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  1. For anyone reading this who has NLD, please look into adaptogenic herbs. They have greatly enhanced my ability to cope with this disorder, and to hold down a job and keep up with my responsibilities. Holy basil, rhodiola, astragalus, etc. They will enable you to think a little more clearly and take the edge off so that you can start to clean up your diet and set some goals, which should come next. They don't fix the actual disorder, but they go a long way toward helping you cope.

    Check out the YouTube channel 'Vitajing', as well as 'Chalice of Immortality'. Start youtubing individual herbs to begin to get a sense for what each one does, and try them one at a time, without taking anything else alongside them. Start with the lowest dose, and give each one a couple days. I hope this helps, it's been a lifesaver for me.

  2. I have suppressed some of the NVLD in my life and mostly counted myself as weird. I am glad that I watched this and I really resonate with the view. This very well helps me understand myself now and others that I work with. Thank you

  3. I was diagnosed with nld as a kid though I haven't been rediagnosed with it as an adult. I've always been a little confused about it because I can't find much information on it.

  4. My brother is non-verbal. He has been diagnosed with it since he was born. He has to communicate with me and my mom with his body language and also has to use a communication device. I suggest anyone who has children that are non-verbal and uses a communication device, you should download the app "LAMP". It is a very helpful app and it really helps children to communicate with their peers at school or at home.

  5. I was diagnosed with NVLD when i was very young, elementary school. Just now excepted it. This is a very painful struggle for me. I'm so glad i found others who might understand.

  6. I was diagnosed at 17, knowing something was wrong but could not put the finger on it. I have non verbal disability and every day, everything is a challenge but I learnt to deal with it. The hardest part of it is that my siblings, parents, in-laws don't understand the non-verbal disability what it implies. I am good at languages and my auditory memory is well-developed, but I suck at many things such as social relationship, maths, solving problems, reading comprehension sometimes because I dont see the big picture and miss the point , though I have always had good grades at school. They keep telling me: you are good at langages and rote memory, how come you can't read non verbal? how come you cannot make friends? How come you cannot visualize something in your head you've seen previously? I feel sad about it.

  7. It was a real piss off for me as a kid because of the fact that I was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. My parents were told I had add and NVLD as a young child. My physique differences caused me a lot of distress as a kid as I was made fun of almost daily.My parents always instilled confidence in me, but never pulled me from the classes or schools I was being bullied at, until I reached the 10th grade and threatened them to drop out of school if they didn't change where I went to school.
    I then learned to cope by avoiding people and would only tend to cling to people who were in their own mental distress because I felt like they wouldn't judge me. No matter what school I was at growing up, my outer appearance was always judged firstly. I never got to make real close bonds with children who were healthy mentally and felt like I was always over looked and just medicated for ADD, which it turns out I don't have. I later in my twenties found out the reason I couldn't focus was because I needed glasses for a stigmatizm. I would get nauseous when I had to try to focus on anything up close for long periods of time. So I would always be looking up to try to get the sick feeling to go away. I only have a few things off of this list but, because I was diagnosed with this, my family treated me as though my opinion was not really valid, I was never heard out properly and that got me very depressed and angry inside and resented the people who diagnosed me. Also anytime I would go for a new assessment, I would mess around as a kid and not take it seriously because no matter what I did, they were NOT listening to me. My mother was the only one who took me seriously. Because my dad never listened I never had full trust in him. He really messed me up emotionally not ever trying to understand me as a person. If I would use the wrong words in a sentence he would just go with what I said and take it as I was just talking nonsense and get made and shut me up and end the conversation. Never did he try to ask me if I meant something else. He would just take offense to everything and never try to get to the bottom of what I was trying to say. I am bad at math but, everything else in this list I don't have other then sometimes using the wrong words in a sentence. I am very good at reading people but am scarred from a careless and senseless diagnosis! Thank you America for putting me and others in a box to try to explain the in-explainable. Sometimes we just have difficulties in certain areas, and don't fall into a certain category!

  8. My stupid school said i had adhd when i was younger. When i was 15(im 16 now) they diagnosed me with nld and that made me feel much better

  9. What he is describing is a learning difficulty not a learning disability. Learning disability is having a low IQ which affects every aspect of a person's life. Very few people with LD can read, and even so it would have to be in "easy read" and/or accompanied by symbols (pictures.) Very few can hold down a job and/or manage a home without outside help. A person with a true LD would not be able to carry out a complex task, eg drive a car.

  10. My daughter who is 7 has Language Disorder and now her school thinks she has a learning issue as well. Her reading level jumped up to '17' in the grade 2(BC reading guidelines) home reading class program. Her math and Spelling/plus other mental based subjects are weak. She doesn't know how to ride a bike as well. I taught her but she didn't enjoy it when the wheels came off. We don't get letter grades till 4th grade at her school. I'm concerned about HS and what will happen to her confidence if she fail a course. She wouldn't want to go. The HS here got rid of Letter grades for Gr.8-10. They require students to learn independence and use lockers. 😂

  11. I have this but I can form sentences and paragraphs just fine it's just the format of essays I can't understand. I can ride bikes, skip, jump, catch, and hop. I don't have trouble making friends, and sometimes I have self-esteem issues but usually I'm pretty happy. I have anxiety but I can protect myself just fine, and facial expression I'm pretty good with. Middle school, I loved it. It's really only the math that I'm terrible at and some perception stuff.

  12. I had this, but was never diagnosed as a kid. The thing is, there's so little help for LDs like these that few people know about. Even if you do get a diagnosis, it means little. It doesn't mean that the schools, jobs, or even your own family will do anything to try and understand it and adjust things so that you can actually succeed within your natural capabilities. They just blink real hard a few times, and move on. On one hand, I'm glad to know this about myself, but I'm also feeling like it doesn't mean much when the only people that try to understand are a handful of professionals that can only work within their own narrow parameters. If you try to get a job that will modify their training to help you understand, you find that they meet that kind of idea with hostility. They see you as just wanting someone to hold your hand. In fact, if I had the chance to make up a colloquial name for NVLD, it would be, "the no one wants to hold your hand disorder." People just don't care to see that it's not about hand holding, it's about filling in the missing pieces of communique that I can't find for myself.

  13. I've been diagnosed with NLD when I was a little kid. I knew what it was about but I never really knew what it really was. So I have been doing some research about the disability and I relate to almost everything especially the social/ emotional part. I was bullied when I was 12 because I changed school and I had a very low self-esteem. Being bullied made me feel insecure and now I've a lot of anxiety attacks. People laughed at me because I sucked at math and I never knew what to do or how to react to it. It's really interesting to see all the aspects on a paper and compare it to my situation. I changed schools so much that I learned how to interact with people it's still hard but now I've found my way. I wish I had more friends but the hardest part is to keep the friends you made. There are a lot of good aspects too for example my handwriting sucks so I never write when someone needs to write in a group, I'm very creative and I love to make stories and write them down also I'm good at playing music. I'm very happy now that I know where most of my problems come from but it doesn't mean that I don't have anxiety anymore or that I care way to much what people think of me. I wish I had more support from my family because as a kid they helped me through a lot but when I became a teenager they thought I was old enough to do it by myself but I couldn't.

    Anyways I just wanted to write that down and it seems like a good place to talk about it 🙂 maybe it helped you x

    Also we nld-ers think wayyyyyy too much

  14. Man ever since I we to public school they put me into smaller classes and kids with learning disabilities. All I know is that I have a learning disability but never asked what it was, so I don't know what mine is. I'm assuming I'm the Emotional one?

  15. Wake up people. NLD doesn't actually exist. Different personalities just have different strengths and weaknesses, and its fact that every person is weak in some areas. Just because someone sucks with math doesn't mean there is something wrong with them, they just have other strengths. To quote a friend of mine "I'm fluent in over 5 languages, know chemistry, biology, and quantum physics, but I'm socially retarded. Does this mean I have a disorder? No, its who I am! An awkward nerd." 

    I laugh at this guy claiming people with NLD have trouble grasping the big picture when I'd say that's a good 95% of the human population. The average person is limited, self centred, and very insular with their thinking. If all it takes is someone to have issues grasping the big picture then I guess all fundamentalist Christians/Muslims/Jews/Mormons etc have severe disabilities. 

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