10 thoughts on “What Blended Learning Looks Like in the Classroom”

  1. I chose this video because I wanted to see how blended learning works in a classroom. I like that they do not use technology just as a tool. The video shows how they integrated technology into the classroom. When I think of using centers in the upper grades my question was how to hold the students accountable for the non-teacher lead centers. By utilizing apps and programs that check the student’s work teachers can assess the students learning of a non-teacher center. By having self-paced tech centers teachers can make decisions based on the data (PCK1, 2019) With blended learning the teacher can check for understanding for how they answered on the tech task with a quick look at the data after the day is done. Not only does the teacher have feedback at their fingertips, but students can also have instant feedback. The center group with the teacher allows for face to face with fewer students than the traditional lecture style classroom. This, in turn, allows the teacher to see who understands and who doesn’t. With the data from the tech center and the teacher center, the educator can better design the next lesson. Centers allow for more the teacher to design more personalized lessons (ISTE-E, 5.a., 2019). Personalized lessons will aid in student engagement.

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  2. “Group work and math go really well together” was spoken by a student. Does this mean students do not think English classes and group work go really well together? Does anyone have a comment to this?

  3. Blended learning is an excellent way to tackle the additional challenges of a combination classroom.

  4. I think this is a good approach to the 21st century learning. As a veteran teacher of 40 years and currently teaching in a behavioral residential placement, students need caring teachers with a compassion for learning.

  5. I like the idea of the students explaining how they reached a particular conclusion for a Math problem; students are the teachers with teacher guidance.

  6. The rotational model seems to really engage students. Can't wait to implement it in my classroom.

  7. This is a great resource on Blended Learning. I loved watching your experience with the blended classroom technology.

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  8. I really appreciated the model of the 4/5 combo math class acting on the station rotation model. It helps to see in action of the grade level I teach.

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