What Does Testosterone Really Do To Your Body?

Many of your bodily functions, from metabolism
to growth, are controlled by chemicals produced and distributed by your body’s endocrine
system. These chemicals are called hormones. In total, there are about 50 different ones
that travel through your bloodstream and affect your development. Today we’re going to talk about testosterone,
which is a hormone commonly associated with one of the most traumatic periods of my life
– puberty. whoa whoa whoa! Oh! Animator, wait, what are we doing at a middle
school? Wait, is that MY middle school? Is that ME? Well, this is embarrassing… But I guess if we’re going to talk about
how testosterone affects your body, we might as well get a first-hand look. Oh, I remember this class, it was one of my
favorites! Don’t worry teach i got this. Testosterone production is controlled by the
brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland.,, They determine how much is made by the testes
and, in smaller quantities, by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Before birth, testosterone is responsible
for regulating sex differentiation and the development of sex organs. Okay guys, get your giggles out now! Let’s move on! I should also probably leave this class and
let her teach. Levels then fall and, except for a couple
of rises during growth spurts throughout childhood, don’t surge again until puberty. During that time testosterone is responsible
for many of the changes that take place. These include the growth of facial and body
hair, lowering of the voice, a growth spurt, and increased muscle mass,,, all of which
made our friend Triangle Bob the massive man we love today. Okay Triangle Bob! Yeah! Flex on em. Alright! Throughout adulthood, testosterone also plays
a role in maintaining a sex drive, sperm production, and the maintenance of muscles and bones. It’s also thought to have an impact on the
function of the ovaries, which require a balance between testosterone and estrogen. Clearly this hormone plays lot of important
roles, so what happens if you have too much or too little of it? In children, too much testosterone can lead
to an abnormally early puberty occurring before the age of 8 or 9. While too little can result in the underdevelopment
of sexual organs during fetal development or little to no changes during puberty. In adults, because having a higher than normal
testosterone level is so rare, most of what doctors know about it comes from research
on manufactured substances like steroids that increase testosterone levels. These have been found to lower sperm counts,
increase risk of heart attacks, cause liver disease and the swelling of the legs and feet., It can also be an indication of polycystic
ovary syndrome,, which can cause irregular periods leading to cysts and infertility. Low levels of testosterone, referred to as
low T or hypogonadism, can also cause a multitude of issues, including the reduction of muscle
bulk and body hair, mood disturbances, increased body fat, reduced sex drive, impotence, osteoporosis,
and issues with memory and concentration. But, on the plus side, low t is treatable
with supplementary injections and transdermal patches on the skin. Some people even elect to take testosterone
as a way of affirming their gender identity. It’s just one example of what’s called Hormone
replacement therapy, or HRT, and it can do wonders for long term outcomes in transgender
men and non-binary people. When it comes to testosterone, the correct
balance is key. And while this poor guy has a rough couple
of years ahead of him, I think he turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Wait where are you going? I promise i’M COOL! No lots of people think i’m cool! I got a whole youtube channel. So what words of wisdom would you have for
anybody going through puberty right now? Also if you have any stories related to growing
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  1. Hrt is a life hack. So wait it’s cool for transgender to take testosterone but if I am a man and wanna optimize my test levels I am gonna get heart disease and fluid retention in my legs wtf

  2. Injecting yourself with hormones doesn't affirm anything. All hormone therapy does is throw off your bodies chemical balance that has been almost perfected through many generations. Not to mention women are something like 10x more likely to get cancer and have cardiovascular problems if they try to "transition" transgenderism is rooted in something mentally wrong and it's been proven but nobody wants to acknowledge it or when someone does they shut it or them down. Not only is it wrong to lie to people about hormonal therapy being an affirmation to what they think they are and ultimately hurting themselves, its horrible to push this on to people and especially children who arent even tall enough for the rides at amusement parks.

  3. Here’s something I suggest, can ya try to explain the science of the two sides of the brain? Ya know how the left brain is logical and the right brain is more creative?

  4. HRT isn’t just for people who want to change gender, it is also for women going through menopause and the symptoms are severe enough to require therapy.

  5. Dear blocko. i have one question for you. Why every time someones like yels at me or says to me to not do things i always cry?

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