hey guys did you know that media literacy is the ability to access analyze evaluate and create media the word media refers to the different means of communication such as television radio newspapers magazines and Internet is the ability the information intensity is a skill that allow a person to recognize with the information is needed and how he even to assess Zuki evaluate and use it effectively see you know that technology literacy it is the ability to important advance information and use modern day tools to get mileage applied MLA create and communicate information this literacy skills is expected to be more electricity as people demand posture and pleasure after disability and comedian hey guys my greater of media information first writer and journalist second editors third director or the performer and not visual artist you know that the literary refers to a person who does not only read and write but also understand and save a problem your speaks of a good HR practitioners first is thoughtfulness second furnace and festivities 30 is responsibility and integrity for is empathy and sympathy endlessly hard-working

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