What is CV or Curriculum Vitae ? Learn How to Write Effective CV – Part 1 by Nisha

What is one thing that steps inside an organization before you actually do. Well guys, it’s a sheet or a document that contains all your information Yes, I’m talking about a CV and a resume. Hi guys my name is Nisha and in this series of videos I will clear all your doubts relateed to that one most important thing that actually happens before your group discussion or interview that is your CV or resume. Guys, if you go to 10 professionals you definitely will get ten different informations. But the good thing about this video is that here in this one video I will clear your all your doubt related to What is CV? What is Resume? Is there any difference between a CV & a resume ? Yes guys. I know that Many of my students get so much confused. Sometimes they say that whether they should make a resume or a CV, but actually it’s a big difference as When and how to make a CV? When and where should we apply for a job with CV? Where should we apply with a resume so I will try to clear all your doubts here So if you haven’t subscribed my channel yet, please SUBSCRIBE to this channel and press that bell icon so that you do not miss a single video from my channel and do SHARE it with your friends and family members This way you will actually help them a lot. So guys first of all, I will tell you about what is a CV? CV the full form of CV is curriculum vitae in Latin it means Course of Life.so as the name suggests Course of life. We can understand that This CV should be a lengthy sheet of paper, right? so the minimum length of CV should be between Two pages like minimum we can start it with two pages and it can go up to ten to twelve pages depending on how many years of experience you have, right? so we need to when we apply for a academicmic jobs in specially US, Canada and India So any kind of academic job or if you are applying for a research job So you need to make your CV that is curriculum vitae so you need to have It written in a very detailed manner because it’s a course of life So whatever you have done in your professional career You need to add all that information in a paragraph form not in a bullet point. Right, so you need to talk about your education. You need to talk about your job experience You need to talk about all the professional career that you have all the publications that you have You need to talk about all the awards and achievements that you have and many other information that I will talk Hey there If you really want to be happy and successful in life do not forget to subscribe this channel and press that bell icon in order to receive all the notifications.

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