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a little bit mommy but what causes a pretty good question what in what is an earthquake right I'm gonna explain it to you okay be right back whoa where'd mommy go look look God welcome stir I enjoy my meal whoa hi there did you know that earthquake means there's a sudden violent shaking off of the ground but what makes the ground shake is it because I'm jumping up and down or is it because the earth is growing bigger and bigger and bigger or is it because the earth is made of plate that slide around on top of hot molten magma yes that's right the earth is like this orange on the inside it's squishy and on the outside the orange peel is like the Earth's crust the Earth's crust is broken up into what we call tectonic plates whoa look they go back together all along the cracks of the tectonic plates are where earthquake happens pretty cool huh did you know the place where earthquakes happen are called there are three different kinds of faults that makes earthquake happens 1 2 3 we are going to demonstrate how all these happens are you ready let's pretend these puddings are like the inside of the earth the pudding is like the magma look how big Li they are whoa the rice krispie treats are like the Earth's crust the first type of fault is a transform fault this means that the plates slide and slide past each other just like this the second type of fault is called a divergent fault this means that the plates pull away from each other look and the third type of fault is called a convergent fault this means that a two plates push together whoa so those are the three kinds of fault macaws earth whoa did you guys feel that that was a real earthquake I wonder how big that one was did you know that you can measure earthquakes they get Gor on how strong they are and they go all the way to ten on what is called the Richter scale the bigger the number the stronger the earthquake whoa so an earthquake that measures a two point five whoa it's smaller and it doesn't cause as much damage but an earthquake that measures an eight point five damage so now that we have all this amazing knowledge on earthquake it's time for a pop quiz are you ready question number one why do quake happen eh is it because the season change see it's because the earth is so bored or is because the earth is made of place that lied around on top of hot molten magma earth is made of plate that's lied around on top of hot molten magma question number two how many kinds of faults are there a is 10 B are there three kinds of faults or see a hundred type of ball that's right in turn it be with just three there are three kinds of faults plenty no question number three how big does the Richter scale go a Ted B 1 or C 1 new yes that's right the answer K which is 10 the Richter scale goes from 1 all the way to Ted yay good job you guys answered all the questions correct and if you did it it's okay just try again good job thank you for trying now that we learned so much about earthquake whoa a 1 is coming so I better go and tell Ryan ok okay all stay back so Brian that's how it happened that's very cool mommy I hope the nerve thank you for watching our video hope you enjoy and learn lots of our earthquake for now bye please click on one of these videos where I enjoy more fun you

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