10 thoughts on “What is Inquiry-Based Learning?”

  1. IBL is terrible in the application for any STEM course. From a student's perspective from being in an IBL linear and abstract algebra class. One of which I am in now and one of which I got an A in last semester. I can tell you the experience is hell for the student. First off, in stem courses, it has become an expectation that your teacher is not going to be able to teach you all of the material required, thus textbooks are the real teachers in most STEM courses. How we learn mostly is from structuralism, but IBL takes this structuralism from us. For example, right now, we are solving proofs and we do homework over things we never talked about once then check and correct answers in class and the grade for those specific assignments is reliant on the effort is given. The problem is that we have to spend class explaining things we don't know (because we never learned them) and then for the few times, the teacher addresses something we cannot have the time to rewrite all of our work in time before the next problem. Because of this, we cannot see what we are doing wrong as we cannot do problems and check our answers via the back of the book for odd questions. This is vital for any stem student. Two, nothing is organized so you lose all of your study materials. Three the teacher literally expects you to have inherent mathematical genius. My professor literally asked us to solve a proof that Euler solved, but we were limited to what he knew at the time and we were not allowed to use outside resources. This problem, by the way, wasn't graded via effort it was graded on accuracy. There is literally no connection in our book to that problem. So instead I just spent hours with upperclassmen and at his office trying to solve it, but this took away from me learning on my own and destroyed my schedule for that week. IBL is only suggested by those who never had it as a thing they think might have been good for them, but they don't understand the psychology of learning. People need the ability to see if they are right or wrong and what they should do all the time, not just when the 2-hour window of office hours are open. This class is kind of ruining my year now. Thanks IBL.

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  3. How does inquiry-based learning compare to PBL? Thanks, nice video and connection to Harry Potter, a hero who's much-loved by our self-proclaimed nerdy daughter.

  4. Thanks John. Crystal clear. Your viewers should look to the work of Jamie McKenzie who has been leading us in questioning and inquiry for decades> http://questioning.org/. As for finding information and then communicating information, your viewers might want to check out the work of educators from Hong Kong International School who combined library and instructional technology into their Information and Communication Literacies (ICL) approach to inquiry> https://sites.google.com/site/webresourcesforlearning/teachers/icl. Thanks for your ongoing contributions to help shift our schools!

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