24 thoughts on “What is 21st century education?”

  1. I would lovet to use this video for a professional learning experience with teachers this weekend.May I? How can I get a copy?

  2. This video is impactful, in spite of that fact that it is six years old at this writing. I would value an updated version–just because I know the numbers are increasing daily (Google searches?). Thank you for this resource.

  3. This shits confusing. A century is 100 years. As of this comment, it is currently 2018. 2018 is 20 centuries after 18 years. Why is it still considered today as the 21st century, when what I think only happens until 2100?

  4. Have seen this in several venues and always find it thought provoking and inspiring. May I please use this in an e-learning course presentation?

  5. The illiterate of the 21st century
    will not be those who cannot read and write,
    but those who cannot learn,
    unlearn, and

  6. What this video shows is actually true. The world is changing and I myself use technology to complete classwork and other assignments.

  7. I think your video will be helpful for lots of people in schools. Can I have permission to use it with a group of teachers?

  8. I love this video.  I am doing a presentation with CTE teachers — teaching them the standards.  Can I have permission to show this video at the training?  Thank you!

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