What can Pakistan learn from Indian education system? (Sochta Pakistan, 20 Jan 2012)

35 thoughts on “What can Pakistan learn from Indian education system? (Sochta Pakistan, 20 Jan 2012)”

  1. Why not have educational exchanges with IIT/IIMs in India.

    You obviously will have to stop encouraging separatists in Kashmir and sending terrorists in India first.

  2. The first IIT was IIT Kharagpur founded by DR. Bi dhan Chandra Roy, which happened with Indian support.

  3. The besr quality of education is India-so much so – the employers are scared to hire them outside Incredible India!
    And Pakistan degrees are obtainable from campus less universities for a price – very welcomed in the Middle East!

  4. You porkhistanis teach only Terrorism to your kids and you give a doctorate by making them suicide bombers…..

  5. Looks so wonderful discussion reg education system in both countries, from Pak side they are sitting in higher level and they says need to change their education system to face the world.
    Now it's time introspect Politicians of Pak and give importance to education in Science and Technology n Management etc, unless they don't change edn system their youth will not face the world.
    It's better they should stop sending their children to Madrassas by learning this they will become Moulvis r Moulana.
    Try to shed terrorism so that Pak will proper.
    We Indians also will stand by you , if terrorism stops.

  6. 1. Close Madrasas immediately and seriously. 2. Completely change Islamic ways. 3. Follow and build Hindu (and Christian) run schools. Result… Successful Pakistan. This is for sure…..

  7. I think the problem with South Asia is they have taken India
    as a role model. India may be slightly better than other neighbours but according to the world standards India is still far behind. South Asia is the poorest region in the world. Most worlds poor people live in South Asia. Why China has moved ahead because they took USA as a role model and improved on it. This needs thinking. Unfortunately instead of independent thinking we always try to copy someone who is slightly better than us and get into this trap. China was at the same level of development as South Asia in 1947 , but see where China is today where is India. India is no match. Very soon it will surpass US. Set your goals high. Everything comes from hard work and honesty. Unfortunately this is missing in South Asia and therefore we are poor. The fifth pillar should be honesty, without which no nation can progress. All progress is based on truth, the universal law.

  8. They wonโ€™t because they are superior. They will come up with a newer Arabic education system that teaches jihad day in and day out.

  9. actually we pakistani engineers need two times meal to do R and D,,,,if we earn meal than we cant do R and D, If we do R and D,,then we must have to be hungry,,,,,,,

  10. in embedded system like micro controllers pakistan is better than india,,,,this is the only field,,,,,,

  11. Aap logon ka Higher education se jo 10% katouti hui woh Terrorist taiyar karneka colleges mein kharcha ki gai. Aur ismein aap log world champion bane. Mayush maat ho yaar, Pakistan to tarakki kar raha hai na?

  12. This is nearly 7 years old program, but very relevant even today, and pleasing fact was the presence of scholars from two nations.

  13. Pakistan had International institute of terrorism…Osma bin Laden and al jahwahri are visiting professors….๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. ye nehru factor nahi ye civilisation ka factor hai beta ji bharat ki dharti pe upje sabhi dharm seeking ko tawajjo dete hai. aap ki soch quraan se suru or quraan pe khatam ho jati hai. quraan is the only solution

  15. Madarsa chaap ekdum uneducated hai isiliye Indian Muslims bhi acche school me apne baccho ko bhejte hai inki tarah chootiyappa nahi karte๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š

  16. ZAB is the one who damaged the edu action system , he also removed Dr.I. A .Military of IBA and harassed Dr. I.H . Qureshi .

  17. ZAB's nationalization of schools and colleges was the biggest blow to our education system . Appointment of teachers on political basis , ghost schools , lack of vision of our politicians.

  18. The best part of this discussion is that all are educated and sane…….. including the host………
    And Pakistan youth should follow and subscribe to such channels…….

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