointments, phone appointments, and
drop-in hours. Hey, how’s that assignment going? It’s fine, it’s just, I’m freaking out about my English. I have this presentation coming
up and I’m so scared about my fluency. Well, there’s a support area for that too. English Language Support helps students who use English as an additional
language with their reading, writing, listening, and presentation skills. You can meet with an English facilitator one-on-one in person or online. Hey is there any math help here? Is there ever!! Math Support provides individualized
help for students in math courses and computer science courses. You can come in for drop-in or book an appointment. We also offer online appointments if you
don’t find yourself on campus. Are you alright? I’m just so bad at managing my
time for assignments. I’m really bad at taking good notes and I really don’t
know how to study for tests and exams. And honestly I can’t even figure out how to read my textbook. You know you should really book an
appointment with a peer academic coach. Study Skills and Transition Support
offers students the opportunity to meet with a trained academic coach to help
with their individualized study plan as well as time skills such as time
management and test prep. Wow, Student Learning Support has so much to offer! It doesn’t stop there Amelia. We also offer Academic Accommodation
Support. Oh yeah, AAS provides support for students living with temporary and
permanent disabilities such as learning disabilities, sensory impairments, ADHD,
and mental health and medical diagnosis Students meet with an accommodation
facilitator to create and implement an individual accommodation plan to fully
participate in their studies. I’m so glad as there is all these free resources for me at
Ryerson. Thanks to Student Learning Support!

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