What is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer Awareness Month for Kids (Educational Cartoon)

Kylie why did my grandma ask me to wear a
pink shirt? You know we have to go down to Wood Park for
the walk today. What does walking have to do with a pink shirt? We wear pink to support breast cancer awareness. What is breast cancer? Remember when I helped you with science about
how the human body has cells? Yeah. Cells are small living things that make up
the human body. With cancer cells they are not normal. They grow and spread very fast making things
called tumors that damage the body. So then breast cancer is where these bad cells
grow in a human breast? Yes Frankie and it makes people sick and could
even kill them. No way! If I go to the run the people there will give
me cancer. I don’t want to get sick. It does not work like that. You can’t catch breast cancer like a cold,
but it’s something that happens in women, and a very small amount of men an kids too. Well how do theyget it? Doctors say it depends on if someone in a
person’s family history had it. It also depends on age and how they eat, and
take care of their bodies. How do doctors know when breast cancer is
there? They find out during routine exams or some
patients may say they have a lump on their breast area. Can they always see a lump or feel it? No, but doctors have a special x-ray machine
called a mammogram. I get it. The x-ray helps them to look inside for any
breast cancer. Yes and they also have something called an
MRI. I know what that is. When Kobe got hurt they did an MRI on his
leg to see inside for what was wrong. Right. The MRI helps doctors see breast cancer too. So the sooner doctors find out about breast
cancer the faster they can treat it. So runs like today help people learn about
breast cancer, and raise money for people to get treated, and hopefully cure breast
cancer. Yes. So join team pink and lets go beat breast

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