What is Industrial Education? | Nariman Moustafa

I think that our life has been designed
in a way where everything has been given a meaning to us especially the meaning
of education. We need to rethink and redefine what education is and why is it
that we learn. I think the meaning of education has been co-opted by many
institutions particularly governmental institutions and it has been equated by something that has a value, value that is primarily commercial and also a value
that is summarized in the form of a certificate. So you get a certain amount
of learning that is done in a certain time that ends at a certain time and that feeds into a general global neoliberal system that we’re living in it feeds into market economics where a person has to go into school pass
through elementary, middle, high school get a certificate, go into university, you
know, and then be able to find a job and if you can’t find a job you can’t really
have money to be able to provide for a family or buy more stuff or be a part of
a global driving market economic system and if you don’t have money to buy then
you’re not enough you’re not good you’re not happy and this is what you’re
bombarded with in everyday communications whether it’s through the
media or through advertisements or through even daily interactions our trust in ourselves as humans and our ability to provide for ourselves whether it’s for our very basic needs like food and shelter or for also things that just
happen naturally all the time like learning and education, has really been
smashed by institutions and by modern state societies and now we believe that
we always need someone to do things for us even the very basic things like

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