15 thoughts on “What is social work? Children and families”

  1. Good video in helping me finalise my choice for a career path, shame there is so much hate towards social services

  2. Where's the part in the video where they falsifying paperwork must be a different council.I heard the words of evidence spoken.Forgot evidence its hearsay..of forgot you would need real evidence for a proper court..i nearly fell off my seat laughing when they speak about support. ..

  3. I have been through the system for the first few years of my life then got back to my mum my mum has worked her way and has been through alot with socail services fought hard to get me back I'm proud of her for it

  4. well said gus correa ive been thru the same in porttalbot in walse where they take kids to order mate i lost my son to the local ss there for nothing i agree with wot you say

  5. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do after highschool. Thinking about Social Work, and this video was very helpful in providing information on it. Thanks.

  6. l once had a s worker at my school who turned up twice without informing my parents first!! l went along with what she was asking me to do, like draw a man for me, but what really got my back up about her was she said l can tell her anything that was worrying me so l told her what was going on in school and what did she do only accuse me of lying to her!! it turned out l was autistic l later went to a new school. but the teachers and children were bullying me at the school. now l don't trust social workers thankfully l never had children of my own.

  7. If you don't agree with the social services they will take you to court and try to remove your children from you. I have experienced that myself. Luckily for my family, they have lost the case. Normally, they let down children who are in need and pick on good stable families.

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