What does Artem Lobov beating Paulie Malignaggi teach us about the sport of boxing?

Paulie Malignaggi goes out and boxes Artem Artem Lopez this fight I had many different feelings on this fight going into this contest right Artem is such a tough guy he's such a courageous guy he gets teased often for his record which is basically 500 he's like 15 and 15 all in somewhere right in there but if you go and look at who he fought and you go and look at the fights himself they were all competitive they were all super hard fights and he was in them and a lot of times he was coming out with the silver medal but he was in them so it's always really tough to know how good is art just how good is he I mean when he's in there fighting former world champions he's losing but boy he's competing well where exactly would he rank where do his skills lie if he was to have a normal normal schedule number 15 guy here they're number 12 guy every now and again a number 7 guy number 6 and 5 and for sure you're gonna have some of those but then you slide it back to a number a guy who knows how the hell good is he who knows pretty good very tough but he's gonna go box a former two-time world boxing champion in boxing by the way a sport that Artem has never done and is not a boxer when I say he's never done it was his second time so this one was pretty obvious how this was gonna go unless boxing is just BS to start with and I've always had that fear and when I speak about boxing I speak about it very negatively but that's because boxing has scorned me boxing let me down boxing is my second favorite sport I love it I can tell you the history of boxing all the way back to the the golden era when the real Four Horseman existed Hearns Hagler Duran Leonard that's really when I started to become a boxing fan and a bit of an expert on the sport at least the history of it and as a fellow boxer but it has let me down time and time again time and time again I am faced with the same question is this even a real sport I love it but nobody does it it is nobody participates in boxing I was 28 years old when I met my first boxer 28 years old I had been fighting since I was 19 had my first fight as an amateur at 19 so I lived in that circle I lived at the Olympic Training Center for six months of which had a boxing program I just never met one I never went to school with a guy I never lived in a neighborhood with a guy nobody in my family had ever boxed the closest that would get his eyes every now and then I run into somebody who spent some time down at a boxing gym that that had happened to me but as far as meeting a man who on a Saturday night at some point in his life put in a mouthpiece and put on the gloves and stepped into the squared circle I was 28 years old his name was Clayton hires first man I ever met who had boxed which does beg the question is this even a real sport I grew up hearing about the Muhammad Ali's and the Joe Frazier's and the Kenny Norton's I grow up watching the Mike Tyson's of the world and I was impressed and I had fun and I believed it and I bought it but there was also a time in my life when I expected a great big man with bells on to come down the chimney on December 25th and there's a time in my life when I thought Hulk Hogan leg dropped you you couldn't get up til the three-count was over so I've always wondered have I also been duped into boxing because if I look at it by the numbers how in the hell hard is it to be the best in the world or top 10 in the world and a sport the ten other people don't do if you want to be a top ten boxer in the world raise your hand be able to fog a mirror and your foot you'll fall somewhere into that rating there aren't ten other guys that do it I'm just saying do I trust that Joe Frazier had amazing skills yes I do perhaps I'm naive do I trust that Muhammad Ali had a great skill set and that Mike Tyson had a fantastic skill set and these guys were real athletes that worked I went out there and competed and dug deep and sacrificed and performed on the lights were yes I do believe that perhaps I am naive perhaps I am because the number of years ago I watched a guy named Floyd Mayweather said to be the greatest of all time to have ever done it and without question the greatest of his generation take on a guy named Conor McGregor who had never done it before a guy who had never lost it doing a sport took on a guy who had never done the sport and he got his ass kicked now he did something he did some ass-kicking right back and Mayweather won the fight but he never put Conor down if it was under amateur rules which would have been a three round contest he sure as hell wanted to won the fight so under rules that most professionals would debut in which is four to six to eight rounds he might have won it by eight rounds he sure as hell wonder won it for sure as hell wonder won it in six and don't tell me what those corrupt dirty judges out of Nevada had that scored some of them didn't give Connor a single round the point is simply this you took a guy who had never done it and put him with a guy who is said to be the greatest of an era if not of all time and you had a competitive match and as a boxing believer it was disappointing for me it was hard for me to swallow right and that's a very real thing we learned this in in mixed martial arts on the highest of levels you know when mixed martial arts very first came out who they marketed to was the Aikido gyms was the Hapkido gyms was the karate gyms was the kung-fu gyms was the boxing gyms was the wrestling community they thought this would be their audience we're gonna mix martial arts we're gonna find out what the best is what really works we're gonna take a little piece from all these different arts combine them and someday have something wonderful that's gonna be called mixed martial arts a sport in and of itself and all these martial artists and martial arts gyms are going to get behind it because they are seeking knowledge they're seeking truth the Bruce Lee philosophy is going to live on and be carried out in a modern day raw none of those things happened all those traditional martial arts were exposed to the world for being fake and phony and not working so the last thing they wanted their community or their members to do was to tune in and watch any of that they'll quit coming to the gym which was set up to be nothing more than a business in the first place it was never meant to be a form of fighting was never meant to be a martial art it was just meant to look good and maybe we can even get a little splash in Hollywood and sign up some more members so you had this you you've had this major effect over time is it just me who all sent as a scratch my head and go gosh did I waste all that time boxing is that not a real sport is that not an actual form of defense I don't believe that yet I still do believe in boxing I am still glad that I dedicated a large part of my life to boxing but it does come with a little bit more clarity in what we saw with Floyd and Conor and now what we saw again with Paulie a two division world champion against Artem who's batting a 500 record and simply doesn't box but Artem went out and beat him and he didn't beat him with the sweet science or the skills or the traps or the gamesmanship or the planning he beat him with all the fashion toughness and hard work and grit and he followed the basic rule I hit him the game I hit you you don't hit me you hit me I hit you two to three times back I answer for everything I'm tough I'm gritty I stay in here I come forward great that's wonderful that is wonderful for our damat is terrible news for boxing what happened to footwork what always I always have to hear about footwork I've never known what it means every now and then you get a guy you guys know what footwork means it means how your feet move every now and then you get a guy that can fall the only rule in boxing that matters which is I touch you and you don't touch me and every now and then he can do that while moving his feet a whole bunch a Lowman chenkin with Sugar Ray Leonard these guys come along once 10 years separated a couple of times in a lifetime once a generation and then all the boxes go that's what you got to do that's what everybody has to do what Coach that's not what very many guys do not what Tyson Fury does you offer you one example now with the Klitschko boys did they came out I hit you you don't hit me they weren't moving their feet left and right lateral movement in and out lots of fakes they weren't doing any of that stuff they're coming over there looking at target in front of them they're touching that target and making sure that target doesn't touch your back that's what's happening and it is very disappointing to the highest of level as a guy who believes in boxing to watch it two-time world champion in boxing lose to a guy who doesn't do the sport and I don't have a final opinion on this I would just like somebody to help explain to me as I'm attempting to explain back to you why does this keep happening how does this happen I can tell you as a wrestler that has happened a grand total of never and never would you would never find a world champion from the sport of wrestling bringing a got anybody no matter how good of an athlete he was what success he had how strong he was how could you you pick anybody you want bring them to a former champion world champion in wrestling that will never happen the way where the other guy gets the jump on the wrestler it won't happen period wrestling doesn't get viewed as a sweet science we don't talk about foot working on jabs and get you we don't overthink wrestling somebody just blow the whistle follow the rules and we'll look up in three rounds and one guy will have more points than the other and it sure as hell isn't gonna be a guy coming in on the one off no matter how good of an athlete he is a real sport will not succumb to a great athlete to a guy that was tough it just won't it just won't they won't see the basketball either you won't see it in hockey or tennis you won't see it in some of these real sports and it makes me greatly questioned boxing from an extreme disappointment standpoint I am so disappointed I am stunned at what I saw it I am so disappointed it used to be a silly thing when guys like Joe say all would say well I'm almost done with MMA but then I'm gonna go into boxing well geez Joe say you'll get killed not so fast how far would he go pretty far I'd be very curious it completely changes the conversation of a guy like Steve améo Chooch how far could he go with a Deontay Wilder Wilder with a Anthony Joshua names that you would recognize how far could he go Cain Velasquez another guy comes to my great hands for MMA great chin great endurance how far could he go I'd have said he shouldn't even leave the locker room he shouldn't even sign the contract he should even be issued a license that's what I would have said prior to seeing Conor push the greatest that Sports ever produced to his absolute break for over 30 minutes regardless of the robbery the judges were getting ready to do to him I saw the fight and so did you Conor never went down then Artem goes out and takes out Paulie shocking many people think the boxing is not contested in the junior High's and the high schools because it's a violent sport they're wrong that's not what the administrative Department say that's not as what the athletic departments are the principal say or the boosters closer anybody else they said we're not going to contest boxing because boxing isn't real it lacks a competitive architecture the only reputable organization on the face of the planet that can test boxing and recognize it as a real sport is the International Olympic Committee and thank I don't want anything to happen to boxing that's not what this is that's not what this message is for some reason that sport doesn't work and I don't know what that is it would seem to me if a guy spent a lifetime in boxing one element one arm he'd be able to whip a guy that did it and you had a lot of people these people are silly babies happen to get it right I've had a lot of people said yeah but Conor boxes all the time that's part of MMA poly boxes all the time that's part of MMA that was always their argument that is that is so ridiculous turned out to be right but the people that said that don't get a pat on the back for being a genius even a broken clock is Right twice a day they just happen to be right I can tell you it would not work in any other element Connor and Artem and everybody they wrestle to believe me they better not show up at the Olympic Trials in wrestling thinking they're gonna have a good competitive match they're not there is no other arm of MMA could I just show up to the judo trials you couldn't just show up to the Taekwondo trials gonna just show up to an open karate tournament there is no other arm that translates over except for boxing and I don't know why unless all of the junior High's and all of the high schools and the NCAA itself are correct that boxing just isn't a real sport

28 thoughts on “What does Artem Lobov beating Paulie Malignaggi teach us about the sport of boxing?”

  1. Floyd fought Conor without a care about getting hurt 😂 hard for you to swallow cause you got MMA dick down your throat

  2. Mma is not real figthing ….no biting,no eye gouging,no hitting below the belt and no ripping the ears off….#fakefighting

  3. How bout we get the best boxers vs the best mma strikers in the bare knuckle ring to see who's the best sport once in for all I think that's fair enough.

  4. Mayweather wanted people to feel like they got their $$ worth. He could have handled Conor whenever he wanted. I dont think Paulie lost that fight to Artem. It was a pretty shit fight though, so I guess who cares?

  5. if boxing wasn't a real sport how would there be a hierarchy of who's better than another? if it wasn't real than how would you have someone like crawford or spence or loma rise to the top? if it wasn't real we wouldn't have what's known as "hype jobs" in the sport, but we do because there are those who are better than others and its proven when a "hype job" who hasn't yet faced real competition comes face to face with a champion.

    doesn't seem to be a fair comparison what you're saying with wrestling, you couldn't put a boxer in to wrestle because they don't have any practice in that domain. you can put an mma guy with a boxer b/c striking (understanding distance/timing with punching) is incorporated in that sport so naturally they will do well to a degree.

    and boxing with gloves on is a different sport than bare knuckle boxing i don't think anyone would dispute that, but it doesn't make boxing with gloves on not a sport. in bare knuckle its a lot easier to break your hand, which happened to paulie (who already breaks his hands with gloves on, no surprise there) and definitely made the fight easier for Lobov you can't deny that

  6. Floyd didn’t even train for that fight and carried him until he even started throwing a punch back. Your off on this Chael

  7. As I stated,I have quite a few boxers and still know MANY ENTHUSIASTS who follow and pay for fights (we have tickets to Baltimore show upcoming starring Gervonta Davis). AS FOR BOXINGS SELF DEFENSE WORTHINESS you have but to peruse the HUNDREDS of YouTube "real fights,road rages and bar brawls to see that having FAST,ACCURATE,STRONG PUNCHES WILL ALWAYS BE A PLUS AND OFTENTIMES MORE STREET EFFECTIVE THAN "JUST WRESTLING ".SO yeah. Learning and training BOXING IS TIME WELL SPENT 😊

  8. What is he talking about more people compete in boxing than mma. Floyd got his ass kicked?, different rules…👌🏾

  9. Mayweather HAD to carry Connor for a little, it was HIS promotion and he didn't want it to look like the mismatch it was.

  10. Might depend on "location,location,location".I live in a big ole urban area",have all my life (50).Trained in Martial arts studios along guys who boxed amateur; my running and Martial arts "sounding board" partner fought golden gloves and I ran into two "Real Boxers"in my social travels.One whose name escapes me was at Baltimore's Afram festival about 20 years back and the other was Baltimores' future champ Hasim Rahkman (about 2-3 years before he won) who was standing in a movie line 2folks in front (nobody seemed to know him then but me and my brother, who was also into martial arts.My point is though that many Boxers come from rough and tough environments and its often around those that you meet them or there fan base (forgot one,.my fellow warehouse/fork driver was pro before a knee injury and (I hate to say) a bit of a drug habit derailed him.SO yeah I met a few.

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