What Is Slow Processing Speed?

Processing speed refers to how long it takes for someone to get something done. Slow processing speed means that it takes a child longer to get the same things done that their peers may not have any trouble getting done in a certain period of time. Processing speed can take different forms. It can be verbal, it can be visual, or it can be motor. A lot of the things that kids have to do in school rely on more than just one of those areas. So a visual motor processing speed task might be how long it takes them to copy the notes from the board, or copy their assignments down in their notebook. Another kind of processing speed task might be how quickly they can do basic math facts in a minute. Every kind of task in school requires something to be done in a given period of time. Kids with learning and attention issues struggle with slow processing speed more than kids without learning and attention issues, and it can exacerbate some of the differences that they already have. So a child with dyslexia who also has slow processing speed may have even more difficulty with reading fluency, meaning reading quickly or fluently. Kids with ADHD who have slower processing speed may have even more trouble kind of paying attention and getting something done in a given period of time. Parents may feel like their child who has slow processing speed just is lazy, or not trying hard enough, and they need to remember that kids with slower processing speed are actually trying harder than kids without. So it can be frustrating for a parent of a child with slow processing speed. If they think though their child may have slower processing, one of the best things they can do is to get more information about that. They need to be able to quantify how long is it taking my child, and is there one issue, one of these areas that’s more influential than others. Are they fast in the motor realm, but they have trouble processing in the verbal realm? Meaning, are they having trouble kind of hearing what someone is saying and then generating a response. The best thing a parent can do if they’re questioning whether their child has slow processing speed is to get an evaluation, either done through their school system or through a private evaluator. And the evaluation should include a measure of processing speed, a measure of how quickly it takes for a child to get things done. you

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  1. Just watching this makes me feel like I wanna cry. I've known I have problems with this since I was pretty young, and it's still affecting me into my early 30's. It just makes /everything/ harder. It's so hard to keep up with a job, with this.

  2. What if the slow processing speed is affecting the person at age 18 when they have now completed high school and don't plan to go to college? Are there tools and techniques we can use to help someone who is 18 or has the window of opportunity already closed?

  3. leaning disablity is a life long Brain Issue..it will never go away…I have struggled and struggled with is all my life…I have Wanted to go to Collage..and have gone..but to NO Avail..it didn't worked…But I do have to admit..I come along way..doing things that were uncomfortable..and Have Learned a lot on my own…it is So Frustrating at times..am 58 years old..and Still Learning Stuff that adult my age have learned Long Ago..but that is ok..but at least I am learning and didn't and won't stop..my favorite hobby is Yep Reading…

  4. Now i understand why does my studing process takes 10 times more then other students do and the main question now is – "Quit, or don't quit.?" and if i quit, whats then?
    i wish i was informed about my cognitive problems – i wouldnt choose to study at all

  5. I am 17 and have strugled with this my hole life. Dose anyone have any ideas about how to get faster so I don't kill my self. Anything, please.

  6. Unfortunately Slow processing speed is not recognized as a disorder in Australia. I have this exact problem. It makes learning tasks (Executive functioning in a job very hard to quickly learn and absorb.

  7. I was never diagnosed with a information process disorder but i know i have one, probably the reason i wasn't successful academically back when i was still in school, when ever i want to retain some new information i have to constantly review it otherwise i will struggle recalling the details of what i just learned.

  8. I'd never heard of until today, but I'd say I definitely have it. I have Dyspraxia Dyscalcula Auditory Processing Disorder ADD.

  9. This affected me all throughout school. When in elementary I was in I always got pulled out of class and put in a room with a few other stundents and we would practice writing and comprehension skills and simple math problems. Then when I got to high school it all went down hill. I never understood what I had to do when everyone else picked up on it quick, the teachers always told me I will not pass if I did not to my work because they came around and nothing was on my paper. I failed all my classes two years and had to go to an alternative school my last year. Even today after I graduated people tell me bad things though. Someone in my family told me I don’t know if you are acting stupid to be funny or if you actually are. When I go to doctors a few years ago they tell me I have add

  10. Why are they always referring to a child with slow processing, can adult not have it? Or are adult's struggles and feelings not relevant?

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