What Happens When You Step On A Rusty Nail? – Dear Blocko #13

Hey there!
Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko. This is the show where I answer your questions
that you have about your world and my world. Let’s get started. Ian J asks
Dear Blocko, What would happen if you stepped on a rusty
nail? Well, besides the immense pain I’m sure
you would be experiencing, people often say that getting injured by rusty nails and other
rusted sharp objects can cause tetanus. This is because the bacteria that causes tetanus
– Clostridium tetani – is found in soil, dust, and animal feces, – places where you also
often find rusty objects. Once the bacteria enters your bloodstream
through a wound, the spores produce a toxin that impairs your brain and nervous system.,
This can lead to stiff muscles, difficulty swallowing, and spasms so powerful, they can
tear muscles. The good news is that it’s very easy to
treat and even prevent. If diagnosed, there is medication that can be administered to
kill the bacteria. And the tetanus vaccine can be given to children at a very early age.
After that, you just need a booster shot every ten years to remain tetanus free. AWESOMEDUDE196 asks
Dear Blocko, Why do we stop growing after a certain point? As we reach the end of puberty – which I’m
sure is a huge relief for some of us – the growth plates in our bones mature and eventually
fuse, stopping any further growth. Your final height is determined by a combination
of general health and nutrition,, but primarily by your genes. In fact, scientists have found
that the genes you inherit from your parents can account for up to 80 percent of your final
height., Your growth and sex hormones can also have
an effect, with too much or too little causing you to be shorter or taller than normal.,,
The tallest man in the world, reaching 2.7 meters, had a pituitary condition that resulted
in an overproduction of his growth hormone. However, his height caused a number of medical
issues with his legs that led to a tragically early death at just 22 years old. Man sorry to end with a bummer, but anyway! now it’s time to answer questions about
me and my world! xX8Bit- RaptorXx #DearBlocko
In your world, can you do whatever you want or does the animator control, E V E R Y T
H I N G …? I think i can do whatever i want. I’ve said
before that my animator can change whatever at a moments notice, but I’m free to wander,
explore, and mess up. I have to put in a request for new areas though. So much red tape to
go through! Ugh! If there is a place you want me to make in my world, please let me know down below!
My animator is itching for a new construction project! cody mckee asks #dearblocko How do your guests (like ginger pale) enter
your world? We’ll if you’re an animation youtuber,
i believe you enter through this giant portal in the sky, and if you’re not an animation
then i’m pretty sure you flush yourself down a toilet to get to my world.
At least in my world toilets are portals to the real world. I’m assuming they’re a
similar situation for you. Don’t actually try to flush yourself down the toilet. Please. I made some modifications to my toilet portal by the way. I think i’m
almost ready to enter the real world again. It’s gonna get good.

100 thoughts on “What Happens When You Step On A Rusty Nail? – Dear Blocko #13”

  1. 0:12 ok this actually happened to me when I was 11. (I was playing on the side of the house and seen the nails, tried to jump over them and well….yeah..straight through the foot. not a fun time, lost a lot of blood that day)so when the operate on you they stop the bleeding, clean it and you take 6 to 8 shots to the foot and put on antibiotics for some months while on crutches or wheel chair. (Yeah they said I could choose amd I was 11 and now I'm 19) i can relate.

    Want a similar feeling…well.step on a Lego….a very very sharp Lego barefooted and press down hard.

  2. Dude you don't even answer the goddamn questions… What happens if you step on a rusty nail?well some people believe….
    And what does actually happen?

  3. Ok this is the serious question man plz answer this “who was the first people to live on earth and if god created us then who created him?”

  4. I've been curious about what would have happened to me when I stepped on a rusty nail, now I know. Frankly, I am confused as to why that did not happen to me.
    I was like 8 years old at the time, as well.

  5. #Dearblocko
    If there wouldn’t be colors/colours what would we see and if we even could see , then would everything be white or black?

  6. Instead of a rusty nail, as I was swimming on the beach my big toe was welcomed with a huge rusty hook that went all the way through my toe, toenail and all, and it came with a huge lead weight attached to it with a line.

  7. Ok so I need to flush myself down the toilet to enter the world of minecraft got it.

    Wait… there are no toilets in minecraft…

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