What BRIAN SHAW & HAFTHOR Losing World's Strongest Man Can Teach Us

what's cracking guys omar esau here back with another video have my chairs in the background handy ready to go in case i got a drop kick someone or i have to smash them over the head i'm gonna give you a quick side tricep here just separately is it is it covering it can you see it I just think I'm famous properly that things sticking out the most back with another video finish my workout here today to talk about the ever increasing competition we see at the world stage and the implications for the every day lifter in other words how we should all expect more out of ourselves and here's what I mean the world Strongest Man 2019 recently happened you know big names like Brian Shaw half Thor bjornsen competed but out Martines Lisi is the one that merged victorious who's been a competitor for quite some time but if you look at the level of competition out there it's only ever increasing because a lot of the favorites I had know Brian Shaw was injured after also got an injury but the level of competition man just keeps increasing and then we had recently IPF worlds where if we look at the 83 kilo men's category we had Russ Wolff congratulations to him who recently beat Brett Gibbs who for a long time I remember the standards of strength just increasing 2014 2013 Johnny Candido comes out and for YouTube he increases that level of strength to strength Stander's amongst youtubers quite dramatically and then we saw him compete at Worlds and there's this guy Brett gives holy shit Brett Gibbs totaling I think it's eight hundred and twenty kilos a lot of weight an insane amount and you know we're marketing ourselves damn is that the limit right there and then someone else comes out Ross well once again and now he beat Brett Gibbs were you know the freaks are the people that we think would be on top someone else comes around and that level just keeps expanding and we see this also in the gym and that's how I want to relate it to the everyday person a quick shout-out to to a few different categories where we have Jessica Buettner the hopeful I'm saying that right the Canadian lifter against Kim Walford where it came down to the final Dell at the same idea where Kim has been so dominant in her weight class for so long and then now we have someone else who is highly competitive as well but we translate that or we transfer that now to the gym and we see the same thing happening where I remember a lot of you guys are probably still just playing maybe minecraft five six years ago is that what the cool kids but I don't know counter-strike oh is that what people are playing Starcraft you know five six years ago you go into a commercial gym and you're squatting three plates you're the big dog right you're Delta four plates holy shit now it's expected now we see guys at 150 pounds natural so I know some people would complain or the fact that bring up world Strongest Man like oh man those are the freaks of the freaks how does this apply to me it most certainly does because I think it's much once again like the five minute mile where it was this barrier and this is before steroids or peds even entered the scene where people thought it was a barrier you couldn't break and as soon as it was broken after never being broken as far as we know in the history of running very soon after that because that barrier was shattered more more people started doing it and I think it's the same thing when it comes to lifting I think it's the same thing when it comes to natural potential well I think that if you pay attention and that's why all these YouTube videos are great all these articles all these blogs all these podcasts to enhance your fitness knowledge increase your fitness IQ if you listen and pay attention up and train really hard I think you get way better results than someone that started the gym 20 years ago and had a mixture of ideas as long as you have the same level of effort and then you're just a little bit more intelligence so maybe you don't train to failure all the time right maybe you understand when it comes to cutting being in a slight deficit disappear then a massive restriction in most cases the idea that you don't have to do an endless amount of cardio all these small tweaks over time really adding up and we see this manifests itself most in strength when it comes to natural lifters once again I'm not talking about the freaks of the freaks you go to the a gym now you'll see someone sumo pulling four plates five place that's not that much they don't weigh that much right and that's impressive same idea with the benchpress I've seen now more people I recently a few months back I was away from for his fitness I was lifting in the commercial gym I saw someone that looks like nothing no insult just like me okay will you take a look at you like damn this guy bench is 315 perhaps the same idea so I think we should all expect more out of ourselves and I understand why even if you're not enhanced you look at something like World's Strongest Man and hell yeah you get inspired because you see the absolute elite level lifters pushing themselves more than what they previously thought that they can do and I think that's one of the very important components of lifting that gets understated we care about the games we care about getting stronger we care about those objective markers but also how it shapes us shapes our character and that's really what I hope to take out of this to be a more focused individual more dedicated more discipline and that's why I think and you know this there's this trend towards people shitting on bodybuilding and I think they'll just lump modern bodybuilding and that's why I want to make that distinction where I think you know for individuals where they follow that asceticism words all about self-restraint it's all about trying to learn that discipline of abstaining from something and I think that's why a lot of religions had fasting for a long period of time so abstaining from desires or pleasures building kind of that tolerance I know some people watching this out there right now like they're almost saying team no fad what's good the fab stir knots are out there listening I'm saying that the dedication that you put in the gym one manifests itself out there but to when you see it and I remember being a Fordyce once again for the first year of lifting where I was the big dog at my old gym where once nice devil take 4 plates and is a big deal and then you go to a new gym and that's the standard you have like 15 guys that are dead lifting over 500 pounds do you think yourself lying shit I got to start improving and so that demand that we place upon ourselves sometimes I think we have artificial barriers of what's possible but knowing and seeing so many other people accomplish so much she'll only inspire you more so I think there's been a lot of positives I talked shit huh because I care about the fitness industry about a lot of the problems so I think one of the biggest takeaways is thanks to social media and hey world Strongest Man get on it okay where the livestreams I was trying to pay attention and I was you know checking out Eddie Hall a bunch of different things the ability to see all these things to see I Hiep worlds and see these world-class lifters should inspire all of us anyways I gotta get out of here I'm making them gains these what what we measured it's everyone was at 11 inches despise oh fuck bro 4.6 inches enjoy yourself thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed the video but damn video what are you waiting for and I'll see all you guys my rascals in that next video Nova boys your vegetables eat your vegetables eat your fucking vegetables

23 thoughts on “What BRIAN SHAW & HAFTHOR Losing World's Strongest Man Can Teach Us”

  1. It teaches us that getting an injury in a competition will lose you the title (in the case of Hafthor of course). It is a shame, because I think a fully fit Hafthor vs Licis would have been awesome

  2. Imagine where people will be in 20 years now open your mind beyond the possibilities and limitations of the current moment, neo

  3. great video… steroids was created in the 1931 by a German chemist Adolf Butenandt. i also feel that the WSM comp is more crossfit comp then a bout being the strongest anymore

  4. honestly while the knollege of training is increasing that's definitely in my opinion nowhere near the biggest factor, the two biggest factors to why ppl keep getting stronger and push the limits of what's seen as strong when it comes to strongman or Olympic lifting would be the increase in steroid quality (ways to hide the good stuff aka tren,hgh, as well as new steroids coming out that they don't know how to test yet) and trust me in both strongman and Olympic lifting every single last pro or record holder is a steroid user it's the name of the game, I compete in strongman (while I don't use yet. I do have plans to once I reach my natural limit) even most of the amateurs are using steroids. and for the second the more time you let the human gene go the more those crazy genetic monsters appear, a perfect example is Larry wheels while who is a steroid user his strength is not just due to that. it's due to his extremely good genetics, his hard core training mentality and his gear usage for many years. (if you don't know who that is look him up, you'll understand.)

  5. i hope the competition goes back to brute strength again and not to being fit or aethletic. its the world strongest man not the world fittest. If you need to lose weight/strength to win world strongest man then the competition is flawed

  6. Hafthor was injured. Shaw prepared for static strength test and they have to many endurance/moving events. WSM needs to be all about Static Strength. They have crossfit for all others.

  7. Do your personal best foo. I can overhead press 180-200lbs (more than my body weight), but can hardly deadlift the bar 2-3 reps without pulling my lower back wearing 2 lifting belts.. Arthritis, and injuries etc. If you worry too much about trying to do stuff how other people do… you're going to end up ruining your body. like me.

  8. Lets be 100% real here: The wsm isnt what is was anymore. Wsm was sued to be the world strongest man title. Now its just like: who can pull heavy lifts from a to b faster title. No more who can lift more but who can lift a weight that every competitor can light move faster …

    Edit: Btw that the reason because arnold classics are much bigger then wsm and got much more puclicity. They dont fall this far apart from who can lift the most instead of who move the fastest with heavy weights!

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