What If Only 100 People Existed on Earth?

This episode of real life lore is made possible by hover. Get your unique domain and email by going to hover.com/reallifelore and using the code reallifelore for 10 percent off at checkout. Earth is a complicated place. There is a lot of us that share this planet together. And it is sometimes difficult to understand who everybody is, and what everybody believes. To understand things a little better, let’s shrink the entire world population down from 7.5 billion people, all the way down to just 100 people and keep our small, one hundred person society as similar to the real world as possible Dividing between gender, the one hundred person world would be equally divided between fifty men and fifty women. Most of these people would live in Asia, a total of 59 people compared to sixteen people living in Africa, ten living in Europe, eight in North America, only six in South America and just one, lonely person living in Australia and Oceania Nineteen of these people would be Chinese citizens, and another eighteen would be Indians There would be only 4 Americans, 3 Brazilians, 2 Russians, and one German. The other 53 people would be citizens of 187 other countries around the world Most of these people would be pretty young, with 9 people aged just between 0-4 years old 17 people would be aged between 5 and 14 years old, and 16 people would be aged between 15 and 24 years old

100 thoughts on “What If Only 100 People Existed on Earth?”

  1. So basically this is what if the world was a united government but no capital is given and percentages are changed to numbers.

  2. If I was the only male there and everyone there was in my age group everybody would still refuse to… umm… do it.

  3. Wait, I was taught English is the most spoken language

    Edit:oh, English is the most widespread language, but mandarin is condensed mostly in China

  4. should money even be a thing if everyone would be super spread apart? you "steal" without anyone doing something about it.

  5. this world belong to jew,gentiles and white..other than lust above consider crap and news to be removed forever.

  6. If 100 people lived on the planet, they would all be able to live the most luxurious life’s ever, at least if everything that was on earth today was still there.

  7. Are you kidding me? Im mongol. I will kill all of them which they are in ASIA. Because I can use weapons very well. I can use gun. I will conquer ASIA.

  8. I clicked the video to watch "What if only 100 people existed on Earth?" but watch these many people… these many people…. Blah blah blah

  9. Obviously the world and the things we have and what we take liberties in would change drastically if there were only 100 people versus 7 billion. You can't take demographic make-up data on 7 million people and apply it to 100. X amount of people are going to have cellphones? Really? While the rest that don't somehow keep the networks going and the internet and the cell towers and the servers, etc? Use your brain, nerdy guy!

  10. What about careers? a good maybe 30% has to be teachers, some have to print the money and pass it out, some have to make the cars, the cellphones, the toilets, the homes, the internet, and employees that manage and innovate social media apps. Also how would the people make their money? Trades aren't very easy to transact if there's only 99 other people out there. Most people out there must find their own food themselves by farming, hunting, and fishing if they're lucky enough to live by water.

  11. 100 people on Earth
    Boy meets another person for the first time in a long time
    Boy gets so happy
    They were happy
    They were getting a bond of each other
    Boy thinks if I leave him then it will be impossible to find another person
    Boy gets married to the person he met in such a long time

  12. That poor Aussie guy is homeless, starving, has aids, and is a refugee, but he owns 50% of all the money in the world 👁👄👁

  13. So according to this video, the one lonely person who lives in Australia is starving, is homeless, is the richest person on earth and has AIDS. God bless Australia.

  14. The app will never even came a way for my iPhone even to my iPad even for not having my friends friends even though they never have to use it again for my iPad and I have iPad and I am unable and will be with a full version even if not my friends

  15. so those 51 people speak a combined total of 7000 languages?

    That would be a total of 137.254901961 languages per person.

  16. So in this place, there is 1 person which is starving, is homeless, has AIDS, and doesn’t have clean drinking water, but controls the entire continent of Australia and controls 50% of all money on Earth.

  17. So in this place, there is 1 person which is starving, is homeless, has AIDS, and doesn’t have clean drinking water, but controls the entire continent of Australia and controls 50% of all money on Earth.

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