12 thoughts on “What is Problem-Based Learning?”

  1. Hi John. This is excellent, thank you for sharing. I am starting in a new position and will be trying to inculcate problem based learning as a general approach, wherever appropriate across the whole school. I'll let you know how we get on if you like 🙂

  2. This great content, in portuguese i found this great vídeo https://youtu.be/d_ck6tlV1iM amazing considerations

  3. My experience @ CSU is students are not the sticking point – they will moan but get with it. Staff insist if they don't tell students stuff they can't deal with questions problems – who is a lecturer if they don't tell students what to think? Give me the silver bullet/wooden stake to kill the vampires sucking curiosity out of students (Einstein wondered how curiosity survived formal education).

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