What do we mean by talent development

The High Potential and Gifted Education Policy applies to all NSW Department of Education school staff and teachers. The Department is committed to supporting all students to achieve their educational potential. The policy recognises that high potential and gifted students require evidence-based talent development to optimise their growth and achievement. So what do we mean by talent development? Talent development is a deliberate, systematic process or program by which a student’s potential is supported in a specific domain such as the
intellectual, creative, social-emotional, or physical domain. The goal of talent development is to translate potential into actual performance, so a student is able to achieve personal excellence. The development of talent however, can either be supported or inhibited by external or internal factors. Professor Françoys Gagné provides a framework for understanding the ‘complex choreography’ of these internal and external factors necessary to develop talent. External factors such as teachers, school leaders, learning programs and opportunities can help to foster the development of talent. Likewise internal factors such as motivation, effort, and learning skills also play an important part in developing talent. Gagné argues that the development of talent cannot be left to chance, as students, including high potential and gifted students will not become outstanding achievers by themselves. This means that : families, educators, peers, mentors, events and/or programs can play a particularly important role, in supporting the talent development for disadvantaged students. These students may not have similar access to opportunities compared to other
students. By deliberately and explicitly supporting talent development for students, we ensure that all students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their educational potential. Capitalising on curiosity and interest, ensuring high potential and gifted students are challenged and engaged, as well as supporting wellbeing are all important factors in maximising the development of talent. By providing optimal learning conditions, teachers and school leaders will make a
difference in supporting the development of talent for their high potential and gifted
students. So lets find the talent develop the potential and make the difference.

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