45 thoughts on “What I am learning from my white grandchildren — truths about race | Anthony Peterson | TEDxAntioch”

  1. It really has nothing to do with skin colour? It is more to do with culture and some cultures do not mix!

  2. A world burdened by colour of skin, yet God created all races, but man in his ignorance and spiritual blindness chooses his prefered skin colour when under the skin flows the same colour of blood: RED. I hope men have the ability to change the colour of their blood so that Whites in order not to be like Blacks will change to a superior blood colour: GREEN.

  3. I'm sorry, but everyone is not the same, some people are not raised with home training or manners. It just so happens that these traits are found mostly in certain cultures. Robins and crows don't nest together . We shouldn't either. Forget race, culture matters.

  4. If there is no difference between one race and another, how can they tell the race of someone by their bones?

  5. I raise my children to see color, also, to recognize that this is only a physical trait.
    Culture is something entirely different than the color of skin.

  6. Greetings! Enough with this race talk ok!… Only they are born to hate. We were taught to self hate and to hate others… Now! the Truth us out of who we really are… Let's focus on learning about our own heritage, and getting our House in order for our father God ( YAH )… Stop wasting time on race war because it's another distraction to wasting time… = A deadly snake is designed to bite not to be friends… Shalom

  7. Silence and secrecy create a darkness, darkness a fear, fear a tension. Remove the silence and secrecy and we can be who we are meant to be, brothers and sisters that pretty much want the same things. The solution was recorded some time back as, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you truly understand what was written long ago then you know it covers it.

  8. Because some people were in parts of the world with more sun. Some people were in parts of the world with less sun. Their bodies adapted accordingly. There you go.

  9. no need to speak for hours
    africa average iq 67-83
    europe 98-102
    east china 100-108

    nuf said

    not gonna mention the inventions and the modern world

  10. Tony! What an amazing Talk! I will be using it at a retreat I am leading this summer. Hope you are well, my friend!

  11. So glad people are starting to realize this. To much hate in the world and we need to get rid of it with true thoughts

  12. 3mins in and I'm like whoa whoa whoooa! Problem: race has more than just skin color attributes….for instance I have native American ancestry and traits distinctly recognizable so it's problematic to to listen to him focus on skin color right off the bat and not immediately aknowledge to listeners race is not determined by several genetic traits….. Deuce's I'm out.he's going to have to do better,that poorly executed preface muddies up the thought process of where he's going with this and why? sounds suspiciously like a familiar narrative and leaves me with doubt on his skill in selling ideas

  13. If we were all one race there would still be discrimination– shelfishness, greed, covetousness, violence are demons we must consciously battle.

  14. "Immigrants have the power to change the outcome of elections & to change the face of pale, male, stale leadership."

  15. The only reason why “race” exists is for the “in group” to rationalize their domination and control of the “out group”. In other words, human beings have been stratified into “boxes” for social, economic and political gain. There exists no other reason for “race” to exists.


  17. The media has a HUGE part to play in this. They have always written divisive articles to create violence and division in every color of people. They have very few articles of positive talks and interconnection between folks.

  18. Here's a 'race question': Do Blacks plan to ever talk about anything but 'race'?
    What is racism, if not centering your ID around your race?

  19. Race is real and race does matter.
    To ignore or deny the differences of races is useless and ridiculous.

  20. We all come from Adam and Eve and Noah’s descendants. We are all Gods children. Its good to be proud of who you are and where you come from but basing your identity on your skin color is superficial and foolish.

  21. I prefer using the term ethnicity rather than race. I know that the US census bureau has certain definitions for both words, but as far as I'm concerned there is ethnicity and there is culture, but there is no race. I am a teacher and I gently redirect students who use the term race in favor of the term ethnicity. It's one small thing I can do to attempt to change the conversation.

  22. I have learned that our experiences contribute to changes in our genes. Assuming that this is correct it makes sense that people in different geographical regions of this world developed also differences in how their cultures developed and with it, ways of thinking that hen got passed on to next generation.

    Skin colour is merely an adaptation to environment and climate, but our particular characteristics are clumped, according to where and how we grew up. For example if Jewish people seem to be more intelligent than other groups, the reason may be because for centuries they could be made scapegoats as a minority in someone else's territory and they had to continuously pack up and move on and solve problems like staying alive, figuring out how to stick together while also trying to fit in where-ever they landed. As they were not allowed to own land (like the Gypsies) until the 17th century in Holland, all they could was trade. Just think what skills one needs to develop! And the Jews, unlike the Gypsies, also had their history in written form for thousands of years, just ask neurologists what THIS means for brain development. No wonder that the Chinese Asians, looking at their history, are also doing so well in academia.

    This is not about right or wrong, this as about what each of us and our lineage has experienced since the beginning of our human history…..And thank God we are now such a mixed bunch, how wonderful, we are just learning what we are capable of!

  23. Finally,someone interesting.When I was 5 I went to summer day camp with my sister. All other children 20 or so we're African American. I am white I never saw color. Slavery worst crime against humanity. Racial bigotry is taught.And I actually do see colors.

  24. I asked my children here from Denmark what the color is Felix. Felix is a boy adopted from South Africa. My son and daughter looked at me puzzled and said he is brown, very dark brown and he is from South Africa.

  25. This is what creditable information comes from. Not white ppl talking about race even if it’s well meaning and intellectual. You gotta invite intellectual minorities

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