What Is Right Kind of Education | Subhash Ghai With Sadhguru

I always feel he more than right to
education there has to be a right kind of education because educating see
etiquette is a bad it’s not a right education right kind of education is
more important that’s why I feel and I say where do we lack the whole process
of education for so many years rather century eighty years that we have
not been living with the intellectual power till now we face that say India is
not intellect it is economically poor India is intellectually poor at the
moment because there has to be a big gap of the whole process of education the
right kind of education to all of our children what’s your take on it say
India is not definitely not poor an intellect I would say you are one we are
thousands I speak to all kinds of people around
the world business leaders academics scientists but still I would say when I
say it means ignorance no at random if you pick up hundred people from the
street just like that either in Mumbai or Chennai or Bangalore I would say they
are way smarter than most people that you can pick up anywhere in the world only hey you shouldn’t clap for yourself
like I should have left out Mumbai it is just that we do not have an organization
for this intellect to find expression because there is no necessary structures
to find expression each person operates this is one thing about India everybody
thinks he’s a genius and you will see everybody is an expert
on everything it’s like if you go to a local tea shop he will tell you how we
wrought collie strokes have not perfect how he should do like this like that he
will say how narendra modi does not know how to be a prime minister what he
should do we face everytime a pan wala tells me how to make a story he knows
everything in the world but it is just that he can’t make good tea just one
little lacunae otherwise everything else he’s an expert we have this as a little
bit of an issue in the country this is mainly because there is no outlet for
this enormous intellect that country has there is no structures for people to
find expression to that you just see take Indian people and put them anywhere
they just on the tops survivors it’s not about surviving they’re thriving because
once they find proper structures and they understand the structure you can
stop them because there is a necessary intellect this is a consequence of a
very huge history a cultural history that we have today there are experiments
to show like for example if you let us say you put the smell of this flower on
some food substance and keep it in front of a rat or a mouse and when it goes and
touches it it’ll get an electric shock if you do this a few times next seven
generations those rats will not go towards that smell all of them
understand this is their learning so similarly within the human being a lot
that was done in the past which is which we call a samskaara that means intrinsic
learning that we have is still paying off or in other words we still surviving
on old foot it is time that this generation gets the right stuff but
that’s not happened yet because our education system
and every system that we had has been disrupted badly in a systematic way
because we have been an occupied nation for nearly a thousand years some came
and just ravaged everything others came and systematically destroyed everything
and they created an education system which was mainly towards obedience and
clerical kind of work to serve Her Majesty’s service in 1947 when we got
our independence we should have seriously thought about what kind of
education does India need we must understand this without any
infrastructure literally without infrastructure without any kind of
education our farmers are producing food for 1.25 billion people this is
knowledge why is this not knowledge I’m asking why is this not knowledge why is
this not competence I was talking to a group of CEOs I was just telling them
say I will give you ten acres of very fertile land you do one thing I’ll give
you a couple of two different crops you take out the harvest let me see all of
your MBA MBA whatever you take out a crop let me see it’ll freak the hell out
of you I’m telling you it’s not easy I have personally found I know what it
takes it is the more educated you are the more difficult it becomes
really because did not takes a very very close sense of involvement with what
you’re doing and from this from plowing the land to the seed to taking the crop
out it is not an easy process but our farmers are just doing it like that as
if it’s just part of their life something that they just inherited this
is a nation with over 12,000 years of agricultural history the only land like
that on the planet in southern India they are farming the same land for over
12,000 years there are certain records which show this so there is knowledge
like this on various levels but we have tried to push everything aside and
reinvent the wheel once again we want to learn ABC and do it like this so there
is a disruption in the intrinsic learning that we have and the school
learning that is coming to us I’m saying just read a book however educated you
may be read a book and make one good sambar let me see it won’t come that’s
exactly question is because we are thinking only what is written in the
book a plus B equals C is only knowledge why is not making a wonderful sambar
knowledge why is not growing a crop knowledge why is not making a pot
knowledge we have very constipated sense of what is knowledge because the school
system because this is come from elsewhere some Indian student in Oxford
I was just not even a month three weeks ago I was speaking at the Oxford Union
in Oxford University one of the Indian students has filed a quote petition that
he should be compensated for the boring classes that they’re teaching in Oxford
University I was very happy that’s why I never went that’s why I never went to the
University yes that amazes me that is why the school system the textbook the
six answers to lie exam six questions in the exam after studying whole year it
really amazes me that is why I always feel why not the internal enlightenment
to the children see the problem is why we are talking about right to education
is we have for example I don’t know the exact number all over the country in
Tamil Nadu itself we have nine point six million children in the government
schools alone okay nine point six million children when you have such wash
numbers then you have to do something what you do for the mass is never the
best but what to do you have to include everybody
so some rudimentary sense of education is happening because at least they must
learn – if you don’t know this 70’s and 80’s the objective was everybody should
know how to write their name a campaign was literacy means you must know how to
write your name this is all that is they were trying to move them from thumb
imprint to something written it did not change life in any way but it was a
foreword moment in a sense but we must know this when the British came around
270 to 300 years ago there was not a single illiterate person in this country
they were amazed because there were no school rooms anywhere else there was no
school infrastructure but there was no illiterate everybody could read and
write withdrawn so they wondered how does this
happen then they realised the system is so
organic that it is simply happening from within so the first thing that decided
was we must destroy this education system because if you educate them like
this they will never become English say I am the only Indian left in this Hulk so this system of education that we have
inherited from those who occupied this nation so we must understand this you
never take advice from your enemy isn’t it if you have some sense understanding
so when they leave your country and go first things to overhaul is your
political system your education system your administrative system these are
things must be overhauled immediately because they were created for a certain
purpose for example even today the terminology we are using I am saying the
district administrators in many states including Tamilnadu are referred to as
collectors in the British time they were just tax collectors they’re only
administration was to collect tax and take it back home even today our
administrators are called collectors what are they supposed to collect from
us I am saying we didn’t change anything we we were just lazy we were just happy
that we are become free but freedom is a terrible thing if you do not understand
the responsibility of being free freedom is a terrible thing if somebody is
managing our life it is better when we are not responsible only if we are truly
responsible freedom is a wonderful thing wonderful but otherwise freedom is a
terrible thing naturally freedom must come with the
maturity you

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  1. Me and my husband decided to send our kid to isha home school. So he can live his life peacefully and purposefully.

  2. Professor Sadhguru,
    We are all victims of wrong education system…
    Education without self experience is all bullshit…
    We all need d to explore ourselves, man is a micro cosm

  3. I think Sadhguru has put it most articulately what most of us feel. Our education system has degraded to a robotic process of teaching how to find a job to fill our stomachs. Hardly any enrichment of our mind

  4. I completely agree on what you've said district administrator as tax collector & paying lagaan till date &
    It is not our independency till date

  5. 🙏 200 to 300 years ago everyone was litterate , means one can at least read and write ??.
    🙏 Sadhguru ji , with utmost humility I beg to differ .

  6. Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.
    It may be, to say so, Artificial Intelligence!

    अज्ञेभ्यो ग्रन्थिनः श्रेष्ठाः ग्रन्थिभ्यो धारिणो वराः ।

    धारिभ्यो ज्ञानिनः श्रेष्ठाः ज्ञानिभ्यो व्यवसायिनः ॥


    ajñebhyo granthinaḥ śreṣṭhāḥ granthibhyo dhāriṇo varāḥ ।

    dhāribhyo jñāninaḥ śreṣṭhāḥ jñānibhyo vyavasāyinaḥ ॥

    Meaning of the subhAShita:

    Among the ignorant, a well-read person is better; amid the well-read, those who have a grasp (of the material) are a blessing. In the midst of those with a good grasp, those that have assimilated the knowledge are considered better; among those that have assimilated the knowledge, those that put it to practice are deemed the best!


    There are many an ignorant people in the world. In their midst, someone who is well-read and knowledgeable is respected.

    But then, is it enough to just be well read? In a crowd of well-read people, someone who has a good handle over (memorized) the material, is looked up to.

    Obviously, if one had to choose between someone who has memorized against someone who has understood the subject, the vote would go to the person who has understood the subject.

    So, is the one who has understood, the best? Oh, no! If someone who has understood were to stand against someone who has put it to practice, who would be revered?! Invariably, the one who has put it to practice and made it his own!!

    Practice what you preach and preach what you practice! If one just spoke and never made it his own, he has no authority over that knowledge, nor does his preaching have any value. The world around respects and reveres who puts his own words and knowledge to practice. Assimilating the knowledge and putting it to use as assimilated, is the best culminating point for any learning.

    If one is incorporating his learning, he doesn't have to proclaim that he knows a lot, about a lot of things. He doesn't have to blow his own conch about how well read he is, nor does he have to await accolades for his understanding. When one applies his knowledge in his day to day life, the rest of the 3 factors are given to him, meaning – he is well read, he has understood and assimilated all that knowledge, else, he wouldn't be able to incorporate it into his daily life!

    It is said, an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching! And then, there is – practice makes perfect! So get practising and perfecting!!

    pada vigrahaH:

    अज्ञेभ्यः ग्रन्थिनः श्रेष्ठाः ग्रन्थिभ्यः धारिणः वराः ।

    ajñebhyaḥ granthinaḥ śreṣṭhāḥ granthibhyaḥ dhāriṇaḥ varāḥ ।

    धारिभ्यः ज्ञानिनः श्रेष्ठाः ज्ञानिभ्यः व्यवसायिनः ॥

    dhāribhyaḥ jñāninaḥ śreṣṭhāḥ jñānibhyaḥ vyavasāyinaḥ ॥

  7. These Britisher ruled not just India they ruled entire subcontinent, we the Pakistani are exactly in the same boat as India.Same issue , same lazy mentality.. Freedom for us is let some one else do your job .. in doing so we extended our hand , come destroy us. God !! . Mr Guru what you have articulated , so many of thought but never were able to verbalized including myself .. if we stop hating / terrorizing each other we can accomplish what we lost , I don’t mean we get back together as subcontinent again ( leave that topic for some other day or never )

  8. Let me plz complete what I began , can we at least come to an understanding … this hate in the name of religion cast creed .. let’s make it simple live and let live … in doing so let’s create an emotional bond .. it’s so simple yet not achieve-able. SAD….

  9. You are undermining the school and schooling system this is not fair . In democratic system of society and with a large number people how can it be possible to educate them properly. you also makeing mockery that the literacy means just transferring from thumb impression to write but it is the beginning for that fellow who is wondering in realms of ignorance towards the enlightenment. It has itself great value.
    With great respect thanks.

  10. wanted to hear more on this topic. Practical knowledge that was our education system has been immitated by foreigners and implemented whereas our original education system based on practical knowledge got changed during their rule. What an interchange, wow. And when our education system will be back to original with all practical knowledge (by applying and not only theories). Thank Subash Sir and thank you so much Sadhguruji. Change is inevitable and will happen for good for sure and soon☺

  11. Namaste Sadhguru.
    Education without books.
    Education system and freedom & individual responsibilities, well explained 🙏🤗

  12. English is the language which United different sects in India. You are also communicating the Indian audience through this language. Moreover, English is no more a foreign language in India.

  13. 300 years ago there was no illiteracy ? How could I know about that society ? Is there information in any format ?

  14. pretty much what I got out of this was own up to what you do and sure a system can lock your brain to believe what you have to do is a must but this in return will limit what we are capable of and it's to bad we have to leave other people to pick up our slack in believing in what we do is the correct way and so now we live in a life where we are believing in other people way of life and instead living your life and study things your interested in now you feel like your not worthy and must change for there better life and this is where you go wrong and instead of doing it for another you must first do things on your term and not judge there journey and through knowledge which is experience you can find what works for you and what doesn't but as he said were lazy and for got the part called maturity.

  15. How can you say when British came here there was no illiterate people in India? The funny castism never allowed the wast majority to be educated. Unless British came here the common flock,would not be learned to read and write at all. It's only because of them, you've learned to speak in English. At least to be sensible when you make comments on education.

  16. We have a Guru who can help Indians or anyone else who is willing , get out of our suffering and ignorance with abundance of ancient wisdom 😊🙏. Thank god I am living in the world at the same time as Sadhguru’s time.

  17. Namaskaram
    Very pragmatic observation by Sadguru,his prudent discourse is like food for the soul

  18. What an annoying interviewer. You ask a question and then shut up until he finishes talking. Don’t intervene with your vocabulary and inputs. This is not your interview. Fool. Moreover, if Sadhguru speaks, you simply shut up and listen.

  19. Whatever things which you said mean that nehru was a very bad prime minister.

    And I believe it. Jay hind!

  20. No matter how successful a person you are. Never open a mouth when sharing a space with an enlightened being.
    You will make a fool of yourself. This doesn't seem to get understood even with the age. An elderly adult like subhash ghai is an example of that.

  21. ''We don't have an organization for this intellect to find expression''. How precisely and beautifully articulated!! I find answers in your speech, to the questions in my quest to discover myself. Thank you Sadhguru!!

  22. Maybe we should stop following all the mystics and shamans and world leaders and instead… look inside ourselves? Every human must evolve with what Creation gave it, he/she must want to evolve and ask questions of the reality they live in, NEVER FOLLOW! Spirituality is what we are and we are part of this creation we call nature. This is it. Spirituality is common sense without gurus and moofties and rabbis, they belong in the ancient history, let bygone be bygones. Seek to improve yourself and read a lot, at Figu.

  23. There should be alternative to current rote learning in school.
    Sense of understanding the world around us is more important than writing and reading which we don't practically apply in our life.

  24. This man's clarity of thoughts which are entirely fundamental but way different in approach amazes me to hell. I agree with him on some and disagree on some other theories.

  25. It is so SAD-guru that u don't speak hindi. Because my brother don't understand English.He is so stupid..I wish I could make him watch your videos.

  26. We should introduce internship programs for school and colleges children's to spend and help farmers for few months in the field so that they can get exposure and imbibe this knowledge

  27. Subhash Ghai should keep quite while Sadhguru is speaking… and should let Sadhguru speak more on the topic…

  28. I think modi ji should have to do something in the field of education coz if he took the decision of note bandhi for black money, education is so for important for the country

  29. What a lot of rubbish this asshole racist is talking,so in other words Indians are on average more smart than the rest of the World,wishful thinking Mr.Farttypants,why don't you take a look at your country,your people which are so"smart",don't they know that defecating in the street will bring diseases,is that difficult to comprehend?But Mr.Farttypants here is looking for your approval ,that is all ,than he is returning to his cave and people continue to sh*t on the streets and he than can say "I told you so",he is full of sh*t as always ,talking a lot ,being theatrical but nothing happen after that if the big corporations which are running the country are not interested ,there is a space to fill in the TV program and tickets to be sold in the theatre where he speaks ,well isn't it wonderful,everybody is happy ,you got you good feeling injection ,he is got a bundle of money,and fools go home thinking they are "the best" in the World,I'll tell how smart your people are ,you have those wicked crooks which are victimising elderly from the West by the Microsoft support scams and when they get their computer destroyed by Western IT specialists than you can see the hate and racism coming out of mouths of those "smart"people from your f**king Bharat sh*thole,you want more ,among those "smart"people from the big dirty cities of India are also this class of rat humans the pimps from the red district area which are using as sex slaves girls as 9,10 years old,and the authorities doing nothing about,maybe because they are not from the right caste,and this wanna be prophet why he is not getting involve to educate people about proper conduct,I think he is afraid that he might get lead poisoning. Isn't it, Mr. Farttypants?

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