What I Wish Teachers Knew About Dyslexia

my name is Gayle Morgan I'm a sounds good I believe across our national state level all over the country hi my name is Sydney and I love to cook paint sing take photos and I am also a creative thinker my name is Kane hi my name is Josh and 9:12 of hockey lacrosse and track and field and I have dyslexia my name is vason what do you like let goes animals um yeah and it was that hello my name is Tyler I am dyslexic I'm Matthew I like Minecraft and science current hi my name is Abby my name is Joey I like history sports my name is MIA I love gymnastics and playing guitar Ella dyslexia is an inherited condition that makes it extremely difficult to read write and spell in your native language despite at least average intelligence dyslexia affects one out of five people dyslexia varies from mild to severe dyslexia can affect spoken language written language and language comprehension to select it's require extra time and effort to process language information dyslexia is a unique mindset that is often gifted and productive but learns differently than other minds you mean one artifact children TARDIS looks like it takes us longer to read this sexy it doesn't make me dumb it makes me different this actually makes me look like I'm not trying but I am I may not seem like like I'm paying attention it's just because because I go go in a different way please be patient with me sometimes schoolwork and testing can be overwhelming for me reading is harder than you think for us we should go to a separate room and take time and not trying to rush and keep up with the class glad you lead it's hard for you to lead at all level kids think it's easy and the teacher thinks you think it's so easy it's not easy hey hey to me in LA we should have an audio book so that we can listen to it and use our book and keep track of it is important to follow my plaster of accommodation in my IEP for math we should have a calculator no matter what because this will really help us amazing that make me read aloud if Lexi feels like everything's harder for you like you don't head in I try as best as I can in school and sometimes when I fall behind it's the dyslexia that's making me fall behind so I try as best as I can to stay ahead and make sure that dyslexia does not get in my way even though i'm dyslexic I really like reading but I hate meeting baby I would like you to help me find books that I'm interested in and that I can read I take longer to run and I might need some extra help and I might need a peep I might need it be being teached in a different way research has proven that explicit systematic phonics can actually help rewire the brain and help dyslexic students learn to read the use of the ordinal ahem approach can significantly compensate for the language learning and processing problems that arise from dyslexia dyslexic scores significantly higher on tests when they are given additional time and given the tests orally dyslexics do best when directions are two steps or fewer they often get confused and frustrated with a long list of – duze or directions you you I am student I am your student I'm your student I am your student I am your student I am your student I am your student I'm your student I am your student I am your student I understand I am yes you you

27 thoughts on “What I Wish Teachers Knew About Dyslexia”

  1. I actually cried because I wish that I can snare this with every one. My teachers knows I have it but dose not really help, and my friend judged me. They think I rush through my work. I do but I am so overwhelmed with information I just type it all down so fast that I am finished before every one else. My teach calls on me to read things aloud and when I mass up they laugh at me and I go cry in a bathroom. So I just wish everybody knew what I was struggling with .

  2. I am dyslexic and when I was in primary school my year 6 teacher told the class to pick out a book. I picked out a book I was interested in but my teacher told me that the one I picked was to hard and told me to pick an easyer one.

  3. I work in Reading πŸ“– Intervention, and daily you inspire and motivate me too! Just wanted you to know We hear you guys Thank you 😊

  4. I was born in 1972, I wish had this much attention to my disability as these kids have. I had all these issues and more, I have never overcome my sever dyslexia, but I haven't given up.

  5. I have primary dyslexia and I wish that the teachers understood that it hard for me too consentrate follow instructions and more, dyslexia is given me a really hard time in school and not a lot of teachers know that I have dyslexia so they think that it’s easy for me to follow instructions read out load and stuff like that. Sorry for the bad spellings I’m not very good at spellings. People call me dumb, lazy, stupid and that I should listen and consentrate in school but they just don’t understand. I’m not lazy, I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid I just learn a different way which is a bit harder and I do work harder than others.

  6. This hit way too close to home.. I'm lucky enough to have been homeschooled.. however I have 7 learning disabilities… the thing no one really talks about is the amount of self shaming that comes with it.. there was a guy that did a study on sham and he said that the amount of shame that somebody with a reading disability has is equivalent to someone that participates and incest…. if that doesn't tell you something about the amount of emotional stress that comes with it then idk what does..

  7. Thank you so much so making this. I grew up in a time and with a parent who didn't understand that I struggled with dyslexia. I still struggle with dyslexia on the job but I work everyday to overcome it. I pray that every teacher sees this and no child will every hear the smart but he is lazy or you just need to work harder speech.

  8. This is cute ! I am dyslexic and I have trouble with tests D: I am really slow and I hate reading in front of the class in English! (I am in year 11) I have extra time in tests which helps. The teachers I have don't understand me that I do not remember facts as well as other students and need extra time so to not have a disadvantage in lessons. Teachers think I am not trying or I am misspelling words on purpose or getting distracted and not keeping up deliberately. It is hard for me to read out loud and is my worst nightmare in school !!! D: Poeple laugh and whisper about me making jokes to each other about me! It's awful. I hate school and can't wait to leave it !! πŸ˜€ xx

  9. My teacher hardly ever lets us use calculators and I swear it's the hardest thing ever because I don't understand what they want me to do but overtime I work through it but it just takes me a lot longer . Dyslexia can get better and I'm trying to at least be at my grade level every year I get better and hopefully when I'm an adult I'll understand everything in school to a minimum level.

  10. I'm 14 and i have dyslexia I'm happy that I hide it so well and I'm considered one of the smartest people in my class .when we do math everyone rushes and I take my time and soon enough I get the answers right I just wish my teacher would slow down and let me use a cadulator or just let me catch up on lessons so I can understand . I take a lot of time out of my day to relearn and try to learn what everyone is saying in class so the next day I can talk about the subject like I know it but it's really confusing to read and write and talk to people about how I feel. I'm getting better every year last year I finally learned how to divide and that has helped me a lot I'm really scared for the future and I think I'll fail at getting a real job if you've read this thanks for hearing me out.

  11. I have dyslexia and it's just kind of annoying that others without it they don't understand what it is.

  12. I'm dyslexic I have no friends cause every one calls me stupid cause I'm not as fast as them

  13. I'm 13 and get distracted EASY but my teachers are always in my face saying try harder and try your best and I do but my teachers don't see it my dad says I do but won't get me tested and my dad won't get me tested idk why spelling check helps me and I'm modern to server it said I took a test on google but you know my teachers won't give me the help I need they don't give me time!!!! its not eazy!! i want to get read too like I'm 4 AND I DO nEED A COCULATER I'm 13 and my reading level is 2-4 grade I'm only in SE class that's study hall so like I'm basically feel like sh** that my teachers won't help me and I gained so much weight from deing stressed all the time!! We spend hours on research homework that aren't right there in the book I now what's it's like I really do feel like trash because everyone gets it a lot when I read it looks like alphabet soup it's really hard my dad tells me I do but won't test me! I get laughs at cause I stump over eazy words like "down" when I read aloud it sounds like I'm just spitting out words it's not hard it's not at all when I do any work at all I fell like I'm in a different world I never Ben in I wish my teachers see this but they won't!! I just 😭😭 Now I have to take this BIG test that u have to study hard for no matter how much I stubt I fail the test this test I can't pass the grade if I don't pass the test!! I NEED HELP!!!! Amy teachers need to now how I feel but if I tell them then I'm scared they will call on me more to "practice" πŸ˜•

  14. 36 and it still drive me nuts but if i didnt have dyslexia i would not be the person i am today. its a everyday struggle

  15. Im in my 50s and Im dyslex. School was hell, and that spilled over into my home life. Thanks to teachers who didnt understand. And to this day, I hate anything that has to do with school and teachers.

  16. I'm dyslexic and my reading class my reading teacher/ long term sub makes the whole class use dictionary to look up words and i don't really know how to use dictionary and I end up crying due to stress..when I get called on to read in class I end up saying the words and I get mixed up where I'm at..and in writing my teacher read the papers out loud and she doesn't read it the way I would read it..I struggle a lot in school..

  17. I am 24 now and i still cant read out loud. Reading out loud is my worst nightmare. People laugh at me for unable to read.
    As far as my handwriting is concerned, decoding Enigma machine will be easier than decoding my handwriting (in simple words, its the worst)

    The only thing that i learned in my life is that there is no difference between me and a person who never went to school.

  18. I wish I could tell One teacher on my second grade that I was in dumb but I enjoy listening to other people reading because I couldn't read I wanted to but I couldn't and for you to this miss me or to separate me from other children destroyed my self-esteem I was never good enough for anything that's how I felt because of you today I'm a grown person I still feel the same way this insecurity I wish the teachers could stop giving someone with dyslexic brain and hard time or call them dumb

  19. I am 26 years old, and I am dyslexic and it took took me years and years to admit to people that I am dyslexic honestly is only two years ago years ago I was able to tell people that I'm dyslexic, I felt humiliated,I felt like I was the dumbest person in the world 🌎, I cannot get things straight, when I speak something, write or read something not only I'm dyslexic but I'm also dysgraphia and also have ADHD things that I do or say don't come the way I want them too or the way I write is absolutely horrible I write things go all the way up and don't look good, and I want to change my career I was fortunate to have bachelor degree in public administration and business management, which I thank my mama for that and I was able to graduate because she was very very strong woman who pushed me so hard and sometimes I felt like she was not realistic about my learning disabilities and I was frustrated with her, now I'm going for my master for Occupational therapy is what I want to do help those people who like me and who have physical disabilities to achieve normal life despite of their disabilities and is hard but I will do it as long as god knows how to give me the strength to do it differently from others I'm ready for my new exciting chapter

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