What Happens If You Go To Sleep Mad? – Dear Blocko #18

Hey there, welcome to another episode of Dear
Blocko! This is the show where I answer your questions
that you have about your world and my world. So let’s get cracking with our first question. Samsa asks: Dear Blocko, what happens if you
go to sleep mad? Well, much of what happens when you sleep
is a mystery, but if you’re feeling worried or tense before bed, falling asleep and staying
asleep can be much harder. Emotional stress is known to trigger a fight-or-flight
response that makes you physically alert, and people with mood and stress disorders
often report struggles with insomnia, intermittent sleep or nightmares. Sleep and mood are clearly intertwined, but
scientists are still figuring out how. Today it’s tentatively thought that rapid
eye movement sleep regulates and stabilises negative emotions and memories. And while some studies suggest that chronic
depression or anxiety can throw this sleep cycle out of whack, in most normal cases,
sleep appears to work like “overnight therapy”, changing your brain’s circuitry so you can
better cope with your emotions the next day. Our next question comes from Thabigguy: #DearDlocko,
Why do we see stars when we’re dizzy or moving too quickly? Well, what you’re actually seeing has nothing
to do with outside light. These visual images of light and colour are
called phosphenes and they’re created by your own body. The classic example is when you push on your
eyelids, activating the cells of your retina underneath. This pressure change tricks your optic nerve
into interpreting light. In a similar way, when you stand up too quickly,
this can cause your brain’s blood flow to suddenly drop, and if the pressure change
stimulates your visual pathway enough, it can trigger a firework show right in front
of your eyes. Most of the time, phosphenes are harmless
and temporary, but if they persist it might indicate something more serious. Phosphenes are one of the most common drug
side effects, and an early sign of multiple sclerosis, optic nerve damage and even disease. Anyway, now it’s time for questions about
me and my world! MattCrazyGaming
#DearBlocko What kind of technology do you have in your
world? Oh yay! I get to show off my new toys! Get this! We just got this machine that shreds cheese. Yeah! You guys wish you had something like this
in your world! Oh, and also have this new piece of tech that
lets you know what your couch is thinking. The couch: GET OFF OF ME! I wanted to be a doctor. Why must I live this way? Why did you do… Haha! I’m still working out the kinks so, got
a little bit more work to do! Anyway, next question! Josiah asks Dear Blocko: When was the last
time you checked on the glitch monsters? Oh yeah! Uh, good question, i should probably go do
that. Well….that is NOT good! Huh… I’m gonna go figure out what happened, and
I’ll see you next time! Oh dear, oh dear Blocko! Oh dear! So do you have any questions about your world
or my world? Let me know right now in the comment section
below and make sure you use the hashtag #DEARBLOCKO so I can find it! Wanna watch more Dear Blocko? Why don’t you check out this one! but why does the sun look white? Well, according to NASA, It’s because the
sun emits light strongly in all the visible colors from red to blue. Thank you so much for watching and liking
this video! As always my name is Blocko! This has been Life Noggin! Don’t forget to keep on thinking.

100 thoughts on “What Happens If You Go To Sleep Mad? – Dear Blocko #18”

  1. #Dearblocko

    Have you ever think of storming area 51 in your world?
    P.S. I learned a lot from you pal ad from the trivia you thought me made me excel i our science class.thanks a lot and I really know your not planning to stop anytime soon.

  2. #DearBlocko
    what would happen if the earth be without gravity for a minute?

    Sorry if the sentence have any grammatical error, i don't write in english very well

  3. #DearBlocko

    How do you know all this stuff about our world i mean I didn’t even know this stuff
    Btw ur awesome

  4. #dearblocko

    Why is my channel's subscriber count not growing
    I'm making good descent quality video but my subscriber count

  5. One day i got out of a hot shower and saw black and white while hearing beeping then a few minutes later i was fine. (Also felt dizzy and had to lay down)

  6. #dearblocko someone I knew died right after jail they say that the his body was not “used” to the heat

    Is there aTolerance level on how much time you spend inside/outside

    I love triangle bob 😍❤️❤️

  7. #Dearblocko i rode a ride called “Starship” at a fair, why does it feel like im laying down? I cant really explain it

  8. #DearBlocko y do we feel nervous or shy when we hold the hand of your crush or get close,eye to eye contact,and others and also i have my own CHANNEL

  9. #dearblocko

    Why do some people get darker hair as they grow older? (and others don’t) Your voice is very soothing btw. 👌

  10. #DearBlocko how do people come up with stupid, weird and pointless things like memes? From a random dude. P.S. you are the best science youtuber I know (I only know one other one)

  11. Why do you cry when you feel emotional pain because in bioligy we lerned that tears existing reason is to clean the eye and everything around it

  12. #dear blocko what is your favorite area? area 51 area 27? -$kylord P.S. I love your vids too much more jokes, more entertainment, and more,vids and more subscribers and notifications everyone!!! I think your vids are awesome keep up the great work!!!!!

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