What is political literacy?

political literacy or democratic literacy is about helping young people to develop political awareness and understanding it is about the skills they need to read evaluate and discuss issues and events political literacy focuses on developing transferable skills for learning life and work when you dig down you realize this is actually very good skills development looking very closely at how we communicate with each other and involving children in the decision-making process and then seeing how it impacts in curriculum for excellence political literacy is evident in the attributes of the four capacities it is central to citizenship education and there's an entitlement of all Scottish learners political literacy for children and young people is fundamentally linked to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and is embedded in the cross curricular themes of global citizenship learning for sustainability and interdisciplinary learning the opportunity to develop skills knowledge and understanding and political literacy can be found within every curricular area the idea of 16 17 year-olds voting some of our primary servants that's not long away and they really see the importance of having a voice and difference they can make and that's something I think that we've we've seen in in recent in recent years particularly across Scotland with with the increase in interest and in politics people not see politics as just a bunch of old guys in Westminster taking cheap shots at each other in reality it does affect everyone in so many different ways but people just seem to overlook this and just don't relate to doing this I can't be made if they did get involved it gives you an insight into what's actually happening before you do not don't have clear though the key skills as outlined in the you decide resource a research debate and participation research can be defined as the frequent use of higher order questions and critical thinking skills to evaluate sources of information for bias opinion in fact numeracy skills will be developed through conducting surveys and interpreting graphs statistics and economic arguments thereby helping learners to make informed choices and decisions because when I started something I've never I mean the other emotions I thought about I mean I thought about before but I research the beat can be summarized as the regular opportunity to discuss and debate ideas developing confidence in public speaking and expressing an opinion within a safe learning environment which respects all individuals viewpoints learners should develop skills that are effective for considering different arguments challenging opinion and generating open discussion on contemporary and potentially controversial issues these conversations may take place in the home classroom community and on social media you don't really have to get angry another day or it couldn't be an argument it could just be like a question that booth is the first between two people it may be a question that you just be are asking yourself but you're just asking it was another person but they haven't participation can be expressed as the creation of equal opportunities for all learners to be seen and heard showing young people respect and valuing their input by giving them real choice and the chance to make meaningful decisions these skills may include planning and organizing Parliament's committees and campaigns creating publicity materials writing speeches and information leaflets collecting surveys petitions and creating a variety of digital media content with opportunities to be creative to fundraise to volunteer and to educate peers it's just been really lovely to see the children who maybe weren't so confident in the shire ones the ones who didn't want to speak at assemblies throughout the years in and I know they recognise that in themselves they recognize that their confidence levels have grown that you know there are estimated 100 insects value-chain flavors what a fight that you know yeah an estimated 250,000 child soldiers and the one who's clearly something with them we we know that we could make a difference if we tried hard enough and the like when you had to be calistri and it made us feel more powerful because we know that no children going to such a big place like that and take one gather support for something as important as an air campaign one child one teacher one book and one pen can change the world

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