What is digital literacy and why is it important to the health and social care workforce?

why is digital literacy important digital literacies are the capabilities for living learning working participating and thriving in a digital society most of us use technology in our personal lives whether that's through apps on our smartphone or sending an email as technology moves forwards so must the Health and Care workplace or we want everybody to move forward with it of course we don't expect everyone to become an expert in IT digital literacy applies to everybody in health and care whatever their profession it's not necessarily about mastering a specific form of technology but it's definitely about adopting a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards change and innovation you need to be digitally literate to exploit the technologies available to offer the best possible care to individuals it's a willingness to acquire new abilities for example if you send emails now perhaps advancing to hosting a video conference or even co-editing work with a colleague online it's these new capabilities that will not only benefit the individuals we serve but will also benefit your career each domain of digital literacy contains a different set of skills and technologies intended to help you make our health and care workplaces more productive and provide even better care to individuals what matters is taking a positive attitude towards only technology or innovation that improves the quality of care for individuals no matter what position in health and care you hold

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