32 thoughts on “What Does the PISA Report Tell Us About U.S. Education?”

  1. Singapore only recruits from the top 1/3 of graduates who go through a series of tests before the final lot is selected. They spend 20% of their budget on education and understand that teachers are the key to successful education system.

  2. What is the point when there are not enough jobs for the kids and less when AI robots take over 70% of the other jobs within the net 30 years.

  3. Its simple parents need to make education their childrens prime focus while growing up, and kids must start at age 3 like the rest of the world

  4. As a parent with kids in a public school system, this is certainly concerning to me and looks like I will need to look into this.

  5. PISA math is more a function of median IQ than GDP per capita or education expenditure.

    PISA Math results for 2015:

    499 – US Whites
    446 – US Hispanics
    419 – US Blacks

  6. Teqchers unions enforce a seniority rule that bases teacher salaries on time served as a teacher. The quality of the teachers does not figure into their compensation. Also, the scarcity of a teaching skill (e.g. math teaching) is not compensated in a way that is competitive with what people with this skill can earn in the private sector. Remember, only seniority counts. This is why we do not have enough high quality STEM teachers.

    There are many other untruths in this video but, the problem with teachers unions is one I have had personal experience with.

  7. I did not get the impression that the author is saying that everything is okay with U.S. public school education. I did get the impression that we need to invest in early childhood education, have higher teacher to student ratios for disadvantaged students, and address how our gross SES disparity impacts overall U.S. PISA scores.

  8. Actually the US just need to do an overhaul of its primary and secondary schools/college education. Its universities are still one of the best in the world. And they should do something to this education system right now. I heard the Finland model is not bad. Maybe US should learn from them. Let go of your pride!

  9. Get to the point, American's are getting dumber. You can't beat around the bush and bend the truth. Watch any of the "Some Americans are dumb, and proud of it" series, and then tell me that American's are smart.

  10. I don't believe a word of this liberal nonsense. We spend way more than any other country on education, yet we get totally unacceptable results for our money. Public schools are failing.

    American kids should NOT be lagging behind anyone in math and science.

    Here are the reforms that need to happen: 1.) Extend the school year to include the summer. Kids should go year-round 2.) Extend the school day to a normal 8:00 am to 5:00 pm schedule 3.) Hold back 25% of the class every year. Life is a competition. The sooner kids learn that, the better. No more "passing with a D" 4.) Give the most resources to the schools that are performing the best. No more propping up failing schools. 5.) Fire every teacher and principle, and close every school in the bottom 10% every year. 6.) Give teachers better pay and benefits, but abolish teachers unions.

  11. unions. and promoting being stupid. and no teachers that want to teach. dead poets society is the ipitamy of where we go wrong

  12. because of american degradation, no system will help 'em, those final tests in us is similar to what i was tested at age of 13-14

  13. For the past 2000, 2003, 2009 & 2012 results of PISA ranking in Reading, Science & Math, it look like the American is got off on the Reading category but on both Science and Math, they are below average.

    Just saying what if PISA test include another subject, the ' Cussing '. I bet no any countries can come close to US's scoring…. no doubt about it.

  14. The way we write words not what we think they are… asians are going to start (as are showing now) to seem way more educated the reason being … you cant see words when are wrote with lines and curves meaning must be changed to heiroglyphs ;b so english , spanish and so on all must converted … english is dominate maybe as far as them languages go … and Roman numeral are also even though not use now The way should write numbers … korean , japanese , chinese so on or simular in style … remember when writing a language this is your GENES meaning if were to be conqured would disappear … not saying anyone can just decide to do this … must show can handle yourselves right? as far as why we can read them now is because im guessing this a fusion process that not everybody needs but happened to everyone … you can see those character wrote YOU CANT NOT READ THEM … trust me you just think you did … this is why nobody understands YES OR NO get it and so on …. they dont understand anything just doing things 🙂

  15. No improvement is unacceptable.
    Real Progress??? Do tell…child poverty? overall pverty? Corellate
    Money not the solution, except with helping poverty
    Low rates of preschool.
    Overpaid? 50 percent quit in the first 5 years. We spend the most and get paid the least? WOW.
    Teachers Unions! actually the strongest nations have unions.
    Right things include: what the top countries are doing.
    1)Test that help teachers
    2)Unions as partners

  16. Solution is "homeschooling" and "ONLINE schools".
    I don't believe the bla-bla of this video!
    If children want to learn they will be given a chance to do so with online schools or homeschooling; too often, the classic schools are just an excuse for violence!!!!

  17. A 15-state study of charter schools found rampant mismanagement, waste, and fraud. Further, various studies find that when demographics are matched, charters tend to do no better or worse than public schools. One book examining research on charters and vouchers is Ravitch's, "Reign of Error." Poverty is one of the greatest problems our schools face today. Neurological studies have found that poverty affects children's brains and their ability to think and retain.

  18. And a big problems through this results is that the countries (e.g. Germany) change their education system every  one or two years. Since I am in school, things changed every year.

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