What is Credit Card? Financial Literacy for Kids

welcome to journey more calm today I'm going to be answering the question what is a credit card so I see simple painful friends my credit card every day and to be honest I wasn't exactly sure what a credit car was well I'd also a rectangular piece of plastic but how does it actually work I love so when mystery story set myself on my sugar 500 datura trust I asked my mom and she said the credit card if you had to pay for things you can use pass a debit card which the money from the money goes on then I asked my dad and he said credit card usually charge you interest of all the money you need to pay the funds the money that you expect but end of the most next was micron if you don't pay us the fellows balance what you owe again after month the credit bag company will charge an interest and I'm gay cake to pay the money back the Baker to fees after dot my uncle they came along sometimes you can get on the truck free credit card this brings day won't charge you any interest for set time for example the credit card company might say we won't taught you any interest for 12 months but then my mum don't pocket yes you have to remember if you don't pay off the balance within the 12 months then you start paying interest so you have to be careful back to Uncle t again credit card companies will also sell a quart of Emma on your client this means that they're only allow you to spend a certain amount of money so through credit card limit it's 500 points that all you will be a larger spend you should always say well within your limit wow what a lot of information at that point I decided to go and hide in my room because my whole followers now getting excited I wanted to tell me more and more I'm sorry but that's enough info for our printer process after I had a hard day at skill right for learning with what today why not subscribe for pop over and pizza us at www.americanoutback.net

6 thoughts on “What is Credit Card? Financial Literacy for Kids”

  1. It is so interesting an important for children to be financially literate. Love the way you present this subject for children. Brilliant💓 Big like from me👍🏻 and hoping you will have a lovely week.

  2. This is cute but I don’t think you should be teaching kids without the age of 12 or above on how to use a Credit Card.

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