What is Kwanzaa? Check out this Kwanzaa for Kids Cartoon (Educational Videos)

Lee: Hey bro where you going? Frankie: Oh hey Lee. I am heading over to the community center
to set up for Kwanzaa. Lee: Kwanzaa. What is that? Frankie: Kwanzaa celebrates African-American
Community, Family, and culture. Lee: Interesting. So is it a celebration that comes from Africa? Frankie: No bro. Kwanzaa did not come from any of the countries
from the continent of Africa. A lot of people think it is an African Christmas
but it is not. It was introduced to America in 1966 by Dr.
Maulana Karenga as a way to welcome the first harvest home here in Americ. Lee: so when is Kwanzaa celebrated? Frankie: It is celebrated every year from
December 26th through January 1st. Lee: Kwanzaa is a pretty cool name. I wonder how they came up with it. Frankie: The word “kwanza” is a KiSwahili
word means the, “first, ” and it represents the first fruits of harvest.” Lee: So how do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Frankie: With Kwanzaa there are seven principles
that are observed during that time. Each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes a different
principle. Lee: Seven principles. That is cool. What are they? Frankie: There is Umoja meaning Unity. Kujichagulia which stands for self-determination. Ujima which stands for Collective work and
responsibility building and maintaining our communities as brothers and sisters. Ujamaa for building and maintaining the African
American stores and businesses. Nia which means purpose. Kuumba meaning creativity and imani meaning
faith in our hearts and people. Lee: So at Christmas trees and stuff like
that. Are there any symbols for Kwanzaa? Frankie: When decorating for Kwanzaa the main
colors are red, black and green. Just like there are seven principles there
are seven symbols. There is a kikombe cha umoja meaning the unity
cup. A kinara meanign the candleholder, which holds
seven candles. Mazao meaning fruits, nuts, and vegetables
reminding those who celebrate the Harvest. Mishumaa saba meaning the seven candles that
represent the seven principles. Mkeka meaning mat which is made up of straw
or African cloth. There is also vibunzi meaning ear of corn
where one ear of corn is placed on the Mkeka for every child that is at the celebration. There is also zawadi meaning gifts that are
traditionally given on January 1st. Lee: Man I would have never known all the
cool things and fun facts about Kwanzaa for kids. Thanks for letting me know about this African-American

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  8. Umoja (UH-MO-JU)
    Kujichagulia (KOO-JI-CHOC-ALIA)
    Ujima (OOH-JI-MU)
    Ujamaa (OOH-JA-MU)
    Nia (NI-UH)
    Kuumba (KOO-OOM-BU)
    Imani (E-MON-I)

  9. Thank you for explaining. Cause I'm from Guinea (Conakry) that's in west Africa for those who don't know, and a lot of African American come to me and ask me about Kwanzaa (cause I'm African) and I don't know what to say or what it is.

  10. I love this video, this year 2017 was my first time celebrating Kwanzaa with my kids and i show them this video it breaks it down and explain in details thank you again for sharing this video

  11. while my five year old brother and I were talking about the term ' happy holidays ' I told him that it includes not only Christmas and New Years, but also Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. I was so surprised to hear him tell me that he had NO idea what those two were and they didn't learn anything about them in school. everything is all about Christmas nowadays so I showed him this video to teach him more about our African American culture. thank you and happy Kwanzaa !!

  12. I watched a video that said Kwanzaa wasn’t valid to be a holiday celebrated next to Christmas. What do y’all think

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