What is SEL, anyway? | IN 60 SECONDS

Social and Emotional Learning, or SEL, has
moved to the center of the educational landscape, and there’s much to like about
this. But for SEL to be successful, advocates need to ask some tough
questions. The biggest: “What the heck is SEL, anyway?” Look, it’s easy to build
momentum by letting SEL mean whatever someone wants it to mean. But for it to
stick, proponents need to be clear about what SEL is — to guard against the vendors,
ideologues, and snake oil peddlers who will insist that SEL is whatever serves
their interests. I’d urge advocates to take care that SEL emphasize its
implication for character and preparation for responsible citizenship,
partly to allay concerns that SEL could become a squishy distraction from
academics. I’m certainly not the authority on what the definition of SEL
should be, but I can say that a lack of clarity will summon those eager to
promote their own agendas, and that’s not good for anyone — except the hucksters.
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4 thoughts on “What is SEL, anyway? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. In theory it might work, alot of the SEL have some things in common, however i think it coddles students too much. After a few papers journals on this, I still think it coddles students too much and is vague rather than broad. IE the ear marks of new snake oil. Beyond this I don't really have much of an opinion. Home schooling is still superior in almost every way, as long as you find a package that is properly accredited and you stick with it. Most of all ignore myths about lack of social life (i see that as an issue if you live out in the country where the nearest civilization is an +1hr drive).

    SOO As an idea SEL sounds okay, but something tells me it allows Good teachers shine, but allows bad teachers to snuff out all light and hope. Sounds like an Ideolog/Alt-left/Sexism-Racism/fema-nazi slow attack.

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