What Are the 4 C's of 21st Century Skills? | AES

have you heard your colleagues talking about the four C's lately are you stuck wondering what exactly your colleagues are talking about I'm Chris luck with AES and today we're going to answer the question what are the four C's of 21st century skills the four C's are four skills that students need in order to succeed in today's fast-paced digital workplaces they include critical thinking creativity collaboration and communication in this video we're going to dive deeper into each one critical thinking is important because at its core it's all about solving complex problems when students understand what critical thinking means they can apply it to the problems that they encounter in everyday life including those they find in a workplace that means they don't have to wait around for somebody to give them direction when they encounter an issue and they can actually solve it on their own initiative right away the next skill in the four C's is creativity creativity is basically the way of thinking outside the box most teachers and administrators consider creativity to be something you find in music classes or art classes even band but the truth is that creativity can apply to a wide range of different examples in school and the workplace an accountant who finds a way to save company millions of dollars is a creative accountant a marketing executive who thinks of the best new way to advertise a product can be a creative marketing executive when you look at creativity in this way you don't put it in a box and instead you encourage your students to think about their own lives in ways that they may not have considered otherwise the next skill is collaboration collaboration is simply the act of working together to achieve a common goal no matter what a student does with their future careers there are going to be times that they have to work in groups that's why it's so crucial that they get their first exposure to that environment before they actually get into the workplace they're going to have to face tough choices are they going to have to hard line for the opinion that they want the group to take or are they gonna have to make compromises for the sake of the others in their group or maybe even the final product at the end of the day collaboration is a complex process and the best way to get real experience with it is to practice it before you get into the workplace the final skill in our list is communication communication is the practice of conveying your ideas and thoughts quickly and concisely it's the easiest skill to practice and the hardest one to master you may notice students improving with communication when they become more conscientious about the way that they speak especially in front of their peers when you see students making those adjustments to their speech you know that they're consciously thinking about the process of communication and how they're being interpreted by those who hear them if you want to start teaching the four C's in your classroom AES has a digital curriculum system to help this digital curriculum comes with pre-made lessons interactive activities presentations and other content that you can use to teach the four C's it also comes with a suite of features like automatic rating and student data tracking if you want to learn more about how this digital curriculum system can help you just click the link at the end of this video or click the button at the bottom of this page to see a free demo for yourself

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