30 thoughts on “What is Social Work?”

  1. How can i help a mentally ill person who damaged someone's vehicle? what can i do to help the ill and the owner of the car?

  2. Well, am aspirant and have found this vedio very helpful. I believe that social work in where am called to be

  3. it's evidence based program and depending on what area you are praticing macro-mezzo micro-clinical -policy and analysis and you must go to school but you must also be licensedto practice in most areas of social work especially a clinical degree. social work is not a counselor for the Girl Scouts of America although I'm sure that organization hires socialworkers

  4. I am a proud social worker. We are builders and protectors of the nation through a process of intentional change.

  5. Thank you very much for explaining what social work is. I'm seriously considering becoming a social worker so this video was very helpful. Thanks again

  6. BULLOCKS, Social Workers don't care about anything except making money for the council, to make money for the council they have to steel children.

  7. Talk to anyone who has worked on an in-patient psych. unit or in community mental health as a case manager. Talk to those who are child protective service case workers.

  8. What a cake ass job.You file reports and get paid.Give out some bus tokens and a few telephone numbers and maby file some

    reports.Getting paid to have to fluffy personality.This is a great way to get a government job with little or no effort.No

    talent required.All you need to do is put on a prentious fake facade for a few minuets per day!

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