What If People SPAWNED Like SALMON?

Hey there! Welcome to life noggin! Stay tuned at the end of this video for a
huge announcement involving Life Noggin AND some of my favorite animation creators on
youtube! Well there Qbot 9001, what kind of question
are you cooking up for me today? Let’s see what we have here! “What if humans migrated like salmon?” oh come on! This can’t be the question! Oh. Okay. This must be the real question! I’ll take that! this just says “Do it, coward.” Ya know what!? Fine! We’re going with Qbots question! So what would it be like if humans had to
migrate like salmon? Spoiler alert — it’d be pretty darn weird. Like a lot of things in nature, the reason
for migrating and swimming upstream boils down to one thing: reproduction. For salmon, this is called spawning, which
means laying eggs. Salmon are typically between 2 and 6 when
they’re ready to spawn, and that means one thing — heading back home to mate. Salmon swim upstream to reproduce, with some
swimming hundreds of miles to reach their spawning sites. Recent research has shown that salmon can
use the Earth’s geomagnetic field to help them find their way back home on these long-distance
migrations. This also seems to be the way that little
baby salmon can find their way from their gravel nests and up to surface waters. Smell also seems to play a role in salmon
spawning migration. Younger salmon learn the smell of their home
stream as they leave the nest and can use it to help find their way back when it’s
time bolster the salmon forces. This might even lead to a bunch of rerouting
on our salmon friend’s GPS as they have to “test the water” down different streams
to find the path that smells just right. Now, having to make your way on home to do
the, um, do-si-do would probably be a pretty big inconvenience — especially when you
learn what happens after salmon mate — but the whole thing about smelling your way home
already plays on something that humans experience. Smell is closely connected to human memory,
which is why a whiff of a pumpkin spice latte can take you back to the memories of frolicking
in the fall leaves and making pumpkinmen with your friends. It’s like a snowman, but with pumpkins! During the journey home, salmon start to go
through some changes. Depending on their species, salmon can change
color and develop extra features like a hooked snout and elongated teeth to help them attract
a mate and defend their spawning grounds. That wouldn’t be too bad if you humans had
to do the same — it’s basically just a makeover. But the salmon’s “makeover” doesn’t
stop with its outsides. At some point along the journey, certain salmon
stop feeding and their insides begin to break down, making more room for eggs and sperm. The salmon then start to live off of the built-up
fat that’s stored in their body, giving them enough energy to go and do the deed. After spawning actually happens, things get,
well, even worse for our salmon friends. The fate for most salmon at this point is
to die soon after mating, their decaying bodies providing a nutrient-rich environment for
their growing fish spawn. That’s about the most morbid way to take
care of your kids that I’ve ever heard of. So, if humans really were like salmon, you’d
have some pretty terrifying things to look forward to. And don’t even get me started on having
to deal with these guys. So do you have questions you want me to feed
Qbot? His question generating algorithm definitely
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  3. "What If People SPAWNED Like SALMON?"
    The true answer is that we would evolve out of it. Salmon mate like they do because they mate in the wilderness, not in towns and cities. Humans used to mate like any other great ape, but then they built communities with more than one family, so there would be no need for traveling long distances to mate. This video was just an excuse to talk about salmon.

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